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April 19, 2015

'True Blood' - 'Everything Is Broken' Recap

by Amy Kuperinsky, posted Aug 16th 2010 4:01AM
Eric, Pam and Nan from 'True Blood' (Season 3, Episode 9) - "Everything ends. Even the immortal." - Eric

Hello, Russell Edgington the terrorist. Bye-bye, Vampire Rights Amendment.

It's precious how the vampire king and vampire-murderer rails against human offenses like "absurd, garish McMansions." Ripping out the news anchor's heart (no, it was actually his spine, ohhh .... snap) and holding it like an apple? No probs.

What an hour. Who else is thoroughly thrilled with this momentum? It's perfect for group viewing, complete with clapping and heckling. And throwing lots of Jujubes at Summer. Jason's save with Franklin, Tara's ultimatum to her psycho ex-abuser, Russell's "special" broadcast, Sookie and Bill's blood-and-lust scene ... it's a movie!

Who's waiting for the showdown between Russell and Eric? Get your nachos and blood-red salsa ready! Is there a 'True Blood' cookbook somewhere? C'mon, Harry Potter has one, right? Merlotte's bacon veggie burgers? Talbot's "jam" in a jar?

Good job, Jason!!!! A++!!!!! I have to assume he just happened to have the wooden bullets on hand because he was all gung-ho about offing Bill. Yes, for an ounce of a second it felt good to see Franklin's looney tunes mug again but, really, how much longer before Tara was going to implode as a result of an inordinate level of abuse and massively terrible bad luck? I didn't want to see her admitted into the home with Lafayette's mom by the end of this season.

So now Eric is our hero and Bill our spiritual detective. Holly's the therapist while Jason has become the haphazard detective-neighborhood watchman. Nice robe, Jesus. Or was that from Lafayette's closet? I'm thinking yes. The most risque shirt we've seen on our favorite health care worker is a purple polo.

Is Eric to Pam what Godric was to him? Not just as maker-and-vampire, but also in the way they interact. She's so gentle with Eric, like he's her grandpa. Bill's the one walking on water in Sookie's dreamland but Eric's looking the real sacrificial lamb. It's kinda funny when Pam's all "Well I lived with you 100 years and you didn't mention that whole family massacre thing." I always like seeing the soft underbelly of the vamps, though, because it contradicts the human fear about them not being human anymore. That's why they're so interesting. The very idea of a vampire symbolizes more acutely the contradictory elements of human nature. Either being can strive to be moral or indestructible but inevitably fail.

What's the deal about Tommy's sudden decision to paint the town red? Is this rebellion a product of his very tainted family life? Is Sam's outburst just an overcompensation of his desire to keep everything together, when, as our programming guide informs us, 'Everything Is Broken?'

Taking a tally of the supernatural labels thrown around this season, we've got werewolf, possible-witch, and now, what, goddess? Angel? What are your thoughts on Sookie? Are the Stackhouses the long lost descendants of the Mount Olympus crew? Is Zeus her great-great-to the nth power grandpappy? And why would Bill still be a threat? With the teaser for next week, we're reminded of Eric's warning to Sookie about Bill. Does Bill pose a danger to her specifically because he's a vampire, or is it something else about his past that's problematic? Past is winning.


"I'll be damned. Maybe G-d loves f*gs." - Ruby

"Just once I'd like to not find a dead body in my house, is that asking too much?" - Sookie

"I have waited a thousand years for this." - Eric on wanting to kill Russell.

"I got an ulcer so big, coffee's comin' out of my bellybutton." - Andy

"I wanted to meet the sick f**k who ordered the veggie burger with bacon." - Lafayette

"I f**king hate her." - Hoyt, on Summer.

"You brought us this steaming pile of sh*t, you're going to make it go away." - Nan Flanagan to Eric.

*Thanks, Gilda, for the spine note! News anchors don't have hearts that big, of course.

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