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October 4, 2015

TV's Top 5 Biggest D-Bags

by Ryan McKee, posted Aug 3rd 2010 7:10PM
D bags
The term "D-bag" gets thrown around a lot these days, and with good reason: the modern world is filled with them. It's especially true on TV, where male characters featuring limitless bravado who specialize in unintentional comedy have become a staple of nightly programming.

Guyism.com recently posted the list, '7 Douchebags on TV that We Love to Watch.' We applaud their instincts, as television is clearly in the midst of a renaissance period for the D-Bag character. A doucheaissance, if you will. However, their definition of the term is too broad. Guyism lumps together a spoiled brat, two overly ambitious a-holes, an anti-social neurotic, a bitter narcissist, a Republican parody and Dennis Reynolds – who actually nails D-Bag.

At TVSquad, we define the term as an individual with an over-inflated sense of self worth, low-level intelligence and no sense of social norms. A D-Bag can get lucky sometimes, but almost never retains success over a long period without outside help. So, keeping that in mind, we present our interpretation of the top five biggest D-Bags on TV.

5. Tom Haverford, 'Parks and Recreation'
Haverford lives in a small town in Indiana and works for the parks department, but he still insists on acting as if he's employed on Madison Avenue and parties regularly at Jay-Z's 40/40 club. He's obviously very confused, but that doesn't give him a pass on being a D-bag . There is no doubt he considers himself indispensable to his employer, yet the only thing he does is read magazines, talk clothing and hit on any female with a pulse -- all of which deny him.

4. Jason Stackhouse, 'True Blood'
Some may argue that while Stackhouse is dumb, spoiled, and devastatingly handsome, he doesn't deserve a spot on the list. However, this season Stackhouse has truly proven his D-Baggery. His over-inflated ego makes him believe he can be a cop without any training or paying dues. Every season his overactive drive for sex and adoration causes more problems for the people of Bon Temps than he's proven to be worth.

3. Johnny Drama, 'Entourage'
In this season's third episode, Drama cannot believe anyone would think John Stamos is more attractive than him. It is this utter cluelessness that earns him this spot amongst D-Bag royalty. The producers are even working this into the storyline now – with everyone telling Drama he's funny without knowing it. That's because everyone is laughing at him.

2. Ryan Howard, 'The Office'
For the first three seasons, Ryan restricted his D-bag tendencies to his treatment of Kelly and his interactions with Jim. However, after his promotion to corporate in New York, when he grew a stubble-beard and got addicted to blow - his douchebaggery went off the charts. Even though he failed miserably in the big city and narrowly escaped serious jail time – he continues to act like he's top dog. If they ever met on some kind of NBC Christmas Special, Ryan would be Haverford's idol.

1. Pete Campbell, 'Mad Men'

Campbell grew up leading a charmed life, but that doesn't excuse his array of misdeeds: stealing personal information, blackmailing Don, pimping his wife for a publication, and cheating with Peggy and the next-door maid. When Draper does terrible things to people, at least he's aware of it. Campbell has no clue that he's annoying and a mediocre account man. The only reason he wasn't fired in the first season is his family name. If you ever happened upon Pete Campbell in a bar and felt compelled to slap him across the face with a leather glove, we probably wouldn't hold it against you.

Who do you think is TV's biggest D-Bag?

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But Tom's not a douche-bag. He's too much of an unsuccessful fool to be douchey.
But I guess it would have been a boring list if it was the whole cast of Entourage.

August 05 2010 at 9:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

see this list is another reason i want to see a office/parks and rec cross over event before steve leaves.

August 03 2010 at 9:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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