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October 3, 2015
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'Big Brother' Couple Rachel and Brendon Get Into a Lovers' Quarrel (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 4th 2010 10:35PM
'Big Brother' Couple Rachel and Brendon Get Into a Lovers' QuarrelAs we mentioned last time around, "showmance" couple Rachel and Brendon have taken over the 'Big Brother' household. They've decided to square off against the second 'Big Brother' couple -- which consists of Kristen and Hayden.

Somehow, magically, Rachel has gotten "Head of Household" power, and so she's put both Kristen and Hayden on the elimination block. It makes no sense that Rachel is in charge of things now -- except that maybe it does. ... Yes, she seems kind of dumb. But she's also kind of good at playing this game. Her overly self-confident rudeness really kind of works in the reality game show format.

But on tonight's show (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), Rachel may have gone too far. Brendon gets angry at her for saying "Bring it on!" to the other players. Then, he correctly points out that saying such a thing might -- y'know -- annoy the other players, and asks Rachel to apologize to them. Which is when Rachel freaks out and gets mad.

The lovers' fight between Rachel and Brendon is an intriguing event. Despite the fact that he's a big muscle-y "guy's guy," Brendon is surprisingly wussy once Rachel becomes angry with him. Although we do get to see Brendon's patented Dead-Eyed Stare of Horror™ as he listens to the crazy words coming out of his girlfriend's mouth.

For her part, Rachel has her own dead-eyed stare. But it's a stare of unbelief, since she can't believe that Brendon would dare to criticize her.

Finally, Brendon wusses out, and repeatedly tell Rachel that he loves her. Rachel's response, upon hearing the words "I love you" from her man, is this -- she rolls her eyes at him. Ah, romance. Nothing like some romance 'Big Brother'-style.

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