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October 8, 2015
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'True Blood' - Eric Finally Gets Revenge on Russell (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Aug 30th 2010 2:40AM
'True Blood' - Eric Finally Gets Revenge on RussellIt's been a long time coming. But then, vampires are essentially immortal, so "a long time" is kind of relative in this situation. Tonight on 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO), Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) finally has a chance to get back at Russell -- for real, this time around. And hey, it only took him a thousand years or so. Clearly, Eric is a man who doesn't like to rush these things.

Ten centuries ago, Vampire King Russell (Denis O'Hare) slaughtered Eric's entire family. That's a pretty traumatic event. Eric still isn't over it, for obvious reasons. In addition, the vampire Authority has ordered him to kill Russell -- although Eric would be willing to do that no matter what. Now, Eric figures out a way to murder his nemesis.

[Spoiler alert.]

It's been revealed that Sookie (Anna Paquin) is a human/fairy hybrid, and that her blood will temporarily protect vampires from the sun. Eric and Russell both feed on her, and then Eric walks out into the daylight. But it's all a trick designed to get Russell to come along.

Eric knows the effect is only temporary, but King Russell doesn't. And the King can't resist following. He's so excited by the prospect of seeing the sun that he starts weeping. "Thousands of years of night," he says. " ... You can't know." But meanwhile, Eric is hiding the fact that his flesh is already starting to sear. As soon as Russell is outside, Eric slaps a silver handcuff around his wrist, chaining the two of them together. Now, they're both burning.

Eric may be able to get revenge on Russell, but he'll have to do it at the cost of his own life. Will either one of them survive?

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