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"Resisting" a Bad Boy on 'Melissa & Joey' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 1st 2010 12:18AM
'Resisting' a Bad Boy on 'Melissa & Joey'On 'Melissa & Joey' (Tue., 8PM ET on ABC Family) Mel acquires a new man in her life. But he's not her usual type. No, her new guy "Dylan" is an honest-to-god "bad boy." So Mel (Melissa Joan Hart) is a little out of her comfort zone here.

Although, to be honest, Dylan seems less like an actual rebel, and more like a vanilla-y sitcom idea of a "bad boy." But then, 'Melissa & Joey' is a sitcom, so that makes sense. Here are the examples of Dylan's "badness" that we are given:

1) His name is "Dylan," which is the go-to default rebellious name. Enough said.

2) He likes to play the guitar, which is the kind of thing that was considered "shocking" in, say, the year 1952.

3) He works in a bar. Okay. Whatever. Lots of people work in bars.

4) And finally, he doesn't pay his parking tickets. Jeez. That's not "bad boy"-ish, it's just mildly lazy. Dylan sound less like a rebel here, and more like a slackery 23-year-old.

At any rate, whether he's a true bad boy or not, Dylan is more than dangerous enough for the ridiculously straight-laced Melissa. He's all about "sticking it to the man" and strumming on his guitar. And she's all about ... giving long boring lectures on the importance of jury duty. Clearly, this is never going to work out, and Mel says as much to Dylan. "I have to be honest," she tells him . "I just don't see this relationship going anywhere."

... Annnnd then we SMASH CUT TO THE TWO OF THEM IN BED TOGETHER, HAVING JUST HAD SEX. ... Right? That's what happens next, right? Yes. That is indeed what happens next. Such is the eternal sexy appeal of the "bad boy."

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