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October 8, 2015
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Can Jeff Corwin Outsmart an Animal Without a Brain? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 2nd 2010 11:58PM
Can Jeff Corwin Outsmart an Animal Without a Brain?... And the short answer to the question posed in the headline is: No. And that's pretty sad. On the new 'Extreme Cuisine' (Thu., 8PM ET on Food Network), host Jeff Corwin travels to the United Kingdom to sample some of the local dishes. The food enjoyed by the natives there includes jellied eels, stuffed sheep's stomach and saltwater snails. Gee, maybe this is the reason that some people aren't that "into" British food.

The saltwater snails that Jeff hunts for are called "limpets," and they aren't that hard to track down. Mainly because they live on rocks, and almost never move -- sometimes a limpet will stay on a single rock for its entire life. Removing the creature from its rock proves to be more problematic, though.

On the coast of Scotland, Jeff meets a local named Patrick, who tries to teach him how to harvest the limpets. You'd think grabbing a snail wouldn't be so hard, right? But you'd be wrong. Limpets have incredibly powerful "feet" that they use to attach themselves to rocks, so you need specialist know-how to dislodge them.

Patrick shows Jeff how to "sneak up" on a limpet: You approach stealthily, and quickly grab it without ever touching the rock. Because if you do touch the rock, the limpet will sense the vibration, clamp down, and be unremovable,

Unfortunately, Jeff proves to be spectacularly bad at the whole process, failing over and over again. In fact, he can't manage to capture a single limpet, while Patrick laughs in the background. "I can't believe this," Jeff says, "I'm being outsmarted by a creature without a brain." And yes, this is literally true: Limpets do not have brains. Which means that they can't even think to themselves: "Wow, this Corwin guy really sucks at this."

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