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September 3, 2015

'America's Got Talent' - 'Episode 519' Live Show Recap

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 4th 2010 10:30AM
America's Got Talent(S05E19) "Piers is right." - Howie to a contestant

Don't adjust your computer screen.Howie did say, when judging a contestant, that Piers was right! Of course, when judging prior contestants they took a few stabs at one another, including Piers saying he strangled 10 rats all named Howie last night! The Piers/Howie feud is entertaining and is surely as much talked about around the watercoolers as the acts of the week, but it may grow old rather fast if they don't skip a few weeks here and there.

It's time for the last group of 12 to perform for a spot in the Top 16. Did they do better than the contestants who performed in previous weeks? Four acts got Xed while a few acts showed they had the wow factor, which will ensure that the final Top 48 result show will not be as predictable as the previous three.

- Da Maniacs, dancers: This unique group of dancers is fun to watch, but they don't have the agility to do moves that are daring and make us go "Wow!" It was fun to see them do some Blues Brothers and then some MC Hammer. To think that when 'You Can't Touch This' was at the top of the charts, some people actually wore pants like that! Kudos to Da Maniacs for entertaining us, but they are not good enough to move through to the Top 16. Piers Xed them seconds after their MC Hammer bit started.

- Nu Covenant, singers: As the first solo singer sang, I was sure we would be in for a good performance. The singers had slick outfits, they moved well on stage, and the stage was properly set for their act. All came crashing down when the other singers joined him to sing harmonies. It was terrible! So terrible that Piers and Sharon Xed the Nu Covenant singers.

- Anna and Patryk, ballroom dancers: These two 12 year olds are really promising ballroom dancers. However, I have to agree with Howie and wonder if they are good enough to win this competition and fill a theater as the headline act. I doubt it. They are fantastic, but they don't have the wow factor as they are not yet experienced enough to make a few more flashy moves as we have seen on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

- Lindsey Sterling, hip hop violinist: Sharon said that Lindsey is unique. No. Hasn't she heard of Vanessa-Mae? That said, if Lindsey was a better violinist, she could make a name for herself and sell a lot of albums as there isn't a popular hip hop violinist out there right now. So far this season, 'AGT's' sound crew has been doing a good job. However, they put Lindsey at a disadvantage as we couldn't hear her violin playing really well under the loud soundtrack. Piers Xed Lindsey and went on to say that her violin playing was not good enough to play and move around. Mark your calendar as Howie said "Piers is right."

- Doogie Horner, comedian: I didn't laugh once during Doogie's performance, but I can admit that it wasn't as bad as his previous performances. He may have made Piers laugh and change his mind about him, but Doogie is not a good comedian yet. Out of his three performances so far this season, this was the most ... entertaining!

- Rudi Macaggi, acrobat/daring performer: WOW!!! What more is there to say about Rudi's performance? He seemed a bit shaky when performing his acrobatic trick in the opening of his act, but the circular saw trick blew everything away. As Sharon pointed out, Rudi offers gracious, yet daring, performances. Wow!!!

- Taylor Mathews, singer: Taylor is getting better every time we see him perform. He showed confidence, looked at the crowd and the camera, smiled and had good stage presence. His vocal performance wasn't perfect. Nonetheless, the crowd was pleased and gave him a standing ovation. Sadly for Taylor, Rudi and some of the following acts were extremely good, which may cost Taylor a spot in the finals.

- Mary Ellen, singer/musician: As expected, Mary Ellen gave us a terrible performance. Piers Xed her, but the other two didn't? I don't get why Howie loves her so much. I'm still angry at the judges for letting her go through to the Top 48 and taking a spot away from a talented performer who would have had a chance to make it far in the competition.

- ArcAttack, "electrical" musicians: Not only did ArcAttack offer us one of the most dangerous acts ever performed on the show, but they gave us an exciting and unique performance. As Nick said it, it was a crazy act! But crazy in a very good way. This type of performance, given the proper stage to perform such an electrical act, would do extremely well in Vegas, as these good musicians are entertaining, big, bold, dangerous, electrical and unique.

- Prince Poppycock, singer: It's really impressive that a shy metal shop worker could transform into a fantastic theatrical opera singer with a rich voice. I was pleased to see him change costume and offer us a different setting and type of performance. If he doesn't make it as Prince Poppycock, he could definitely find work on Broadway. He can sing, he has great stage presence, he is theatrical and is entertaining. Sharon pointed out that it's refreshing to see an opera singer who is not fat and sweaty!

- Murray, magician: I can't wait for 'AGT' magicians to do something else than a box trick. However, Murray rocked with this box trick as he clearly showed us we could see all around it and made a tiger appear in the box and the lady surprise Howie by appearing behind him. How did the tiger get in there? We could see everywhere! WOW!

- Strikers All Stars, dancers: This dance crew performed an energetic routine that included some fun and cool moves. It was nice to see tiny nods to other dancers (or singers/dancers) like MC Hammer and Michael Jackson. The Strikers dancers worked well as a group and were in sync. With so many good performances tonight, and when you compare them to the Studio One act that was voted through the Top 16, it's not certain that they will make it to the next round. Too bad as they are entertaining and promising.

Only four acts will survive. Here are my picks: Rudi, ArcAttack, Prince Poppycock, Murray. If I could have a wild card for this week, I would give it to Strikers All Stars so as to make the Top 16 become the Top 17.

What were your favorite acts of the night? Which act do you believe America will vote for?

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"fat and sweaty opera singers"

Is there a limit to Sharon's stupidity and ignorance? Not only she is completely ignorant about opera as most REAL opera singers today look a whole lot better than she does - Elina Garanca, Anna Netrebko, Joyce diDonato, Angela Gheorghiu, Matalie Dessay, Jennifer Larmore, etc.; Juan-Diego Florez, Jonas Kaufmann, Roberto Alagna, Rolando Villazon - names she probably have never heard because I bet he's not been to opera even once in her entire life, but she is insulting even popera singers that appeared on AGT before.

Not to mention, that anybody who knows anything about opera would know that Prince Poppycock is not an opera singer. He is a pop/contemporary entertainer who sings pop arrangements of opera arias with a microphone, and who would probably make a good Vegas act, but who would never sing in opera.

I thought AGT judges are clueless about opera, but Sharon just confirmed it.

August 06 2010 at 11:16 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If anyone besides 'Fighting Gravity' or 'ArcAttack' win this season, I'm going to stop watching after this season. Michael Grimm is the only other one with a talent of equal level left, but a singer doesn't need to win. They're a dime a dozen.

August 04 2010 at 4:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Your list of 4 works for me, but my wildcard would be Taylor Matthews. Sure, his voice needs some tweaking, but he's got stage presence... and that goes a long way.

Once again, I'm pretty pissed about the "acts" that went straight to Hollywood and were then trashed by the judges. If any of them were going to get X's, they should've had to COMPETE in Vegas. Nearly EVERY act they put straight through got X'd at least once.

From the comments regarding Da Maniacs, it's obvious that none of the judges anticipated any chance for this group to move forward. So, why were they there? Why weren't other acts given the chance to actually perform and move on? Something tells me that some of the people on the cusp in Vegas would've gone through had everyone had to perform there... these acts that just don't cut it that got a free ride would've already been gone.

Look, this isn't AI, there is no Sanjaya voting here. Sure, it's a fun talent competition, and it can't be taken all that seriously, but it is taken seriously in a sense... Americans aren't just passing through talentless, but amusing acts. The judges are... America isn't... and, quite frankly, it insults us for this Canadian man, Irishman, and English woman to put through crap instead of legit acts. It shouldn't be hard for us to choose between the 6 or so good acts... it should be impossible for us to choose between the 12 brilliant acts. Period.

August 04 2010 at 1:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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