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December 22, 2014

'Big Brother 12' Winner Named (Season Finale Recap)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Sep 16th 2010 12:45AM
The Brigade lives the high life as the final threeWho won 'Big Brother 12'?

What a long strange trip this season has been. Sure, that can be said for most seasons of the ultimate hamster-watching. Yet, the game play this season, coupled with the lack of diversity in casting, made for a genuinely odd summer in the 'Big Brother' house.

It's the season of the witch and of the dodos. But even more than that, it's the season of the Brigade -- the largest secret alliance to make it to the end with three members in the final three. The Animal, the Beast and the Meow Meow. Who woulda thunk it?

After winning the final Head of Household competition, Hayden Moss chose to face off against Lane Elenburg for the $500,000 prize. The jury grilled them both, and ended up voting for Hayden by a 4-3 vote.

The finale show was long, we're talking two hours. Thankfully, only about ten minutes was spent recapping the season. What they did seem to hype was the Brigade. With the exception of Hayden, the remaining Brigade members are probably two of the most inept hamsters ever in the house. Well, there's Kathy, but let's not go there.

However, one thing that both Lane and Enzo offered us this season was comedy relief. Both could come off as dumb as a box of rocks, yet their lines were some of the best ones in the show all season. Even tonight when Enzo decided he was the Godfather and arranged a hit on himself, I had to laugh. And then again, when voting his line "I have to decide between who needs a haircut or who needs a shave" came out, I guffawed out loud.

On the other hand, Matt continues to creep me out. Not only was there the wife lie, but when Britney arrived in the jury house, he took credit for the Brigade. I was thrilled that Andrew, then Annie, both credited Enzo. Hey, the guy needs some kind of credit for the alliance he formed on the second day. It was Enzo, not Matt. Let's get that straight!

The jury debate itself was intriguing. Rachel and her puppy dog Brendon, decided that since they're personally the best competitors ever and they're on the jury, this is the year of the social game. In a way, they're definitely right -- otherwise Lane and Enzo wouldn't be in the final three. But there was the underlying feeling that Rachel felt that way because she was evicted and not them. While it's shocking that she admitted to not playing a good social game, she stood fast with her and Brendon being the best ever.

When they finally got around to the third part of the HoH competition, I really figured Hayden would win by a landslide. Instead, unrehearsed on live television, Lane and Hayden kept coming up with the exact same answers -- even the wrong one. They were like psychic twins or something. Kind of creepy if you ask me. Neither one came anywhere near close with the tiebreaker, but Hayden won it and, despite editing, chose to evict Enzo.

Now, I thought it would be a clear victory for Hayden if he made the final two at all. I believe most of the audience did. Our first inkling that the votes might not be unanimous for just about the first time this season came back at the jury debate. It's probably more personal than awarding the true winner for their glorious achievements in the house. I'd say it's more like "I don't want him to win, so I'm voting for him."

The jury questioning advanced the Brenchel agenda. Both tried to suck up to the jury, but Lane is just a bit slower on the take. He blew the question with Enzo and that turned out to be the deciding vote. Matt, Kathy and Ragan went for competitors while Brendon and Rachel voted social gamers. Britney voted for her bestest friend ever in the house. Lane stumbled and said that he hadn't decided which to take to the final two when Enzo asked. Had he only said Enzo, that would have nailed his victory. Instead, Hayden got Enzo's vote sealing Lane's doom.

Although the boys played a non-game for the most part, their secret alliance with its side-alliances did work. It controlled the vote and kept them safe. Of the folks in the house, I was mostly entertained by Enzo and Britney, with Lane's Diary Room sessions as a bonus. This was the first season ever that I never had a clear-cut favorite. Either they creeped me out (Matt) or they had an obnoxious laugh and personality (Rachel) or fell for a cheap loud snorts-when-she laughs "I am Vegas!" bimbo (Brendon) or they basically faded into the woodwork.

Yet the ones I liked really had no chance of winning; maybe that's why I couldn't commit to a favorite. At least Britney won the $25,000 America's Vote prize as the favorite player. She was the choice with a whopping 41% of the votes here on our TV Squad poll for the prize, too. Do we know our stuff or what?

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