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September 2, 2015

On the Scene: 'America's Got Talent' Final 4 Chosen

by Michael Maloney, posted Sep 9th 2010 10:40AM
America's Got TalentDespite dark horses stepping up their games, there weren't any real surprises when the 'America's Got Talent' final 4 were revealed to be Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho and Fighting Gravity.

"The four that made it into the finals have kind of been the favorites the entire time," noted host Nick Cannon. "It's tough because of the great performances we had [in the Top 10.] But America chose the ones it felt like it always wanted to choose."

Is Cannon ever even tempted to read a name other than the one written on the card?

"No. I just hope I don't say the wrong name," Cannon laughed. "It's live TV so I have to focus on exactly what those cards say."

The fact that there were no surprises didn't shock the judges either. "I honestly didn't think there would be [any upsets,]" Sharon Osbourne said."They were all so very good, but in different ways. The decision next week is going to be even harder."

"This is the most talented year we've had," Piers Morgan added. "Americans are smart. They've voted for the [right] final four."

Morgan broke away from the post-show press line to share a farewell with Christina and Ali, the singing sisters, who have Cystic fibrosis and still made it to the Top 10. "Those girls are two of the most inspiring girls I've ever met in my life," Morgan said. "It's heart-rendering seeing them leave the show."

There were predictions that Anna's stumble in her routine last night with dance partner Patryk was actually going to work in the couple's favor.

Jackie EvanchoEven opera-sensation Evancho thought they were going to go through when she was called up on stage with the dancing duo.

"I was thinking I wasn't going to make it," Evancho revealed. "Anna and Patryk have great dancing skills and they've become very close friends [of mine.] We started to connect more [as the show went on.]"

Is Evancho headed back to school later in the month? "Yes. I hope that after the show we do go back to school," she said. "I love being there. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and enjoying the year."

Prince PoppycockWas it easier going first to find out if he was advancing? "Yes," Prince Poppycock said. "I got it out of the way, but then I had to stand in the fishbowl [on stage] that they had us in for the rest of the show. It was very awkward.

"I had a pin sticking me in the head, which was incredibly painful. Luckily, the hairdresser pulled it out. Truth be told, performing as this character can be an exercise in discomfort, but it's well worth it. Once the pin was out I felt much better."

Poppycock said the company he's in for the finals is impressive. "I adore them all. Michael is so incredibly sweet, shy. He deserves a huge recording career. Jackie is a phenomenon and is going to sell millions of records. Fighting Gravity is ready-made for Las Vegas."

Fighting Gravity's Andy Farrell, a business major at Virginia Tech, talked to TV Squad after the show. "It was very nerve-wracking up there," he said of waiting to find out if 'Gravity' was advancing to the finals. "Studio One Young Beast Society had given a great performance. We were a little nervous about our routine because we felt we'd played it safe just a little bit. Studio One killed it. We've been with them for two weeks and have developed a friendship with them. But we were very excited to learn that we were going to the finals."

Are the fraternity brothers prepared to give up their studies temporarily to go to Las Vegas should they win the grand prize? "We are," Farrell declared. "We're taking one semester off and if we get some serious opportunities after 'AGT' then we're ready to pursue them."

The frat brothers are keeping their routine for the finals a secret, but Farrell said, "The only thing we can worry about is what we do. We have people working on concepts and what we need to do to develop our act. We have some ideas that are impressive and we hope we can pull it off."

Michael GrimmGrimm thought being on stage with fellow crooner Taylor Mathews meant his outlook was, well, grim. "I thought I was the one going home," Grimm admitted. "I knew Taylor wanted it so badly. He's my little buddy. He's so talented and he did such a wonderful job."

Does Grimm agree that everyone's a winner at this point? "It's very true," he said. "I think it all comes down to how you use this momentum."

The final four are playing it close to their respective vests about what they're going to do in the finals, but Grimm revealed that he might do a ballad next week. "Those are my favorites, some of my soul ballads," he said. "I may have my guitar on or off, maybe a little of both."

The acts are so diverse they don't have to really worry about what the other will do. "That's why I came to 'AGT,'" Grimm said. "They allow me to do what I do and America is liking it. I'm so humble. I thank America so much for voting me through."

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That stumble down the steps really ruined Anna and Patryk's chances to make the top 4. I think that as good as they were, they were wearing thin, nothing really new to bring to their performance.

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