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August 28, 2015

'The Bachelorette' - 'The Men Tell All' Recap

by Laura Prudom, posted Jul 27th 2010 10:00AM
Ali Fedotowsky(S06E10) It's that time again, 'Bachelorette' fans -- the pointless filler episode that prolongs the agony and prevents us from finding out who (if anyone) Ali chooses for yet another week; oh, the frustration!

This 'The Men Tell All' special only served to remind me of just how many guys I had completely forgotten about from the first few episodes, mostly because they had no personalities to speak of.

Then again, it was also a good chance to see Kasey and Chris N. show far more personality than they ever displayed on the show, so the episode wasn't a total loss.

To kick things off, we got a chance to see Ali reflecting on the season so far, and she certainly had some choice words about the infamous Justin "Rated-R" Rego, with Ali remembering how "sweet" he seemed in the beginning, reasoning that his wrestling persona "wasn't enough for me not to want to get to know him better" initially, even after the rest of the bachelors warned her about him on the first night.

I'm still so impressed at the way Ali handled herself in dealing with Justin, plenty of righteous indignation and no tears wasted. Ali reinforced this by insisting that, "for all the women and girls who have been hurt by a man before, I wasn't going to let him hurt me." You go, girl!

She also admitted that one of her final four guys, Kirk, might not have stuck around so long, had it not been for the cute scrapbook he made her on the first night. Chris Harrison joked, "if only Kasey had known the way to your heart was through a scrapbook, not a tattoo!"

It was also revealed that the silent-but-deadly Chris N. was far more interesting than we gave him credit for on the show, but also equally elusive. It often appeared that he had wandered off on his own whenever they were attempting to have group conversations or talk to Ali -- the rest of the guys amusingly nicknamed him "The Phantom," because no one on this season was allowed to compete for Ali without a witty alias, apparently.

We were also treated to a montage of all of the bachelors' combined craziness, which, between Kasey, Justin and Weatherman vs. Hair-man, was pretty much off the charts. The instantly forgettable Tyler (who, you ask? Exactly!) took a potshot at weatherman Jonathan for wussing out on admitting that he'd called hair-man Craig "dangerous."

Hunky Jesse, who we'll thankfully see on 'Bachelor Pad' come Aug. 9, admitted that he'd come very close to punching antagonistic Craig out. "If that was a different situation, it would've been over for him," Jesse said, much to the approval of his fellow bachelors.

Ty's most meaningful contribution to the special was admitting that he thought Kasey was "Looney Tune," but gave him props for staying Looney Tune the whole way through the show -- snaps for letting your freak flag fly, Kasey! Craig R. agreed, "Kase [is] crazy as all hell, but I love him just the way he is."

The rejected bachelors also weighed in on the Frank situation, with Craig insisting that it was "110 percent different" from what Justin came on the show to do. "The wrestler came on with not just one, but two girlfriends to get publicity ... Frank came on the show with great intentions and just got lost along the way," he said.

Kasey took a different view: "He dragged it along. I love the guy, but it was the wrong thing to do. He took the safe way out -- if Ali said no, he had Nicole to run back to."

On the subject of his craziness, Kasey admitted that he'd probably gone too far with Ali and freaked her out (well, duh!) but that he wanted to show her "his fun side". He pointed out that "Ali had a lot of bad memories - at least I'm a good memory." Well said, Kasey -- you and your nutty antics always made us smile! He later proved that point by singing Ali one final, cringeworthy song: "On the night that I first saw you, I came to guard your heart; but you left me on a glacier, and you chose that dumbass Rated-R." That might just be the best Kasey song yet!

Kirk, meanwhile, seemed as if he was being groomed as the next 'Bachelor.' He admitted that Ali had broken his heart, and he was having a hard time forgiving Frank for stringing Ali along. "I came to meet Ali with no thoughts of anyone else," Kirk said, "Frank came on the show and he had feelings for someone else in the back of his head. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that."

Since the special was already on a roll for bachelors who were taking part for the fabled "wrong reasons," the show then brought out forgettable Jessie, one of the rejected bachelorettes from Jake's season last year, who was the catalyst for the whole combustion of Justin's nefarious scheme (plus she's on the 'Bachelor Pad'! Coincidence?). She helpfully explained the convoluted tale of Justin's lies and deceit, dishing about how she was contacted by one of Justin's girlfriends and later uncovered the existence of a second. She had lots of juicy deets, such as Justin spending the morning of Valentine's Day with one girlfriend, before walking (or hopping) over to spend the evening with the other. Some guys just want to have their cake and eat it and then order seconds on national television, I guess.

Kirk shockingly revealed that he overheard Justin leaving voicemails to his girlfriend Jessica while they were in Iceland, apparently being very incognito by starting the shower and faucet in the bathroom at 3AM and "talking to himself" -- such a smooth criminal.

So Justin's still a douchebag, Frank was just "confused", and we still don't know who Ali picked! But we do admire her collection of sparkly outfits and matching headbands; kudos for the fashion statement, Ali.

Will you be watching next week to see Ali's final decision; will it be Roberto, Chris or singledom for our fearless bachelorette? Sound off below!

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Frank was just odd and I'm surprised Ali didn't feel that when she had to keep reminding him to "step up". That should have been a big clue that he wasn't fully engaged in the situation. As for the final two; I think under different circumstances she would pick Chris... he's just a great guy with a wonderful supportive family. As for Ali and her outfits, well, at least they distract from that horrible hair! Thank goodness she has recently lost the extensions -)

July 27 2010 at 11:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
ro reynolds

Chris has my vote.

July 27 2010 at 11:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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