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August 29, 2015

'Hung' Season 2, Episode 10 (Season Finale) Recap

by Dr. Ryan Vaughan, PhD (no, seriously), posted Sep 13th 2010 5:35AM
Ray and Tanya in 'Hung'['Hung' - 'Even Steven or Luckiest Kid in Detroit']

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately, so must all hit-and-miss HBO shows about male prostitutes. The season two finale made all the people who complain that nothing ever happens, look like geniuses, and left those of us still caring about the show limp with disappointment.

As HBO wrapped everything up nice and tight for the winter, one can't help but feel like it's going to be full of rat droppings when they pull it out of storage in the spring.

The episode laid out a road map for a possible season three, and that's what season finales are supposed to do: Give you a look at what's to come, and make you care enough to want to go to there. But this map that started at a show with promise, a show with an exclusive look into the day-to-day operations of a sex worker, seems to lead to another in a long line of cheesy, formulaic, weekly agonies.

It appears as though Ray and Jess will be seeking to reunite. Ray went through all the proper channels to set up his master plan of getting her back: He severed his ties to Lenore, he made good with Mike, he was looking to sell his house, he was preparing the kids for their eventual spiral into drug use and therapy, and in the final scene where he reconciled with a repentant Tanya, they agreed to partner up again with the task of getting Jess to come back. Eww!

The Damon/Tanya connection could emerge into something ... something really creepy and nauseating, but something nonetheless. He showed up at her house and asked her to be his mentor in the ways of poetry and general loserism. If they end up boning or making out, or even accidentally rubbing against each other, it's enough to have the show canceled immediately. We were left with the image of Damon's consoling hand on her vulnerable thigh. Eww!

The scene that must be mentioned specifically is when Ron called his friend Mindy for a ride home from his awards dinner: The dinner where Jess stranded him to go wrestle up Ray in the lake. Mindy's husband tagged along, and when he went into the convenience store to get some beef jerky, Mindy vented to Ron about her horrible marriage and then started jerking his beef. Pun -- I'm assuming -- intended. Eww!

Jess chose Darby in a roundabout way. Earlier in the season, Darby chided her mother for being too reliant on men, at the expense of her own identity. But with Ron on the way out, and Ray moving back into the picture (he actually asked her to "Tell me what to do to get you back."), Jess checked into a hotel with the kids as a statement to her own self-esteem and preservation. Eww?

The Mike and Frances thing could be big next season, as all conflicts and obstacles have been removed. Tanya got the money back from her mother's party to pay Frances back, then accosted her at home to bring everything with her and Mike above board, while Ray convinced Mike that the love was real. The last thing this show needs is more middle-aged fornicating. Eww!

The season closed with Ray reminiscing about the day they moved into his house as a kid, and the line: "It was time to get lucky again." Vague, yes. Enticing, kind of. It depends on which interpretation of "get lucky" you're using: For the show's sake, it had better be more "get lucky = hardcore sex" than "get lucky = find true love with the mother of your weird kids." Eww!

Sex Watch: the show really petered out sexually these last few episodes. Tonight, Jess made it all the way into the tent with Ray, only to leave his balls blue, swollen and angry, while Ron got half of a desperate, wallowing HJ in the backseat of his friend's Maxima.

Full Frontal Forecast: Ray showed us the backside getting out of the lake en route to the tent with Jess, and I paused and rewound my DVR a number of times to try to catch some loose meat. No such luck, but I'll be back. You can take the hunt out of the hunter, but you can't stop me from hoping to catch a glimpse of a huge dong on TV.

'Hung' Season 3 premieres summer 2011 on HBO.

Dr. Vaughan teaches English/Media/Humor courses at Binghamton University in upstate New York, and he lipsyncs a LOT! You can also check out his blog at drvtv.wordpress.com or www.facebook.com/pages/Ryan-Vaughan/21931402981

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