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September 4, 2015
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Dr. Phil Leaves Jimmy Kimmel to Fill in the Blanks About His Birthday Celebration (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 16th 2010 4:02AM
Dr. Phil, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'When guest tell stories on late night television, it's up to the host and the audience to envision whatever tale they're sharing. Unfortunately for Dr. Phil, when he stopped by the set of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Weeknights, 12AM on ABC), the host's mind was in the toilet as they discussed how Dr. Phil McGraw's birthday celebration went.

Regarding a big surprise that his wife got him at is party, McGraw said, "I have seldom been speechless. I have seldom been shocked." But ever the pitchman, he wouldn't give Kimmel any clues, instead insisting that he and the audience would have to wait until his own show on Friday to find out what it is.

But that wasn't going to stop Kimmel from speculating. "She got you a threesome," he suggested, before revealing to the audience that the threesome was actually with him. "We high-fived like 11 times," he said of McGraw and himself, prompting McGraw to mime throwing up in his mouth.

When the conversation shifted to Oprah Winfrey, McGraw didn't help himself any by again being coy. He refused to say whether or not she got him a birthday present, and Kimmel's mind was off again. "It's either yes she sent me something fantastic or no she didn't send me anything," he theorized, "And I don't want to make her look bad because I'll be struck by lightning."

Dr. Phil attempted to clarify his ambiguity by saying that he and Winfrey "have an agreement on birthdays on what [they] do."

"Now it sounds dirty," Kimmel concluded, winding up right back in the gutter of dirty thoughts he'd started in. But he's right.

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