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October 10, 2015

Emmy Picks: Best Supporting Actor in a Drama

by Joel Keller, posted Jul 21st 2010 4:00PM

For the next few days, I'll be listing the Emmy nominees in the major categories and giving you picks and possible dark horses. Feel free to agree, disagree, and make your own picks in the comments.

Yesterday, I made my pick in the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama category. Today, I look at their male counterparts in the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama category.

Andre Braugher, 'Men of a Certain Age'
Michael Emerson, 'Lost'
Terry O'Quinn, 'Lost'
Aaron Paul, 'Breaking Bad'
Martin Short, 'Damages'
John Slattery, 'Mad Men'

Who will win: As good a year as Aaron Paul had (more on that in a second), I can't see the Academy denying 'Lost' a statue in this category. Both Emerson and O'Quinn did excellent jobs in the series' last season, with its sideways time flashes and seeming parallel universes. And both have won in the past. So this is pretty much a toss-up; I'll give the nod to Emerson because of Dr. Linus' inherent creepiness.

Who should win: Aaron Paul really deserved to enter himself as a lead actor this year; he carried as much if not more of the emotional weight during this past season of 'Breaking Bad' than his more-heralded co-star, Bryan Cranston, did. And the episode that he submitted to voters -- the shocking and intense 'Half Measures' -- showed that Jesse Pinkman has indeed become the moral center of the show. But he just happened to have the best performance of his career during the same year 'Lost' ended, and the Academy likes to give historic shows big send-offs.

Dark Horse: Even though I put Andre Braugher in my dream ballot, I was still surprised that he was nominated. 'Men of a Certain Age' is a show that flew under the radar, even with Ray Romano as the executive producer and lead, and it was a hard one to classify, because it had an equal dose of drama and light comedy. But Braugher deserved the nomination, mainly because he squashed down his usual laser-like intensity to play the aging, put-upon Owen. He's already won twice and it wouldn't be surprising if he won again.

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More reasons for me to hate "Lost"! I'm gonna be so annoyed, despite it being inevitable, when Emerson or O'Quinn ROBS Paul of the Emmy he deserves.

But yeah, Paul owned this season. Frankly, he owned last season as well; I loved his performance in last year's Finale and I wish he won over Emerson for that. C'mon, Academy, you're watching and voting for Cranston--just check all the BB boxes this season instead! (Except Cranston's, but honestly, if Paul wins, I won't care if Cranston beats Hall/Hamm. I'll be too ecstatic. But it won't happen. But it should.) Anyway, this category is also missing Clarke Peters from "Treme"--very underrated, and very worthy of a slot. Maybe next season.

August 24 2010 at 9:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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