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October 4, 2015
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'Louie' Moment - Louie Gets Way Too High (VIDEO)

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 11th 2010 6:35AM
Louie gets way too high on 'Louie', Tuesdays at 11PM ET on FXLouis C.K. prides himself on portraying single fatherhood as a noble and manly task, which is different than the put-upon, clueless single dads you usually see on television. He cares about raising his girls right, and it shows in how he interacts with them -- well, at least how he interacts with the fictional kids on 'Louie' (Tuesdays at 11PM ET on FX). As he says during his one of his stand-up segments, "Being with your kids is torture, but you do it because you love them. If I didn't love them, I'd be out playing poker with my friends and come back home and say, 'oh, they're dead.'"

So it's understandable that, when he leaves the kids with his ex-wife for a week, he goes into a ice-cream-and-pizza-eating downward spiral. That spiral crashed and burned when he confronted an obnoxious neighbor about his wayward pot smoke, and ended up getting high with him on his futon. But Louie didn't realize that what was coming from that bong was a whole lot stronger than the stuff he used to smoke in the olden days. And he paid for it big time.

Louis C.K. gets way too high on 'Louie,' Tuesdays at 11PM ET on FXLike I pointed out last week, Louis C.K. seems to like to play around with camera angles and scene cuts more than most comedy directors, and the scene where Louie's high gets a little out of control shows him flexing his directorial muscles. As we cut to see Louie shift from a window to an interior, from seeing his neighbor's head to seeing the head of the stuffed rabbit on the couch, from one dog to what he thinks is a second dog, you really get a feel for how scrambled Louie's brain is at that moment. If there were a heavier synthesizer soundtrack, you'd think he'd was paying homage to 'A Clockwork Orange' with all the shifting and cutting.

The next morning, you still see evidence of Louie's leftover bakedness from the women on TV discussing how to hide their vaginas to the nonsense language everyone in the coffee shop was speaking as Louie tried to come back to earth with some caffiene. Luckily, a dog brought him back to reality; he later takes home an older dog that dies before Louie can even get him some water, but at least it brought Louie out of his spiral.

The tough thing about 'Louie' is that, because Louis C.K. is so funny, you expect wall-to-wall hilarity, which is why people who see the show for the first time might scratch their heads at some of what he's trying. But I give him all the credit in the world for being patient with his scenes and to let the comedy grow naturally out of the moment, instead of cramming scenes with jokes. And I also give him credit for having scenes where nothing is funny at all. It just takes some getting used to, as people are so accustomed to being bombarded by jokes that they don't realize that some of the best comedy comes from darkness and nihilism.

Oh, and anyone who read my interview with Louie will immediately make a connection with the chipper but odd song he sang while strolling through the bodega. Good for him for getting those phrases past FX's fairly loose standards people.

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