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September 2, 2015
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Could a Killer Be on the Loose in the Halls of 'Childrens Hospital'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 7th 2010 5:43AM
'Childrens Hospital'The expression, "I'd like to show her my [fill in the blank]" is usually a euphemism for something sexual. But apparently, when a man saw the Chief (Megan Mullally) of 'Childrens Hospital' (Sun., 10:30PM on CN) in her "sexy crippled doctor" costume, which we know as her regular clothes, he declared, "I'd like to show her my sexy costume."

At a concerned and confused look from a nearby nurse, he clarified that he meant that he literally wanted her to see his sexy costume. "Not kill her!" he vehemently denied, which of course doesn't raise any suspicions.

One man's sexy is another woman's deranged psycho-killer, apparently. Actually, we think most people would agree that a one-piece work uniform and a hockey mask is more horrifying than sexy, but that didn't stop the man from chasing the Chief through the hospital in a costume very similar to the one made famous in the 'Friday the 13th' movies.

The satire and humor in 'Childrens Hospital' is not for everyone, nor does it always make sense, as when the Chief shouted, "I'm sorry I tormented you as a teen!" to the hockey-mask-wearing man who'd finally caught up to her, but it's never too long a wait until the next joke. It's the kind of broad-based fast-paced humor not seen done effectively since movies like 'Airplane!' and 'The Naked Gun,' and it fits naturally in the absurdist nature of the best of Adult Swim's lineup.

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