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October 4, 2015

'Big Brother 12' - Live Feeds Special HoH Report

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Jul 23rd 2010 11:20AM
Brendon and Enzo hang ten on 'Big Brother 12'So ... you're watching 'Big Brother' and waiting to see who wins the Head of Household. What? It's an endurance competition, the first one of the season. Now you know that there's no way those hamsters are going to stay on those surfboards until Sunday night. Yes, that's when the results will air.

But, thanks to the 24/7 live feeds, we know right now who's the new Head of Household. You could know, too. If you knew, you wouldn't jolt awake at night in a panic thinking, "I know one of them won! Which one? Will the powers shuffle sides again? Will Britney win and put half the house on the block?" You could sleep at night and not worry havoc with hamsters. If you want extreme spoilers for Sunday night's show, read on.

The feeds, blocked for the live show on East Coast time, came back on approximately 9:10PM ET. Kathy was already down and Lane fell shortly after the feeds went live. That Kathy went down first doesn't surprise me -- Barney Fife reincarnated as a woman deputy! I was surprised about Lane, but two factors come to mind. First, he likes to eat and he's a big guy. The first five down become the Haves this week. The second came to me as I watched the competition unfold. It's not a competition for big people or those with big feet. Technically, the girls should have done better.

Kristen was the next one out about five or six minutes after Lane. That left Britney as the sole woman in the comp. Yikes! With her small stature and teeny feet, she should do well, Right? She did better than Hayden. Yes, the young athletic guy went crashing into the moat next. That leaves one slot left for those who wish to eat. Oops, there goes Britney!

Down to Brendon, Enzo, Andrew, Ragan and Matt, it looked for a while like none would give up. The idea of food for the week is no longer an incentive as the remaining four will be Have Nots while the HoH will eat like a king. Brendon has to win to keep himself and Boy George Rachel off the block. Andrew has no alliances in the house and probably feels he needs to win to protect himself. Ragan doesn't seem anyone's target, nor is Enzo. Matt should worry a bit, but not all that much as he has the Brigade and Ragan on his side. It's down to who wants to win HoH the most.

'Big Brother' kept pelting them with shaving cream and rain, moving the boards in and out of their slots and then stopping all action for long periods of time. When the boards withdrew into the wall, those with the larger feet couldn't balance as well. I found out tonight that Brendon has size 13 feet. But was he out next? Nope, Enzo slipped. He lost his focus for a moment and now he's a Have Not for the second week in a row.

Then there were three left on the surfboardsBrendon was out at 9:44PM ET, the next Have Not. Then there were three, the most unlikely trio that I would have thought would be in it at the end. None of them seemed to want to give up. Andrew, with his larger frame and feet, was having to make more drastic moves on the board than were Ragan and Matt. He had to tuck one foot back whenever the board receded while Ragan and Matt were almost playing a game of "Mother, May I?" with baby steps. Ragan seemed like a pro at it and Matt made the whole thing look like a piece of cake. I knew that if only Andrew would go down, Ragan and Matt (allies) would end it before dawn.

Ragan tried to deal with Andrew, telling him he's safe if he drops. No go -- Andrew hung in there. He made a valiant effort for over an hour and a half, then fell. He became the third Have Not and the battle went down to Ragan and Matt. They sent the others into the house so they could talk. Both could stay up there for a long time, Matt saying forever. (No! I can't watch this forever!)

Matt wants the HoH more than Ragan and needs it more than him, too. Before Ragan could drop, they had to hash out who they wanted or didn't want on the block. Matt insists he wants Kathy out this week. He considers Kathy an extension of Brendon and Rachel. Ragan likes Rachel and doesn't want her out, though he's willing to send Brendon out the door. For some reason, Britney isn't even mentioned although she was a huge target this past week.

It's decided that Matt will win HoH. He'll put Andrew on the block as a pawn with Kathy, the target. He'll tell Rachel and Brendon they're safe from the initial nomination, but if someone uses the PoV, one of them will be the replacement. Then they decided to hang on the boards for another 20 minutes or so to make it "look good." Yeah, like the others don't know they're dealing for the win in the yard!

So, there you go -- Matt's the new Head of Household and you know his planned nominations. Now you can sleep at night.

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Thanks Jackie. Size 13 feet, eh? I feel I should giggle here, like a red-headed tart!

July 23 2010 at 10:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This season has been a toss-up so far. There's no one I love yet, but there are quite a few people I hate. Unlike past seasons, it's not so much the macho guys who try to rule the house that ire me, but instead the annoying girls who claim they're smart but end up doing the stupidest things. Hopefully we'll find someone worth liking this week - http://www.thesmogger.com/2010/07/23/oh-brother-week-3/

July 23 2010 at 1:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I lol'd at the Boy George Comment.

Thanks for the feed recap.

July 23 2010 at 12:35 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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