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October 9, 2015
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'The Steve Wilkos Show' Solves the Murder of a 7-Week-Old Baby (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 26th 2010 11:20PM
'The Steve Wilkos Show' Solves the Murder of a 7-Week-Old BabyIt's time to get to the bottom of things on 'The Steve Wilkos Show' (weekdays, syndicated). On the latest episode, host Wilkos talks to a family who were accused of causing the death of a 7-week-old infant. Mother Michelle, father Larry, and the two grandparents of the kid -- they were all accused, all pleaded guilty, and all were sentenced to jail time.

We apologize for sharing these horrifying details. ... But the 7-week-old son in question died after suffering from a broken collarbone, broken arm, and bruises to the face, neck, and brain. His family came up with a completely implausible cover story that involved their son being dragged from their car and being beaten to death by cops. Yes. Because that's the sort of thing that policemen do all the time -- they just randomly attack infant babies.

In the end, father Larry was found guilty of the murder -- by Steve Wilkos, at least. He failed a lie detector test, and what's worse, he failed it three times in a row. Larry was lying when he said he didn't physically abuse his son. And he was lying when he said that he didn't cause the death of his son.

Still, even after all of this, Larry tried to defend himself. "I didn't do nothin'," he said. Yeah, Larry. No one believes you.

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I love this show.

October 06 2011 at 4:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

i love this show.

October 06 2011 at 4:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Shut the fuuck up maaan.

your babbalin on bout' naaddda.

Steve has more balls then 99% of the world..

yeah, he should say sorry sometimes, but who wants to say sorry? i know i faackin hate apologizing.

your telling me she should get an apology?
he says in the episode that he's sorry for her loss, wicch is understandable..

She's still with the man that killed her baby boy,
She barley even cried when she found out he killed it,.. she shouldn't get shit.

i had more tears watching the show and i didnt even know the baby..
The Grandfather and the father should never get an apology anyway..

Shaammee onn youuu person who hates steve. ;)

ps. im offendid that you'd say something like that, steve is actually one of my heroes and i can't believe yu said that..
instead of saying some stuff over a website, find a way to contact him if it really bugged you that bad..

Sorry for trippin' dude, but i goot reeeaaally offended watchin cchyuu say he's lower then duurt..
thats low brah..

August 09 2010 at 12:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Scout's mom

Steve, YOU NEED to be ON YOUR KNEES APOLIGIZING to the mother of that 7 wk old baby. You were the most disrespectful to her for "ANY" so-called ANY person having been in law enforcement or military I have ever seen~!!! She did NOT KILL her baby. Oh yeah, you finally admitted that she told the truth on the lie detector test and didn't do it, but prior to that, you all but called her everything but a human being, much less a white woman. "I" am ashamed of "YOU"~!!! She spent time in prison for a crime she did NOT commit. She TOLD you the story in "TRUTH" that she knew. She TOLD you that she was legally blind and perhaps, yes, while maybe her husband was abusing the baby when she was not around, just maybe she did not see the bruises given her eyesight problem.

You seem to be of the opinion that "cops" are never bad nor do anything they should not do. Well let me tell you something Mr. Hot Shot EX-Cop. Oh hell yes they do~!!! YOU are now convincing ME that you are NO BETTER than the dirtiest cop in all of the United States~!!!

When a person HAS BEEN Found guilty of a CRIME they DID commit -- then fine, get in their face and be Mr. Big Cop, you that poor woman and her parents were innocent and did hard time for things did NOT do. I NEVER HEARD ONE SINGLE APOLOGY out of your mouth for treating them so disrespectfully as you did and telling "Hey, I was WRONG" you've told the truth and I APPOLOGIZE TO YOU for the way I talked to you and treated you. That puts you lower than dirt in my opinion. Not sure I will ever watch your damned show again I am so disgusted with you after watching that show locally in north TX.

What "I" WANT TO SEE AND HEAR from YOU --- An "ON YOUR KNEES" OPEN APPOLOGY to that mother, her mother, and her father.

God help us all if you were to ever become a cop again~!!! What I have seen speaks LOUDLY and VOLUMNS just how ABUSIVE to the public you WERE and would BE Again~!!! I really do NOT like what I have seen in you~!!!

You PRESENT yourself just as ABUSIVE and CIMINAL MINDED as the lowest and dirtiest of cops, attorneys, judges, CPS workers, and ALL who are involved in such cases, and as the mother said, "in a political year" will DO ANYTHING to GET the elected positions they want or make their self look "good" to the powers over them regardless of who they hurt or destroy in the process. I DO KNOW what I am talking about and I DO KNOW exactly what that mother was talking about too~!!!


July 27 2010 at 12:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Scout's mom's comment

TO SCOUTS MOM THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I READ YOU STATEMENT I JUST WANTED TO TELL YOU THANK YOU SINCE THE SHOW MY MOM PASS AWAY AND MY DAD IS HERE AND I WAS NOT WITH THAT ******* WHO KILLED MY SONS BUT I DO WOULD LIKE TO GET TO KNOW YOU MORE PLEASE CALL ME AT 440 463-008 OR E-MAIL ME AT michellehlavsa@yahoo.com or go to facebook and fine me under michelle hlavsa and would love to meet and talk to you more and i just got another baby this year he was born on oct 19,2012 and he was a 5 weeks prmine and doing pretty good i name is kenyon hlavsa

December 03 2012 at 5:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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