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August 31, 2015

'So You Think You Can Dance' Finale Predictions: Who Will Win? Who Should Win?

by Sharon Knolle, posted Aug 10th 2010 4:00PM

As we count down to this week's season finale of 'So You Think You Can Dance' (Wed. and Thu., 8PM ET on Fox), the race comes down to two of the three finalists: Sexy but strong Lauren Froderman from Phoenix and small-town wunderkind Kent Boyd from Wapokoneta, Ohio.

California boy Robert Roldan will also compete in the finale, but although we and the judges love him, he's been in the bottom three so often that we're almost as shocked as he was that he made it to the finale.

So, who will it be: Lovely Lauren or kooky Kent? We make the argument for who will win and who should win.

We could debate endlessly how this season would have turned out if some of the most talented contestants, like professional ballet dancer Alex Wong, hadn't been sent home with injuries. After Alex's untimely departure, the judges quickly settled on Kent as their new favorite. Audiences agreed, with in-studio crowds erupting in cries of "We love you, Kent!" Home viewers love him as well: He's the only remaining contender never to have been in the bottom three.

The judges have not given him an entirely free pass this season. Mia Michaels repeatedly told him to control his facial expressions, something he admitted he had trouble with, saying, "That's just me, that's just what comes out" when he dances. His "golly gee" grins perfectly suited his snappy Broadway routines, like the memorable 'Damn Yankees' number with Neil Haskell and the energetic Spencer Liff duet with Jose Ruiz, but in other genres, including his disastrous disco number, the perpetual smile was distracting.

I have to admit, I haven't been a Kent believer for much of the season. His exuberance, while sweet, wasn't always well-channeled and his wide-eyed expression often seemed out of place. And then came last week's performance, when he and Neil danced the hell out of an emotional Travis Wall routine. The Ohio farm boy finally grew up, right before our eyes. The hurt and rejection was so real and so moving, I'm sure I wasn't the only one wiping away a tear. Kent, you might not be my favorite, but I finally see what America sees in you.

Lauren started off strong and has only grown stronger as this season has progressed. In her first competition number, she seemed shocked to learn that her cheerleader-like presentation -- with smiles directed at the audience and a tendency to ignore her partner -- wasn't the way to connect with the judges or voters. But she took the judges' notes and from then on, threw her all into her partnering. It was hard to take our eyes off of her, no matter who she was dancing with, whether it was hip-hip maestro tWitch or ballroom expert Pasha. It was also hard to see much to critique. She handled everything thrown at her like a pro, from an intense routine with Dominic about abuse to a hip-shaking Tahitian number.

The fun, flirty, silly girl we saw in video clips believably transformed last week into a man-eating femme fatale opposite Pasha and Ade. Adam Shankman summed up her appeal succinctly: "I want to hire you." If the competition were for the best dancer (which, of course, it's not), then Lauren would waltz away with the title. She's eminently employable and, I would argue, far more mature and ready for a professional dance career than Kent.

Win or lose, she's America's favorite female dancer and in a season that's been brutal to the girls, that's saying something.

I've been a fan of Robert's since I first interviewed the Top 11. His quirky solos remind me of Ellenore Scott from last season (how I'd love to see those two duet) and his partnering has been incredibly strong and dynamic. He's tackled some very tough dances, including the dreaded quickstep and he looked great doing it. As Toni Redpath said as a guest judge last week, if one asked herself, "Do I want to dance with him?" -- the answer is "Yes!"

We've seen him be smolderingly sexy in his Argentine tango with Anya, quietly intense with his "going to war" Stacey Tookey routine, and charmingly goofy as an animated doll with Kathryn. I have no doubt Robert will have an amazing dance career, (he's not only handsome, he's the tallest of this season's guys) so he doesn't need to win the title of "America's Favorite Dancer." Like Lauren, Billy Bell and Alex, he's already gotten the exposure he's needed from the show.

He's been in the bottom three over and over, and his genuine shock each time he is given a reprieve is the very opposite of "arrogant," the dismissive assessment that the blogosphere assigned him, but has never been apparent to anyone on the show, or to me.

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Who will win 'SYTYCD'?
Kent1855 (47.0%)
Lauren1567 (39.7%)
Robert528 (13.4%)

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All 3 are fantastic. I think Kent will win but my favorite is Robert. For a classicaly trained dancer, aprticularly ballet--he has excelled at every genre. Kent is a bit too immature for my taste although I do think either he or Lauren will get the most votes.

August 12 2010 at 2:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Young, egar, energetic, enthusiastic and terrific performers are Kent and Lauren; however, the one that has grown, is humble and captures the audience with his sex appeal and strong dance moves and lifts, is Robert! Sorry, this season is going to the female, the judges actually did favor Lauren ever since Mia gave her the opportunity to be kept on the show! Honestly, each and everyone are winners and will have the doors open to them, they have to turn the knob and walk through!

August 12 2010 at 12:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I feel sorry for any girl (if it's girls he's into) that has to compete with mama's boy's mama for attention...she'll lose...or have her mother in law telling her what to do while sonny boy Robert sides with mom...

August 11 2010 at 5:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I need a MEET/GREET Pass for the Sept 29 MIAMI FL TOUR

August 11 2010 at 2:56 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


August 11 2010 at 1:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Lauren should win, she is the best overall, and has grown the most
Kent will probably win because of the teen girl factored combined with the middle america cornbread factor
I'll be disappointed if the perenially 'who me, let me milk the mama.s boy routine one more time'

August 11 2010 at 11:02 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

As a classically trained dancer I would have to give Robert the top billing. His style, character and outstanding versatility make him a dancer's choice. Lauren is a very capable dancer, progressing to maturity and equally worthy of the top spot. Lauren will become a versatile performer with energy to spare. Kent is a fine dancer and has a range well suited to stage musicals; he is very young and has miles to go. His silly grins do not help BUT his last performance showed his growth and adaption to emotional expression more than the inane. Equally worthy of the award but for reasons different to the other two. As the article says, Robert has cemented a career and being a TV show, the winner will be either the cutest or the underdog. Both Laren and Kent qualify for the cute. Robert qualifies for the best dancer, a quality which will not necessarily win first place.

August 11 2010 at 9:54 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm picking Kent to win, though you never know when it comes to audience voting. I don't think his aw-shucks attitude is fake, though I can see how it might appear to be. He's just from a small town and it must be a huge change for him to be in L.A. and performing in front of such a large crowd (and on national tv too).

Lauren is a good dancer - I don't have any negative to say about her, so I think she has a good chance to win as well. I just think Kent will have more fan support (based on audience demographics?).

As for Robert, well, he's not my favorite dancer. In fact, Kent, Lauren, Billy, and AdeChike all go ahead of him for me. He may not be arrogant, but his goof-off, class clown personality annoys me. As much as Kent can't stop his cheesy faces from appearing in his routines, I'm continuously reminded of Robert the class clown when he dances, even if he's dancing a more serious piece.

At this point, dancing has little to do with the competition. They all can dance. It's much more about personality (people will vote for who they like, not who puts out the best performance which is subjective anyway). It's difficult to tell who the judges like better between Kent and Lauren, although I am surprised they have come around for Kent given they were quite harsh on him at the beginning (Mia still is, kind of).

August 10 2010 at 10:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm totally rooting for Robert!

I like Lauren, and she's an excellent dancer, but she's gotten a bit of a ride from being the last female standing. There was NO way the judges were going to send an all-male final four to decision, so she got to skate a bit.

Kent makes me nuts, and not in a good way. Is he an excellent athlete? Absolutely. In fact, I'd lay good money that he's a kinesthetic prodigy, with the ability to pick up almost any moove. Certainly, his ability to move in space is exceptional, and I'm not disputing that he's a tremendous dancer. However, and I'm going to get hammered for this I'm sure, he irritates the heck out of me. The stupid faces, the over-acting, the 'modesty' that comes across as so overdone it's painful; thanks but no thanks. I realize that he's from a small town (how could we forget, we're hammered with it constantly), but what started out as believable has become a schtic, and I'm not buying it any more. I think he'll win, but I won't be rooting for him.

Robert is not the kinesthetic mover Kent is, and he's not as sweet as Lauren, but he puts everything he is out on the stage, every time he dances, and I appreciate that. He's never going through the motions, and he clearly loves what he does. That's where my vote goes.

August 10 2010 at 4:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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