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August 31, 2015

Mike Golic Passes Haynesworth Conditioning Test After Challenge from Greenberg (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 3rd 2010 12:32AM
It's time for a physical challenge! Recently, Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth failed to pass his physical conditioning test. If Haynesworth doesn't manage to eventually pass this test, then his more than $100 million contract could be voided.

But how hard is the test in question? Could a "fat" former football player who has been retired for 16 years manage to do it? On 'Mike and Mike in the Morning,' (weekdays, 6AM on ESPN2), Golic and Greenie would debate the issue. That debate would be settled later in the afternoon. Video inside.

As soon as the idea of Golic running the test was first discussed, Greenberg just simply refused to believe that his partner could complete it. Greenberg repeatedly said that Golic would not be able to "finish" the test, no matter what the conditions were. The two Mikes got into a bit of a fight over it:

A few hours later, we got the answer to this debate during 'NFL Live' (weekdays, 4:30PM on ESPN2). Golic took up the Greenberg/Haynesworth challenge on this show. The test consisted of two timed 300-yard runs, which had to be completed within 143 seconds. And so, Mike Golic attempted it live. Would he make it, or not?

And the answer is: Yes! He did it! Mike looked pretty winded upon completion. He also confessed to wanting to "throw up." But still, he did it! Which is pretty impressive, considering that he's 18 years old than Albert Haynesworth.

Or maybe it's not that impressive ... given that a Fanhouse blogger also managed to complete the test earlier in the day. Still, easy or hard, Mike did it, and Albert failed:

Mr. Haynesworth still has a few more chances to pass his test. But if he doesn't, he could end up losing a lot of money. ($115-120 million). C'mon, Albert! You couldn't do it, but a blogger and a 47-year-old just did it! So suck it up and get it over with, already!

By the way (and for no major reason), here are some other fun facts involving Albert Haynesworth:

1) He is the only current Redskins player who is required to take the test. He's required to do it because he's also the only player who chose to skip team's off-season conditioning program.

2) Haynesworth also received the longest in-season suspension in NFL history. He got it for removing another player's helmet and then stomping on that person's face.

3) He has received arrest warrants in two Tennessee counties.

4) He has also kicked a fellow teammate in the chest during practice.

5) Other than that, Mr. Haynesworth seems like a really nice guy.

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