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October 8, 2015

'The Good Wife' Season 2 Preview: Will Alicia and Peter Work Things Out?

by Kelly Woo, posted Sep 27th 2010 5:30PM

Look for 'The Good Wife' to get a little naughty in season 2.

When the CBS hit returns Tue., Sept. 28 at 10PM ET, it will have a tremendous first season to live up to. Last year, 'The Good Wife' racked up both viewers (an average of 13.1 million per episode) and awards (including an Emmy nomination for Best Drama).

And the show aims to keep the momentum going by raising the stakes even more.
Last season, fans couldn't stop talking about the nuanced depiction of a fallen politician's wife who goes back to work as a lawyer; Golden Globe winner Margulies' as Alicia Florrick; the love triangle between Alicia, her cheater of a husband Peter (Chris Noth) and her boss at the law firm, Will Gardner (Josh Charles); Alicia's rivalry with Carey Agos (Matt Czuchry); and Emmy-winning breakout star Panjabi's deliciously mysterious Kalinda.

During a visit to the New York set, I gleaned 8 things to know about the 'The Good Wife' season 2, including that bit about getting naughty ...

The Good Wife1. The Florrick fire is still burning
When journalists were invited to visit the set this summer, we got quite the eyeful from a very risque clip that was played for us. The scene involved Alicia, Peter and a steamy bathroom. Let's just say Peter goes where perhaps no man on network television has gone before.

The Florricks are working on their marriage, though "it's a very slow process," Margulies said. But, she added, "They have really discovered that they work the same way [and] it's a turn-on for both of them. It doesn't mean they are, essentially, back together."

In the scene we saw, Peter gained a newfound admiration for his wife after seeing her battle in court. "Certain things are showing [her] in ways that he has never seen her before, and his reaction to her is something she had never seen before," Margulies said. "So there is definitely a new playing field for them."

Noth jovially agreed with his on-screen wife, before adding, "I don't think the stitches are out yet of the wound that never heals, but leaves a scar."

Julianna Margulies, Alan Cumming2. Will they or Will they not?
But what about Alicia's other love interest, Will Gardner? At the end of the first season, Alicia told Will that she needed him to "show me the plan. Poetry's easy, it's the parent-teacher conferences that are hard." But when he called back, she was joining Peter on stage as he announced his return to politics.

Well, Alicia never gets his message -- thanks to the scheming Eli Gold (Alan Cumming), Peter's campaign manager. "It's a very disturbing episode, because ... it's a little Romeo and Juliet, actually," Margulies said. "They're ships in the night because someone has intervened. So, it sort of leaves everyone wondering, 'What If?'"

Kalinda - Archie Panjabi3. The mystery that is Kalinda remains unsolved (for now)
Fans enjoyed dissecting investigator Kalinda Sharma's loyalties (and her sexuality), but Emmy winner Panjabi warned that her character will continue to remain a fairly closed book. "I think [her reserved nature] is probably due to the fact she has had a very hard upbringing, and she has suffered a lot, and she doesn't trust people," Panjabi said. "So, she is very cautious in what she says and the facial expressions that she has. She is very cautious what that reveals as well."

As far as her loyalties, Panjabi couldn't even say she knew what they were. "I thought I did at the end of season 1, but having looked at some of the stuff in season 2, I am even more confused about her.

4. Diane Lockhart's heart will have to hold
Perhaps nobody was more surprised by bleeding liberal Diane Lockhart's romance with conservative ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh than Christine Baranski. "I loved, I just loved that the writers would write me a romance like that," Baranski said, "with someone I'm so politically at odds with. He is this cowboy and she is this glamourpuss."

Sadly, that relationship won't be explored early on because "the actor, Gary [Cole], went off to do a play in Australia. So, Diane is pining away." With a smile, Baranski added, "Maybe I'll have some phone calls."

Cary - Matt Czuchry5. Cary's gone to the "dark side" (though it may not be so dark)
At the end of season 1, Alicia's rival for the associate's position, Cary, left to work for the Florricks' enemy, the state's attorney.

"We do meet some good characters on that side, the state's attorney side," Czuchry said. "And I think what's great about the writers and what they do with all the characters is they make these full, well-rounded characters. So, even though Cary has gone to the dark side, so to speak, which is true, you also see kind of how he misses where he was at Lockhart Gardner before ... We see a little bit of a new side of Cary as well, that is a little bit more vulnerable, actually."

6. Headlines will continue to be ripped
'The Good Wife' expertly weaved in legal battles from recent years, like the Muhammad cartoon controversy, and season 2 will continue to bring in current-day issues. Expect cases that remind you of the BP oil spill and the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter scandal.

"They somehow manage to do it in a very classy way, the way they relate it back to each character," Margulies said.

7. When the parents are away, the kids can really play
With Alicia busy at the firm and Peter running for office, the Florrick kids -- Zach (Graham Phillips) and Grace (Makenzie Vega) -- will be left to their own devices quite a bit.

"We don't really have that much supervision, and so we are kind of free to do -- not whatever we want, but we definitely have a different lifestyle than most kids," Phillips said, adding that Zach gets involved in politics.

"My character is starting to get really interested politically, as far as Peter's whole campaign," he said. "I hink that is going to be really fun for me to get more involved with that, and do less behind-the-scenes work and kind of start inching my way into the actual realm of politics."

Dallas Roberts8. The good wife is also a good sister
This season will explore more of Alicia's history by introducing the character of her younger, free-spirited brother, Owen. Played by Dallas Roberts, Owen is in Chicago as a visiting professor. "He is someone who has been out of her life and hasn't been by her side through all of this, and he comes back ... into our lives," Margulies said. "And him and Peter have a real beef with each other, basically."

The beef has more to do with Owen and Peter's very different personalities, rather than Owen being gay.

"You get so see, through him, my family's history ... that I come from divorced parents, father wasn't around, that kind of thing," Margulies said. "So, you can kind of start to understand why she would maintain or try to maintain this marriage and family. "

Are you excited for 'The Good Wife' season 2?

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You have a good show.The sexual scene was WAY to much, I hope this is not in the future or will have to quit watching.

September 28 2010 at 11:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am really looking forward to the new seasona dn in particular seeing peter and alicias relationship grow from weakness to strength to strength. If will plays a part in this process so be it but ultimately i do believe the florricks love each other and should make it work. I personally do not see the chemistry of will and alicia

September 28 2010 at 4:13 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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