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October 13, 2015

'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: New Head of Household

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 6th 2010 7:00PM
The 'True Colors' competition has ended'Big Brother' is messing with us. There are usually two endurance competitions per season, then the one at the end of the season.

We just had an endurance comp two weeks ago. Usually the next one is due the third week of August. Well, not now! The live eviction show ended with our beloved (cough) hamsters standing on a ledge on a spinning paint can while a paint brush slapped them and paint was squirted on them.

But, what's that? That paint can has no one on it? How did that happen? Well, it's because the competition ended. There is a new Head of Household and one person is the sole Have Not for the week. Why wait until the show airs on Sunday night? Don't you want to know the spoilers from the live feeds?

Extreme spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

You know me; I'm not happy unless I have something to grouse about. This time, it's the amount of time the feeds are blocked during the competition. Due to complaints, they've removed the "24/7" from the CBS website and Julie Chen's announcements. But we usually get good coverage of the endurance competitions. Not so much tonight. Oh, I still have the news, that I can promise you.

The feeds were blocked until just shy of 9:30ET, a half-hour after the show ended. At first, we just had audio -- very adult-rated audio at that. I can't see them using much of that on the aired show. When the feeds came up Kathy and Enzo were already down. Later we found out through conversation that Kathy went down first. That's a shocker, eh?

Brendon was the third out in the 'True Colors' compBut we hardly had time to absorb that anyone was down before we actually caught Brendon (and his size 13 feet) go down. So much for Rachel's dreams of house control! Brendon had leaned so far out that the paintbrush knocked off his goggles. He was out shortly after the goggles went.

They kept blocking the feeds intermittently, sometimes for a good five minutes at a time. At one time during blocked feeds, three went down -- Lane, Britney and Hayden. I believe Hayden was the last one of the group to go as the feeds came back in time to show Kathy helping him up and telling Matt and Ragan they were the last ones on the can.

Yep, just like the endurance comp two weeks ago, it's down to Ragan and Matt. And, just like before, Matt is looking way comfortable and saying he can last all night. To be honest, I don't want them to stay up there all night. I want it done and over with!

Sure enough, just like the last time, Ragan weakened and started trying to deal with Matt. He got Matt to agree that he (Ragan) and Kathy would be safe if Matt wins Head of Household. It was all over in just about an hour. Ragan felt sick at one point, then worried how he was going to fall safely. Then, of course, they blocked the feeds when he actually went down. Grr.

Matt is once again the Head of Household. He told Kathy that she's safe for another two weeks in the house. In whispers, the Brigade, Ragan, and Britney have all talked about Rachel and Brendon both going on the block this week. Matt told Enzo he needs to make sure that if the one remaining (of Brendon or Rachel) gets Head of Household, he's put against either Kathy or Ragan. I don't see how that can be guaranteed, but that's what he wants.

You don't always get what you want. But sometimes, you get what you need. Brendon and Rachel need to be on the block. They need to be split up. If all goes as it looks right now on the live feeds, Matt's actually going to step up to the plate and put them on the block.

Do you think that Matt will go through with nominating Brenchal?
Yes!1554 (74.4%)
No, he's going to wuss out.536 (25.6%)

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This last HOH competition was so unfair for the taller house guest. Short stuff Matt (how tall is he, 4 ft. 11") .
Some things seems to be missing with all of these house guest, such as, looks, personality, brains and back bone.

I pity Brendon if Rachel carries on all week like she did last night. Rachel probably could have lasted longer then Brendon on the paint can, because she has the short torso. She acted like a baby last night, and her partner needs to get a back bone when it comes to dealing with her.

August 09 2010 at 8:27 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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