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October 8, 2015

'Last Comic Standing' - 'Week 7' Recap

by Gabrielle Dunn, posted Jul 20th 2010 3:35PM
Last Comic Standing(S07E07) The first 'Last Comic Standing' elimination show is upon us! Three of the ten comics get eliminated based on last week's votes in one fell swoop. It's cruel! It's quick! It's reality TV!

The show trots them all out on stage and gets to the elimination. The first group is Myq "with a Q" Kaplan, Mike DeStefano, James Adomian and Roy Wood Jr.

The first comic safe is DeStefano, followed by Wood Jr. It's down to Adomian in a pink shirt and Kaplan, who looks super relieved to be going on in the competition.

Adomian is going home. His farewell package is kind of just a montage of all the weird outfits he's worn. I'm a little sad to see him go but more pleased that Kaplan is staying.

DeStefano performs first and thanks the audience for keeping him in the competition. His comedy is still definitely not my style but judge Andy Kindler, who along with Natasha Leggero and Greg Giraldo, is back judging this week, says DeStefano's both frightening and adorable and gives him five "ha's." I think he could stay in the competition another week or so but he's not one of my favorites.

Just to prove these shows are live, host Craig Robinson makes a Mel Gibson joke. Relevant!

Wood Jr. is the next comic up and he does a joke about the World Cup that I've actually said before (not on stage). I love it. It's about how even if the US team loses, Americans still have food and porn while if teams from third world countries lose, they lose everything. He's growing on me. Leggero gives him financial planning advice. The judges in general like him but are not enthusiastic enough. Kindler says he loves Wood Jr.'s voice. Have I mentioned he's growing on me?

Next up is Kaplan, who has a bunch of throwaway lines that are just as hilarious as his actual jokes and get swallowed by the audience's laughter (ex: "some kind of word-genital exchange program.") It's not a bad problem to have and the audience at home definitely gets to hear them, making his set doubly funny? (Let's just say "yes.")

He acknowledges it by saying, "You guys are clapping too much!" Giraldo tells him he handled it perfectly, by milking the applause into laughs. Kindler says in a "comedy dictatorship" he would vote for Kaplan and wishes the show wasn't run by audience voting. (Me too, Kindler!) Leggero flirts with him again (like she did in the semi-finals) by saying he doesn't seem gay to her. (Nice!)

The second elimination group is Rachel Feinstein, Laurie Kilmartin, Tommy Johnagin and Felipe "My Personal Enemy" Esparza. Kilmartin is eliminated but for some reason it's Feinstein who looks like she might throw up. She asks the other comics to take her on the road with them and over a shot of her and her kid walking down the street, she says, "Get me out of my house." Aw, I'm sad to see her go when it should have been Esparza.

Feinstein is up first from this group. Her jokes are again resting on her awesome voice work. It's one long story from a trip to Vegas about a d-bag guy hitting on her and she gets to say "vodka up the ass" twice without bleeping. I approve! Kindler says he loves the voices. Leggero criticizes her for ending on a weak Deepak Chopra joke, which is a good call. She also compliments her on her legs, which Feinstein responds to by adopting a 1940's accent she's used in the past to say, "What? My sticks?" She's an interesting gal.

Next up is Johnagin, in a blinding bright blue button down. It's the kind of shirt a young guy middle school English teacher might wear if he was trying to be friends with the kids on the first day. He jokes about being newly single and when the audience cheers he lifts his arms and shows his pit stains. It's charming (really!) His punchlines are great. After his set, he congratulates the judges on making it to the next level because they weren't on the show last week. It totally trips up Leggero and is so funny. Oh man, the judges have really short comments for him, though they are positive. They sooo don't want him to win! He's definitely my dark horse candidate for the title.

Esparza is third from this group and does the same opening bit he's done every set. His jokes are a bit better written this week but they're all about being Hispanic. His last joke about Guitar Hero is pretty good but he's still everything I hate about stand-up comedy. Giraldo calls him original and says he doesn't know anybody like him "because [he] doesn't hang out with homeless people." Kindler says he can't see how anybody wouldn't love him. (Over here! Pick me!) Leggero calls his jokes "easy" but says people love them. That's pretty backhanded and the most true thing anyone's said about Esparza so far.

Robinson makes another Mel Gibson joke. For those keeping track at home, that's two in one hour! It's down to Jonathan Thymius and Maronzio Vance. Thymius stays and Vance goes home, which I agree with. This makes Thymius the final performer of the night. (On 'American Idol,' this is called the "pimp spot" but people on 'LCS' have told me the order of each show is drawn at random so here it means nothing.)

He does these one-liners mostly and is very comfortable with silence, which I like. His joke about being home-schooled is great. ("This is your grandma's house. This is your new school.") He also jokes about going to a massage parlor and getting a "more plausible, realistic" ending. He's still a huge weirdo and I'm worried for him moving on next week. Kindler says some of his jokes hit and some miss but he wouldn't get to the gold without trying. Thymius is so much more about how he thinks than anything else. Again, I don't know if it's enough to sustain him on the show.

Sent home: Laurie Kilmartin, Maronzio Vance, James Adomian

Who do you think should go home next week on 'Last Comic Standing?'

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I was seriously disappointed to see Adomian go home so soon. He is seriously funny. His bits on Comedy Death Ray Radio and Jimmy Dore's radio show are hilarious. He does impressions, but he makes actual jokes instead of relying on "hey, that sounds familiar" laughs like most impressionists (and Family Guy).

July 20 2010 at 10:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Bob Loblaw

Esparza's comedy > Gabrielle's whining about Esparza's comedy. Before even opening this article I made a bet with my roommate that Gabrielle would needlessly bash Felipe Esparza more than five times. Now that I've read the article we counted them up - SEVEN! Thanks Gabrielle for winning me the bet. We've both converted into Esparza voters over the last few weeks because of all the snarky, catty comments on this blog directed toward him. Comedy is subjective. You don't like him, we get it, we got it last week, and we got it the week before.

July 20 2010 at 8:42 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Bob Loblaw's comment

Bob Loblaw! Yes, I totally agree with you! Gabrielle is the one who is annoying, not Felipe? Why is she such a hater?? My vote is always for Felipe! He's awesome.

July 23 2010 at 4:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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