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September 3, 2015

'Last Comic Standing' - 'Week 7' Recap

by Gabrielle Dunn, posted Jul 27th 2010 5:00PM
Tommy Johnagin(S07E08) This week's show starts with these weird introductions where everyone says their name and where they're from again for some reason.

Roy Wood Jr. says his hometown of Birmingham's biggest export is season 2 American Idol winner Ruben Studdard. Get it? Biggest! Ha!

They all make some kind of joke about their city except Myq Kaplan who just says, "I'm from Boston ... kind of?" Oh, right now he's that kid at Show & Tell who didn't understand the assignment.

Anyway, Jonathan Thymius is the first comic to move on to the next round and he looks genuinely surprised. It cuts to a backstory segment where he's explaining his business "Comedy-O-Gram" which seems like a joke but actually isn't. He's also got a hot wife who supports him. Get it, Thymius.

During his set, I still find him funny but again the audience doesn't quite know what to make of him. My mom texted me (as she does with her opinions every week) that he bombed but I thought he stuck to who he is as a comic. He's a slow burn but he had me laughing out loud when he lifted his sleeve to show a black arm band memorializing all the comics on the show and then intentionally misunderstood that NBC was actually killing them off. He also talks about wanting to be a "cowboy" and then says he wouldn't want to be milked. Look, I don't think Thymius has a shot in hell of winning but he's still incredibly clever and a good comic.

Judge Andy Kindler loves him but judge Greg Giraldo says he feels like Thymius is running out of steam. Thymius might be the show's most polarizing contestant this season.

Second comic to make it through is Wood Jr. who has been exponentially growing on me each week. His backstory segment is his mother telling him to get a real job. Their dynamic is really cute and she looks just like him if he was wearing a gray wig. I'm actually not entirely convinced this isn't some Eddie Murphy-playing-your-whole-family thing. (I'm kidding.) Anyway, it's adorable.

His set is pretty great. He does a bit about how "the hustle" in this country is to have all your kids at once and then get free stuff from people. He mentions maybe giving away some of the kids on a TV show called 'Last Baby Standing' and uses the line, "You just met them kids," which is hysterical. He also bravely does an impression of 'LCS' host Craig Robinson. It's a good call. "Six kids at one time you're on Oprah. Six kids, six different men you're on Maury Povich for a paternity test." I officially love him.

Giraldo calls him an old man in a young man's body "but it doesn't feel forced." That's a nice compliment. Now that they're standing next to each other I kind of want Robinson and Wood Jr. to remake 'Stepbrothers' or just play brothers in some movie. (Brb. Writing that movie.)

Kaplan goes through next. He was standing in the middle of the group and both Tommy Johnagin and Felipe Esparza look right at him before Robinson actually says his name. I am suspicious of his surprised look. Reality TV, I shake my fist!

His backstory segment is a music video that I can't really explain here but it's very funny. The last line, "I do comedy and sometimes I play music but that's self-evident" is so perfect. However, I can't help but wonder if he should have done something more genuine like Wood Jr. showing off his mom. Voters love to feel like they "know" the person they're voting for. On the other hand, I have a feeling Kaplan's fan base appreciates this kind of thing more than that tender story nonsense.

He's got the same "problem" as last week where the audience claps for how clever he is on top of laughing and he handles it well. My favorite joke of his was how instead of a picture of the person calling popping up on his phone, he has a picture of how that person makes him feel. See? Clever as hell. That one ties with: "When I die, I want to have my remains scattered over a beautiful park. I don't want to be cremated though."

All I got out of the judges portion is that Kindler has never heard of 'Final Destination.' What?! Judge Natasha Leggero has the best comment: "If this show was called 'Last Comedy Writer Standing,' you would definitely win." Let's hope he wins anyway.

Johnagin makes it through next and he's still dressing like that young substitute teacher that also coaches the girls softball team at a middle school. (I'll admit that it's not not hot.)

His backstory segment is my favorite so far. He tries to court the Midwestern viewers by showing us around St. Louis with a picnic under the arch, shucking corn and eating fried ravioli while drinking tomato sauce. He ends it by saying, "I am America's comic and there's nothing more American than shucking corn over an American flag in a wife beater." He's right.

His set is about babies and pregnancy, which I'm skeptical of, but it's super funny. Ex: "The only things I know about babies is don't shake them or feed them chocolate and I think that second one's for dogs." He talks fast so it's hard to take notes but I laughed throughout most of his time. If he stopped wearing light shirts and started actually trying to hide his pit stains every week, I think I'd have a huge crush on Johnagin.

Kindler calls him "cocky" but in a good way. Giraldo has the best feedback saying it's impressive he has so many solid jokes and sets every week.

The next comic to move on is Mike DeStefano, who my dad loves. He's a tough guy with tats and a motorcycle in his backstory segment. The joke is that he goes in for a mani/pedi with his mother. (See what I mean about everyone's -- except Kaplan's -- segments having family members so far?) It's cute.

He jokes about talking to your kids about drugs as a former drug addict and equates heroin to being "naked in a pool full of puppies." He's growing on me too. He's like a funny tough-love self-help counselor (appropriate since he was once a drug counselor in real life.)

He actually makes me laugh the hardest out of every comic this episode with one joke: "I went to a Chinese restaurant and they had a suggestion box so I wrote 'Free Tibet.' It's just a suggestion." I want to see more of that clever, dark DeStefano ASAP.

Leggero says she hopes the people in prison can get to hall phone to vote for him. Ha! Giraldo calls him "likable, violent people." He's moved up a few notches in my comedy book this week.

It's down to Rachel Feinstein and Esparza. One of them is going home. Esparza makes it through and Feinstein, who looked so nervous that I felt badly for her, is going home. She'd been getting better every week and she was also the last female in the competition so this sucks. Women have done well on 'LCS' in the past so it's not a "Grrr! Comedy is sexist!" complaint. Just a "sigh" of what could have been in terms of female comedy this year. So ...sigh.

Esparza's backstory segment also includes his mom. He kind of has tears in his eyes when he's talking about her. Now, this is a reality TV story! Bring on the waterworks! He also does an "East LA workout video" but then makes his mom bring him a huge snack and calls her his "personal trainer." It's pretty funny on its own so the beginning tenderness doesn't really fit but I get why they included it.

His jokes are again about being Latino. But he has some solid bits about his son whispering in his ear while sleeping. The line that makes me laugh the most is when he says, "Man, there are people gang-banging on the Internet." He means being thugs but that is not how I took it at all so it's an unintentional laugh. Oops.

Kindler says the crowd loves him and that usually makes him suspicious. Leggero says half the time she doesn't know what he's saying but qualifies that either way it's funny. They basically cover my main complaints about Esparza but make them into positives.

My bets on Thymius going home next week but I hope I'm wrong. What do you guys think?

Sent home: Rachel Feinstein

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Myq and Tommy are my two favorites, very smart and quick with the jokes. I loved Myq's song in his backstory it was hilarious.


July 28 2010 at 9:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Who wins doesn't really matter to me as long as it isn't Myq. I'd like to see Natasha Leggero gone, though. Is this woman playing dumb or is she?

She did not get the Cowboy joke of Thymius and thought that it was something dirty. But that was the intelligent bit about it. It wasn't in the beginning but became dirty in the end. Because after stating that he wouldn't have liked getting milked everyday he says "Nowadays ... I wouldn't mind".

July 28 2010 at 4:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thymius blows. He bombed SO bad.

Esparza's the best, in my opinion. I love his style and his mannerisms too. Or maybe it's because I used to look like him in high school... haha.

Oh, and I hate Kaplan too. The guy pisses me off. I don't remember if it's because of a joke he made in the past, but he comes off to me like a flat out, not-funny racist who has absolutely no material. Every time I hear him somewhere else (that Comedy Central special, and was he on J.B. Smoove's show?) it's the same jokes. Hate the way he spells his name too.

Wood's tight too. And DeStefano. But here's to hoping Esparza wins :)

July 27 2010 at 7:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hope you're RIGHT. Personally, I have no idea how Jonathan is still on the show. I guess some may like his awkward, quirky humor, but I just find it puzzling how he has beat out Rachel or even some of the other comics. I laugh more out of being uncomfortable when he performs than anything else. =

July 27 2010 at 6:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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