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September 2, 2015

'Entourage' Season 7, Episode 9 Recap

by Chris Jordan, posted Aug 30th 2010 10:00AM
('Entourage' - 'Porn Scenes from an Italian Restaurant') Let's call this one my dinner with Ari.

Make that a completely unhinged Ari. We didn't see this one coming and its impact was all the better for it. Ari blew up at Amanda Daniels during his quiet-time dinner with Mrs. Ari in front of the Lords of Hollywood on this week's episode of 'Entourage.'

Everyone got to see the boorish and sexist behavior of Ari up close as he demeaned Amanda over the release of the Lizzie Grant tapes.

But ... Amanda then told Ari that she didn't release the tapes; a former assistant of Ari who was working for her did and she was in fact working to get NFL deal back on track for Ari. The result is Ari is exposed as a sexist bully in front of Los Angeles and he and his ashamed wife go home separately.

This was a great scene, nicely shot, briskly paced and smartly acted. We loved the cell phone in the bathroom angle, a wonderful homage to 'The Godfather,' and the side story with Vince and Sasha was a great build-up to the Ari-Amanda clash. Incidentally, this week's episode was directed by Kevin Connolly (Eric).

Perhaps the bigger picture here is Ari's not being able to head an agency on his own. There have been a few tell-tale signs -- he often looks more frazzled than usual and there problems in the office, like unpaid checks -- but the blowup at Wolfgang's is a culmination for the volatile Ari. It's strikes us that maybe Ari doesn't have quite the right skill set required to run TMA. He needs to be more of a politician instead of a brute, but brutish behavior is all he knows, apparently.

Speaking of brutes, Drama is finally on board with the 'Johnny's Bananas' animated series. He was coaxed along by Eric's assistant Jennie (Janet Montgomery) this episode, and there seems to be a little chemistry between the two. The scene when Drama finally signs on was nicely played. Drama never realized Phil Yagoda and Lloyd had planned a big presentation to entice him to sign up for the series; he missed his own party, in a way.

We got a few questions answered this week about Alex's mysterious family friend, Carlos, and why he doesn't want to immediately move ahead with the marketing of the family's tequila. His older brother is the majority stockholder and he's afraid he'll sell it out of the family. Turtle -- who's looking very buff lately -- moved ahead with a meeting with Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban about the tequila, but this enraged Carlos, who then explained the facts of the family business to Turtle.

Meanwhile, the downward spiral of Vince continues. He's insisting on getting girlfriend Sasha Grey a role in 'Air-Walker.' We've nothing against porn stars, but is it really appropriate for an adult film star to have a role in a superhero film? Vince pleaded the case to new 'Air-Walker' director Peter Berg, who agrees to test her. Berg is playing himself as a no-nonsense kind of guy, similar to Nick Cassavetes, the director whose strong-arm personality led Vince into this mess in the first place. And when we say mess, we're referring to the big bag of white powder Lloyd found in Vince's house at the end of the episode.

Like Drama said, it ain't baking soda.

Quick edits

Queen of L.A. -- Queen Latifah gave Ari the heads up that Amanda Daniels was talking NFL deal

Turtle huddle -- That was football's Brian Urlacher talking tequila with Turtle in the sports bar.

"I will not stop until I destroy you!" -- A crazed Ari to Amanda Daniels.

The next episode -- and season finale -- is two weeks from now on Sept. 12.

Outro music -- 'Patience' by Nas and Damian Marley.

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The Dawg

I hated this episode.

The Ari restaurant mixup wasn't even worthy of a Three's Company episode. These kind of coincidences never happen in real life, AND Ari is much too smart and calculating of an agent to have such a damaging tirade. It may be good drama, but at least no business I've been exposed to works this way.

The Tequila thing is getting tiring too. OK now the guy has a brother, very creating twist guys. And he may lose the company -- BUT, we already heard he's about to lose it anyway due to financial troubles. This Tequila baron is really such a terrible businessman he can't figure out how to work the right deal to take a $5m cash infusion to help his business?

Everyone seems to be acting like idiots on the show, including the writers.

September 11 2010 at 1:57 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Is this recap not titled with the episode name because you guys can't get "porn" added to your SEO results? :P

I guess these TV writers clearly don't think these things through.. ;)

August 30 2010 at 10:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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