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September 2, 2015

'The Rachel Zoe Project' - 'Changes in the Zoe Camp' (Season Premiere) Recap

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Aug 4th 2010 3:35AM
(S03E01) Brad Goreski and Rachel Zoe in season 3.It's all "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead" over at Zoe headquarters, but what exactly happened right there? Was Taylor cooking the books, "borrowing" too much junk, or just being predictably miserable?

"I don't want aggressive and I don't want drama," says Rachel of her vision for a new assistant. Who can blame her for wanting an employee diametrically opposed to the one that walked around with storm clouds perpetually gathering above her indoor sunglasses?

With Brad as the new style director, things start to seem hunky-dory, but of course, as with all of the Zoe chronicles, this one has to have its moment of "crisis." (No crises, whether perceived or real, affect Rachel's actual facial expressions.)

The crisis: Demi Moore shoot in four days for 'Harper's Bazaar.' The panic item: Marc Jacobs bloomers that are late arriving. When they do arrive, Brad and Rachel realize they would leave Ms. Moore mostly naked and as such cannot be used.

The look: Girly, dreamlike. Things like a kiddie pool are small and things like a giant Edith Ann-esque chair are oversized, but there is also Demi Moore and she is always huge. Armadillo shoes next to a giraffe on a staircase to nowhere at the beach, and, of course, a sea of red balloons through which Demi can attempt to traipse playfully in search of -- what else? -- the iconic shot.

The actual crisis: Rachel has no closure on her former assistant. Taylor "in her head" when she wakes up in the morning or the middle of the night. The panic item: Taylor is off inking deals with former Zoe associates while Rachel contemplates how someone who was once her "precious jewel" and "rock," the hypothetical godmother to her hypothetical children, is proven, in Rodger's words, to be "a waste of time."

The look: Recover borrowed samples and shoes from Taylor. Roll a Mean Taylor montage. Rip and toss the Taylor pages of the Brad-and-Taylor 'Paper' magazine spread into the Zoe company fireplace. Plan to rip and toss selected clothing samples into the fireplace (not actually shown).

To review: Let's see how Ashley works out. It's probably promising that she doesn't sport any unnecessary eyewear during her interview. It's nice to see something (the mouse) that scares Rachel more than the idea of incorrectly altering a Chanel gown and/or wearing flats. It will probably be nice to not hear Taylor whining, yet it's undeniable that she granted the show an extra dimension, a look at the "dark side" of styling. You know: Not the packing of boxes and "pulling" of clothing, but having to go to parties and stuff.


"You're always so hungry." - Rachel to Rodger

Brad: "By the way, you have a poodle around your wrist."
Rachel: "How many times do you think it'll catch fire today?"

Rachel: "I think they have to relax the giraffe."
Brad: "You always have to relax the giraffe, heh heh."

"A, I don't own flats but B, I really don't." - Rachel on her six-pound "daywear" boots which cause her to be carried down to the photo shoot.

"Alexander McQueen is one of the most brilliant designers of our time. When you put one of his iconic dresses on Demi Moore with 12-inch stilettos with a giant giraffe, I mean, that's a moment."

"I'm having a f**king Chanel heart attack right now, you guys." - Rachel, trying on a lot of Chanel

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