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August 29, 2015

Five Reasons Why Chris Lambton Should Be the Next 'Bachelor'

by Laura Prudom, posted Aug 4th 2010 6:45PM
Chris LambtonSince 'The Bachelorette' posted its highest-rated finale since 2004 on Monday night, we're guessing that (despite the haters) a few of you were probably watching the culmination of Ali Fedotowsky's long and winding quest for love.

While it seemed like a two-horse race from the midpoint, the chemistry between Ali and Roberto Martinez had been undeniable from the very first night, when our blushing Bachelorette gave him the first impression rose. America might have fallen in love with Chris L., the dreamy landscaper from Cape Cod, Mass., but for better or worse, Ali fell for Roberto ...

Which means that there's an ideal candidate to be next season's 'Bachelor'! Everyone's buzzing over the possibility of Chris taking up the rose and embarking on his own search for a soulmate, and we're hopping on that bandwagon right along with them. After the jump, check out our five reasonable reasons why we think Chris should be the next 'Bachelor'.
1. He's America's Sweetheart
On last season's 'Bachelor,' a new 'Bachelorette' was born right before our eyes when Ali made the tragic (and in hindsight, very smart) decision to walk away from crazycakes Jake Pavelka and return to her job. ABC immediately started touting her as "America's Sweetheart," and with the viewing public behind her, her new role as 'Bachelorette' was inevitable. Now, the audience has warmed up to Chris in exactly the same way, and though few people deny that Ali seemed to make the right choice for her by picking Roberto, it seems that everyone is equally invested in seeing Chris find his own soulmate -- who doesn't love an underdog?

2. He's a genuinely nice person
How many people would say "thank you" for breaking their heart? Ali let Chris go early because she ultimately knew that Roberto was the right guy for her before the final rose ceremony, but instead of arguing or growing angry because of the rejection, Chris took it like a man and like a gentleman, accepting her decision and encouraging her to go and find happiness with Roberto. Admit it, you got a little misty-eyed too. A man that selfless isn't a dime a dozen, y'know.

3. His family is amazing
We heard a lot about Chris' family over the course of the show, from the tragic loss of his mother to how supportive and loving his father is, and meeting the Lambton clan on the hometown dates only cemented our affection for them. It seemed as though Ali fell for Chris' dad almost as much as for Chris, and the camaraderie between his brothers and sisters-in-law was enough to put the Waltons to shame. What kind of girl wouldn't want to be part of those family dinners?

4. He's looking for love, not fame
Unlike some 'Bachelor'/'Dancing With the Stars' contestants we could mention, it's obvious that Chris is ready for a relationship and a family; he spoke with heartbreaking certainty about proposing to Ali and the life they'd share together, and on the 'After the Final Rose' special, reiterated that he was "ready to go back, ready to fall in love, ready to find my soulmate." But far from rushing right back to Los Angeles to pursue fortune and endorsement deals, reports indicate that he's still staying with his dad in Cape Cod, working at the family landscaping business, and helping his brother plan for his upcoming wedding. A less fame-hungry reality contestant, we've never seen!

5. Anyone is a step up from Jake Pavelka

In the past few weeks, Jakebot has gone from America's most eligible 'Bachelor' to a public mockery, thanks in large part to his disturbing (and very public) catfight with his 'Bachelor' pick and ex-fiancee Vienna Girardi. Neither of them ended up smelling like roses by the time the dust had settled, but their antics certainly made Chris' reality TV performance look saintly by comparison. We can't ever imagine Chris blowing up on national television or making his ex cry with a barrage of condescension -- and while we know that nobody's perfect, Chris certainly comes as close as a reality contestant is likely to get.

But while there are many reasons why Chris would be an excellent choice for the next 'Bachelor,' there could be one important reason why he wouldn't: He might not want to be!

On a conference call earlier this week, when asked about the possibility of being the next 'Bachelor', Chris said, "Honestly, it's something that I'll have to think long and hard about, because it was hard watching so much of my personal life and intimate details of dating and love on TV. And it's hard to share that kind of thing with however many millions of people watch this show. It's definitely something that I'll have to really, really think about. I'm not really sure if I want to share all that again."

Say it ain't so, Chris! Not that we can blame him -- the guy seems way too down to earth to get caught in the endless reality spin-cycle, but since the process hasn't yet put him off the notion of finding love on TV, we think he might just be willing to risk another attempt at televised romance. What do you think, 'Bachelor' fans?

Do you think Chris L. should be the next 'Bachelor'?
Yes, he's the perfect man for the job!1140 (65.0%)
No, he's too good for 'The Bachelor'!551 (31.4%)
I don't care either way.63 (3.6%)

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Come on He is 33 years old. He nneds to find a job no a soulmate.

August 06 2010 at 12:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Chris deserves to find the love of his life, with his Paul Newman good looks and even more importantly...his class. (He certainly proved that class is not measured by one's clothes!)

Not sure he can find his love in such a public forum. Maybe he should be connected with the Millionaire Matchmaker on the Oprah show. :)

I wish this guy the best...he deserves it. Any woman who connects with Chris will be a fortunate one.

August 06 2010 at 9:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If ABC can't get Chris, then they really should get someone new. The other guys are annoying as hell and not to mention ugly.

August 04 2010 at 7:06 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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