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September 3, 2015

'The Closer' - 'In Custody' Recap

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 27th 2010 1:15AM
'The Closer' isn't a serial, but plot lines from one show to the other do occur, and in tonight's show there were two ongoing stories that had a lot to offer. Does Brenda want to be the next Los Angeles Chief of Police? Captain Raydor is pushing her in that direction, but after a week of contemplation, Brenda's not sure yet ... and then Fritz found out.

The other continuing tale was Julio's connection with Ruben, the abandoned son of the Latina-killer cop who was offed last week. You sort of knew that Julio wasn't going to let the boy get lost in the system, didn't you. More on Fritz's reaction, Julio's involvement and the apparent suicide of a meth-addict after the jump.

The push-pull between Fritz and Brenda about whether the promotion was a good thing or a bad thing was interesting because, at first, he was against the idea. But getting Brenda in an office and away from crime scenes was appealing to him, as well as the body guards that come with the job.

As soon as Brenda realized that she would have to give up Major Crimes, she had second and third thoughts. Major Crimes is her baby; she doesn't want to give it up. When Taylor threw his hat in the ring for the position, Brenda practically gets ill at the thought. Then there's the whole political side of the job. Brenda is not a social being. She would not do well on the rubber-chicken circuit.

Interestingly enough, Brenda didn't even think about how Pope would react to her being his competition for the position. And while Fritz was aware of Raydor's campaign for Brenda, Pope remained out of the loop.

The case of the night involved a meth-addict who seemingly killed herself, although the evidence left room for questions. Provenza was more than happy to pin the crime on Wayne West, the boyfriend who fled the scene and had a shaky alibi. And later he was even more anxious to accept the confession provided by the cancer-stricken ex-husband who shot himself in the mouth rather than talk to Brenda again.

The episode underscored Brenda's hard edge. It's not that she's cold and unfeeling, but she will not subvert justice for a convenient wrap-up of a case. Instead of accepting Darren's confession and closing the case, Brenda's priority was finding the truth. Who really killed Gina and why?

It irked Brenda that the only member of Major Crimes that shared her priorities was Gabriel, and he wouldn't be in line to take over for her if she moved up. That dilemma remained unresolved in the end.

Brenda was heavy-handed in threatening custody of Cody in order to get the grandparents to cooperate. Kay Lenz was the grandmother, and her confession was heartbreaking. There was no evil in her killing Gina; it was her only solution to protect her grandchild.

Regarding Julio's attachment to his foster child, Brenda was not sympathetic. It was refreshing that Sanchez threw it back in Brenda's face that she had brought her niece on the job for a month last year. She couldn't deny it, but on the other hand, it was unprofessional of Sanchez to ignore his duties to play big brother to the kid.

So as the show ended, Julio and Brenda's open-ended questions remain. He will probably have to come to some decision about keeping Ruben in the upcoming episodes, and Brenda's leaning toward submitting her application for the job that Pope (and Taylor) thinks is his. There's trouble brewing, without a doubt.

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