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September 3, 2015

'Lost Girl': Everything You Need to Know

by Annette Bourdeau, posted Sep 7th 2010 7:30PM

Just when you thought vampires were the sexiest supernaturals out there, Showcase is debuting 'Lost Girl' -- a show about a hot young succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk ('Being Erica', 'Billable Hours'). Just like her 'True Blood' counterparts, Bo has to deal with personal problems while juggling her powers. Bo has seductive superpowers; she can manipulate humans with her touch.

Even though Bo is a succubus (a type of 'fae') she was raised by humans, so she isn't clear about what she is and what she's capable of. When the fae leaders discover her, they are baffled that she has been off of their radar for so many years. The show co-stars Kristen Holden-Ried (a man's name, he starred in 'The Tudors') as a fae/cop who finds himself falling in love with Bo. She's drawn to him, too, but she's also attracted to her pretty blonde doctor. That's right, it's a bisexual love triangle.

Lost already? Don't worry. We stopped by the 'Lost Girl' set just outside of Toronto, where Silk and Holden-Reid filled us in on everything you need to know to keep up with this complex-but-totally-engrossing new show. At the time of our visit, Silk looked more adorable than bad-ass, in a pretty blue dress with scuffed-up sneakers. She and Holden-Reid were filming an "undercover" scene at a country club, trying to blend in to dig up details.

"It's a Fantasy Action-y Comedy Romance"
So says Holden-Ried. Silk describes the show as more of a "supernatural action drama with comedy." However you explain it, both actors are confident the show will appeal to a broad audience, and Silk hopes the strong female lead will resonate with young women.

Succubae Feed Off of Sexual Energy
In the opening scene of the pilot, Bo sucks the life right out of a bad guy when he leans in to accept her kiss. Much like vampires feed on blood, succubae feed on sexual energy. Thus far Bo has struggled to control herself, but perhaps her new fae "friends" will be able to teach her some self-control.

Dyson Is a Wolf-Type Thing. And a Cop
Holden-Ried was fascinated by wolves as a kid, so he's pretty excited about playing Dyson, the wolf-type creature. His human job is on the police force. "He's in the cop position to cover up or suppress fae activity. That's his real function – to keep a whole species secret," explains Holden-Ried.

Bo Has a Cute Little Sidekick
What kind of supernatural hero would Bo be without a sidekick? She takes the street-savvy young rebel Kenzie under her wing, and the two develop a very sisterly relationship. (Echoes of 'Xena,' anyone?)

Bo Is Caught Between Two Worlds
The fae world is divided into two camps – the light and the dark. Dyson is a member of the light fae, who want to live in harmony with humans. The dark fae tend to view humans more as food than friends. When Bo refuses to pick a side, both the light and the dark are furious, and that contributes to ongoing tension throughout the series.

There's a Bisexual Love Triangle
As previously mentioned, Bo isn't just torn between the light and dark fae – she is also torn between Dyson and the pretty blonde doctor Lauren, played by Zoie Palmer ('Instant Star'). Silk says both Holden-Ried and Palmer are good kissers, and slyly declines to reveal which one is better. Bo is intrigued by Lauren, much to Dyson's chagrin. "Bo loves Dyson. She trusts him. Lauren, she's intrigued by," says Silk.

This Isn't the First Time Silk Has Kissed a Girl on Camera
Silk kissed Erin Karpluk when she played Cassidy, Erica's attractive high school friend, on 'Being Erica'. Silk says the nice thing about both 'Lost Girl' and 'Being Erica' is that the shows focus on real relationships, rather than simply throwing in girl-on-girl kisses just for the shock value.

Bo Is on a Quest to Find Her Birth Mother
Bo is dying to know more about her roots, and how she came to be raised by humans. This will help add another layer to the proceedings.

Silk Watched a Lot of 'Buffy' and 'Underworld' to Prep

"I love that this show has a strong female lead," she says. She brushed up on other female ass-kickers to gain inspiration -- from Sarah Michelle Gellar's fearless' Buffy' and Kate Beckinsale's steely Selene in 'Underworld.'

'Lost Girl' Is Already an Award-Winning Show
Cinematographer David Greene won a Canadian Society of Cinematographers award for his work on 'Lost Girl.' "The show has a beautiful look and feel," says Holden-Ried. "It's very warm and cinematic."

'Lost Girl' premieres on Showcase Sunday, September 12 at 9PM ET/PT.

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Love that Silk referenced Buffy and Underworld because there's a lot of connections between them, although everyone associated with Lost Girl has worked to make this world truly unique. It's an incredibly well put together show that deserves all of its success in both Canada and the states!

We're running recaps of the show each week, too, so be sure to join the conversation. The latest episode recap is here http://wp.me/p1VQBq-nr and we post new ones every Monday after the episode

February 03 2012 at 9:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This show is fantastic (since Charmed ended I'd been needing my "fix" of fantasy... and this show helps me to de-stress and forget about reality for almost an hour: I need that!). However, I'm getting more and more cautious with tv shows nowadays... they pull the plug at the drop of a hat, no matter how good the show is.

October 06 2010 at 10:57 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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