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October 9, 2015

Soap Round-Up: Vivian's Trapped in a Sarcophagus on 'Days' ... and More

by Allison Waldman, posted Sep 18th 2010 8:00AM
louise_sorel_days_of_our_lives_nbcWelcome to the Soap Round-Up, our weekly recap of all the soap action this past week. Each week, we sum up all the best stories from each and every soap, from 'All My Children' to 'The Young and the Restless.'

If you don't want to know what aired already, consider this a SPOILER ALERT. ... Oh, one last thing, please comment and join the conversation.

For instance, on 'Days of Our Lives,' is it over the top that Vivian's trapped in a sarcophagus or do you love the irony of her winding up in the very tomb in which she planned to encase Maggie?

caleb_krystal_all_my_children_abc'All My Children'
Kendall feared Zach's reaction to her police trouble. Madison believed she knew who poisoned David's drink. Caleb avoided answering Krystal's questions about Erica. Annie was furious with JR for attacking Scott in public. Caleb offered Scott a partnership. Asher gained access into Caleb's computer.

'Days of Our Lives'
Brady discovered that Vivian had stolen his mother's remains and put them in a pet cemetery. Vivian attacked Brady, but he trapped her in the sarcophagus. Maggie called Victor on his sham marriage to Vivian. Hope was attacked in prison. Sami took EJ off life support. Victor doubted that Vivian really left Salem.

'As the World Turns'
Carly and Jack remarried. Janet had Dusty's baby. Craig made peace with Gabriel and enjoyed a reunion with Rosanna. Luke and Noah shared a warm goodbye. Lily and Holden were drawn back to each other. Chris proposed to Katie. Carly learned that she was having Jack's baby. Lucinda and John agreed to go to Amsterdam together. Paul and Barbara gave up business to spend time with their loved ones. Bob retired from the hospital.

'General Hospital'
Brenda broke her engagement to Murphy. Jason went to Rome to protect Brenda from the 'Balkan.' Carly accused Jax of being hung up on Brenda. Sonny was exonerated when Johnny told the truth about the shooting. Lucky went undercover in Ireland as Ronan O'Reilly. Robin, Patrick and Steve continued their scheme to trap Lisa. Michael refused to confide in Dante about his prison experience. Brenda rejected Jason's protection. Sonny tried to forget Brenda by seducing Claire.

'kyle_lowder_rick_the_bold_and_the_beautifulThe Bold and the Beautiful'
Rick told Jackie that her marriage to Owen would end because of the new baby. Katie and Hope devised a plan to get Liam and Bill together. Bill offered Liam a job at Spencer. Amber wanted reunite with Rick. Oliver was upset when Hope dropped him because of her attraction to Liam. Steffy was interested in Liam, too. Bridget saw Rick kissing Jackie.

'One Life to Live'
Greg was shocked to find Eli is still alive. Tea's will named Ross as Dani's guardian. Eli told Greg how he had faked his death. Kelly hired Rex to find David. John suspected that Eli might still be alive. Langston photographed Ford kissing her. Todd pulled a gun on Ross at Tea's memorial. The university fired Ford when Langston sent the school pictures of their kiss. Eli has a brain tumor.

amelia_heinle_victoria_the_young_and_the_restless'The Young and the Restless'
Ronan was jailed for Chance's murder. Abby dropped her lawsuit against Victor. Jill convinced Victor to clear Victoria's name. Chance was given a military funeral. Owen was arrested as the drug kingpin. Nina lashed out at Chris for causing Chance's death. Kay was hospitalized. Nikki fell off the wagon. Ronan and Chris revealed the truth to Nina and Philip that Chance was alive and going into Witness Protection.

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