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August 31, 2015

'So You Think You Can Dance' - 'Top 3 Perform' Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Aug 12th 2010 1:39AM
The final three (L to R): Robert, Lauren, and Kent(S07E22) It's only been nine weeks of competition on 'So You Think You Can Dance,' but it felt like it went by faster with three weeks of injuries. Our first and youngest final three dance us into the programming. I miss Cat exclaiming "These are the girls and here are the guys" with the cheesy walk and look at the opposite sex. It's been weeks of having Lauren in the middle pose around men.

Tonight's performances consisted of four routines plus a solo for each of the dancers, but we spend the first six minutes with flashbacks ranging from really talented plus-sized dancers to the freaks. We continued to progress into Vegas week and I actually liked the reveal episode a bit better than the "green mile" episodes in previous seasons.

Cat makes a ding on Russian Folk performance (from Season 5), but I have to say the routine tried it's best to be authentic and still visually appealing. The pot-stir that Jeanine did was great as well. Anyone who's seen the tour from Season 5 would realize they revamped the routine to be more visually appealing and cheeky.

Kent & Lauren G. - Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan) - There is an acceptance of campy in Bollywood so Kent has an upper hand. Kent got another upper hand when he wasn't given the most complicated Bollywood routines. He also got the flips in the beginning to help burn time. Kent's half of the routine wasn't as interesting as Lauren's. Kent and Lauren were pretty close in timing with each other. Their spins were a bit off, but the routine didn't suffer from it.

Nigel thought the whole routine was a great opener since it captured the spirit of the routine. Mia thought the dance was tailored for Kent and it worked because of that. Adam was impressed by the energy and precision after this week full of practices.

Lauren & Twitch - Hip-Hop (NappyTabs) - The presidential debate is reminiscent of Clinton/Obama. I liked the podium work, but after that it felt like Lauren was behind Twitch. When the choreography got away from side-by-side work, Lauren stood out. I have to give credit for Lauren doing the back flips because most of the choreographers didn't use her gymnastic abilities apart from the wonderful lifts she was given.

Nigel reminds Lauren that she still has a chance to win and she danced with strength. Mia thought she's had lots of home runs this season and her consistency is amazing. Adam finds it ironic that she's campaigning to be the winner, but he's proud watching her.

Robert & Mark - Jazz (Tyce Diroio) - In the beginning I was confused as to which one was Robert and which one was Mark; they were both really good. Their side-by-side work was sharp and I liked how Tyce incorporated the smooth moments. The assisted lifts and jumps worked well. I loved the ending where they convulsed because it gave the two some quirk to make their own.

Nigel liked the style and fun of the routine; he also commends Robert for progressing well. Mia loves the look of the routine, but appreciates how Robert got more grounded as the weeks have progressed. Adam pimps out how well the All-Star component has helped Robert a lot; he looked like he danced like he wasn't competing. He finally jumped correctly as well.

Kent - Solo - Cat interviews Kent and he talks about his his goofy faces. His favorite routine was the prom routine. I find that his song choice was poignant and his dancing had force tonight. I liked the run across the stage as he was running his fingers across, simplistic but effective portrayal of the finish line.

Lauren & Robert - Contemporary (Dee Caspary) - I liked the use of the pillow throughout the routine, it helped create very original shapes for the two. The two managed to keep the choreography going, while managing to put the pillow in the right place at the right time. I felt as though I wanted the routine to keep going because the music ended abruptly.

Nigel commends the two on their strength. Mia loved the fluidity of the routine. She thought that this was Robert's most delicious performance. Lauren was perfection for Mia. Adam loved the poignancy of the routine's theme. He loved watching the two dancers support each other.

Lauren & Kent - Jazz (Mandy Moore) - Three minutes after dancing, Lauren has to dance another routine. Luckily it's about the goofy style of both dancers and less on strength or talent. The whole routine felt simplistic after two very powerful routines, but it helped Lauren trying to remember two routines back to back. They did what they could with the choreography, but this routine will be forgotten.

Nigel thought the routine wasn't challenging enough, but they kept in character. Mia was at a loss for words at the beginning. They danced the dance well, but Mia didn't like it. Adam shrugs off an actual comment forcing Cat to interview Kent and Lauren to burn time.

Robert - Solo - Robert's feeling the pressure being in the bottom three several times. His favorite routine was Travis' contemporary dance, dedicated to his mother. Robert points out that he's gotten the most ballroom/Latin routines out of all the contestants (in contrast, Billy Bell had one Jive). Robert goes for that quirky style and manages to do really well without covering a lot of dance floor; it was like a routine he practiced in a bedroom.

Kent & Allison - Contemporary (Stacey Tookey) - Stacey wants to find honesty and maturity in Kent and he manages not to make a goofy face during the routine. I liked the balance between quick and slow movements emphasizing Kent's growth. Kent was really supportive during the lifts and joined moments. Allison stood out for me during the routine, possibly because she was more believable to me, though seeing Kent emotional at the end shows that he did his best.

Nigel thinks Kent's lines improved and he was emotionally believable. He suggests working on his upper body strength. Mia loves how invested he was in the routine. Adam thinks that he transformed into an artist because he forgot to hit the steps and things just happened naturally.

Lauren - Solo - We continue to emphasize Lauren being the final woman standing. She agrees with Kent about the prom routine being her favorite because the two shared the experience together. Lauren makes a great choice of song and clothing. She hit the right accents to lyrics and put her signature moves at the right places.

Robert & Kathryn - Broadway (Spencer Liff) - I thought that Robert started cool but wasn't as confident by the end. Kathryn oozed sexy as she made her high kicks and danced around Robert. Robert went all out in the routine, his kicks had a strong flick and in the end we learned that Robert split his pants.

Nigel thought Robert danced the routine really well. He showed all the different sides of his technique. Mia critiques Robert for not having enough sizzle in the low points of the routine. Adam knows that the original choreography is sacred to him, but Robert had a fresh spin to the music.

Lauren & Pasha - Cha-Cha (Tony & Melanie) - Lauren proved her athleticism right in the beginning. She also lucked out because a lot of the work was lifts and walking for the beginning half. Her hip work and her torso were insane throughout the whole routine and should have been used more. The one lift in the middle was daring, but the final lift was insane. A very sexy way to end her season.

Nigel commends her back strength, foot action, and hips; it was near-perfect. Mia compliments Lauren by saying that she would want to be like Lauren as a dancer if she was still a dancer. Adam calls her the personification of music and she danced effortlessly.

Kent & Robert - Malevos (Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo) - Malevos translates to "Gangster" according to Fox and is apparently used by men as practice for Tango. I'm not sure exactly why the two are mafia-style gangsters, but the routine did remind me of a male Argentine Tango with the intricate footwork and flicks. The dance merged part of a martial arts routine. I think a lot of time was wasted with the set up for the ending, but was worth it.

Nigel commends all three for perfecting all their routines and how hard-working all three have been. Mia loved the feel of the piece; she mumbles on about how she loved everything. Adam understands that some of the precision was a bit off, but it didn't matter because they were great dancers.

In the end, I really don't care which of the contestants will win because I thought all three did a great job. I grew to accept that Kent will continue to mug for the camera. I personally would vote for Robert because he's grown the most and is the prettiest to look at. What I will say is that out of the choreographers NappyTabs improved this season (loved both the clowns and ninjas), but Mandy Moore got worse. Did she run out of 80s music to sample from? Mandy Moore is for me the bottom wrung of the contemporary choreographers and needs to take a break to find herself again.

Who out there doesn't think that Kent will win? Leave your comments below.

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