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October 13, 2015
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Treasure Hunting Brings Out the Worst of People in 'The Glades' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 20th 2010 5:48AM
'The Glades'You'd think finding a lost buried treasure would be enough to stop two people fighting, but not so for Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) and Callie Carghill (Kiele Sanchez) of 'The Glades' (Sun., 10PM on AETV). After their fighting led to the discovery of the treasure when Callie pushed Jim over it, triggering his metal detector, they did stop fighting long enough to dig it up.

Unfortunately, while they were still in the hole, they discovered they were no longer alone. "Friends of yours?" Callie asked Jim bitterly, as the new arrivals were pointing guns at them.

"Suspects actually," he said nonchalantly, as if introducing the pair to Callie. "That's Johnny's partner. That's his bench lawyer. They killed Johnny for the treasure."

Cool seeming confidence aside, Jim clearly didn't have a plan for how to get out of this particular predicament. Luckily, he was able to ad lib brilliantly with Callie simply by picking up their argument where it left off, as if they weren't being held at gunpoint. Only we're pretty sure they were getting out some very real issues at the same time.

"That's such a guy thing," Callie said. It's everybody else's fault."
"So maybe it's my fault that your husband's in prison and you have to raise your child alone," Jim said, coming back with a pretty low blow. "Boo-hoo!"
"Maybe it's my fault that you don't get the hint that this," she said referring to a relationship between the two of them, "Is never going to happen."

Eventually, as usually happens when a fight goes on too long, it devolved into shouts of "I hate you!" back and forth, which really unnerved their would-be captors. Enough that Callie was able to swing the shovel as if she was going to clock Jim with it, instead nailing the lawyer in the leg, causing her to lose focus with the gun.

From there it was gusto and fisticuffs until Jim and Callie had the upper hand. All as Jim had intended, or so he can tell himself now that it's all over.

"Thanks," he said to Callie as they subdued now their captors.

"Yeah," she sneered. "Like I had a choice." Clearly, the issues brought up in their real and fake fights aren't just going to be pushed under the rug over a simple take-down of some bad guys. If it were that easy, we're pretty sure all married couples would be bounty hunters.

It's no surprise seeing yet another non-couple with such great chemistry on television. It's become a staple of many shows to have that male-female dynamic riding on unrequited sexual tension for years, and 'The Glades' looks to be following in that grand tradition. The show knows how to have fun as well, creating a light and enjoyable ride to go along with that standard characterization, making it a perfect addition to the summer stable of light and fluffy cop dramas.

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