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October 13, 2015
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'Big Brother 12' - Britney Cries, Tries to Beat "the Brigade" (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 8th 2010 11:54PM
'Big Brother 12' - Britney Cries, Tries to Beat 'the Brigade'Since the first week of the season, 'Big Brother' contestants Hayden, Lane and Enzo have been united in an secret alliance known as "the Brigade." (Matt, the other Brigade member, was kicked off during Week 7.) But now, there are only four people left in the house, and Britney is the odd man out, so to speak -- the one remaining outsider. Will Britney manage to beat the alliance, or will she be evicted?

[Spoiler alert.]

... In the end, Britney doesn't really stand a chance. Even though she's been buddy-buddy with the guys for three months now, she still hasn't caught on to the existence of the Brigade. (Despite the fact that Ragan specifically tried to warn her about it several weeks ago.) Oh, poor clueless Brit.

On tonight's episode (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), Lane and Enzo finally spill the beans to her -- as a gentle way of letting Britney know that she's going home. Hayden enters the room as this is happening, and learns that the Brigade is no longer a secret. He tells Britney that he's "sorry," then congratulates her on winning a $10,000 prize the previous day. Amazingly, it is only at this point that Brit puts the pieces together and realizes that her elimination is guaranteed.

She starts crying and has to leave the room. But the tears don't work this time around. She's kicked out: Leaving Hayden, Matt, and Enzo as the Final Three. While talking with Julie Chen after her eviction, Britney tries to explain why she couldn't figure out the whole "Brigade" thing, even after Ragan tipped her off. "I knew that [the three guys] were ... really great friends," she says. Britney adds that she knew there was a possibility they would work together. "But I thought I was working with them as well, so I didn't really care."

Oh well. Sorry, Brit. Now you have to go spend a week sequestered in the Jury House with your arch-nemesis Rachel. And as for the Brigade -- now their alliance must end. The three guys will have to fight it out to determine the grand prize winner.

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