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October 9, 2015
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'House' Star Hugh Laurie Discusses the Power of Nudity on 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 22nd 2010 12:05AM
'House' Star Hugh Laurie Discusses the Power of Nudity on 'Ellen'Hugh Laurie has just begn the seventh season of the series 'House.' And although the show revolves around the more curmudgeonly aspects of Dr. House, M.D., all good things must come to an end. So now, House has entered into a relationship with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein). It remains to be seen if this romantic pairing spells plot-line doom for the show or not. But one thing that has happened as a result -- Hugh Laurie is forced to get naked! That's what we all wanted to see, right?

On 'Ellen' (weekdays, syndicated), Laurie met with host DeGeneres to discuss the whole "nudity" thing. First, Ellen wanted to know if Hugh danced -- then asked if he dances around naked, which is not a question that we'd ever ask . But hey, she's the talk show host, not us. Laurie admitted to occasionally dancing nude, which brought an unexpected cheer from the crowd. Hurray!

At this point, Ellen asked this: "Are you comfortable with your 'naked-ity'?" Laurie had this to say in response: "Well, I'm English, is all you need know. We're born clothed. No, I'm not 'comfortable.'"

DeGeneres then showed a clip from 'House' where Hugh was lounging in the nude next to Cuddy, with only a laptop computer to hide his, um, "privates." Hugh reported that during the rehearsals for the shoot, the laptop was not switched on. But when the scene was actually filmed, the computer was powered up ... which led to some trouble for his genitals. He said that the laptop was "Very, very warm. ... And it was on me." Not so great. "You're not having kids, though?" Ellen replied, in reference to the private-parts scorching.

(For the record, we think that Hugh is just being English-y and self-deprecating. He's been pretty good with being raunchy in the past. Here's a clip that proves that. And it also gives you a chance to hear Hugh talk in his original English accent. Which is nice.)

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I really thought it was done in poor taste for this show. Did we really need to see them naked? Esp total nakedness? He prob doesn't want to be naked around Lisa cuz she's such a FINE looking woman...BOING!! But really, all we needed (if at all) was the 1st part where they were making love. The rest was sort of sick if you ask me! Esp the laptop part & the other part where the 2 middle-agers drop in exhaustion on the bed together. Yeh, just what i wanted to see....Lisa is a looker, no doubt..but still, this show comes on at 7, i wouldn't have been comfortable having children watching. Oh yeh, Daddy, that guy is naked with his laptop, why? Uh, gee, i don't know...maybe he's too warm.?? I think the writers of House just exploit Lisa for her VERY beautiful body, which she seems to have no trouble baring. I mean, yes, she is gorgeous & what man (or even woman!) wouldn't want to be with her? BUT, w/o her doing these stunts, which we know boost ratings for them, i doubt House would be rated even as high. It was a good show, it's going downhill fast now, I'm afraid. I hope to god it makes it for a season 8, but i wouldn't hold my breath now.

September 22 2010 at 5:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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