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August 2, 2015

'Dexter' Season 5, Episode 2 Recap

by Sandie Angulo Chen, posted Oct 4th 2010 6:15AM

['Dexter' - 'Hello Bandit']

Dexter on ShowtimeThis episode wasn't as remarkable as the season premiere, but it did introduce several key characters and themes that should be important in this season's story arc.

First up, is the loss of Rita's kids, Astor and Cody. Stroppy Astor was beginning to grate on the nerves, even when cut significant slack for having just buried her murdered mother. And since sweet little Cody couldn't feasibly stay with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) while Astor moved in with her grandparents, it's understandable why the writers chose to banish the kiddos to Orlando and leave Dexter with only his biological son to raise. It's a blow to Dexter, though, because as he said, the step-children proved Dexter could feel, and now he's down to his sister and baby.

More important to the season is the set up of the antagonists -- the (literal) ladykiller Boyd Fowler (Shawn Hatosy) and the mysterious murderer responsible for the Santa Muerte cult killings. Hatosy, one of those teen movie stars who's grown into an underrated character actor, looks perfectly creepy (that mustache!) as a dead-animal-control worker with an apparent fetish for murdering women with long hair (hey, some guys collect blood samples, others locks of hair).

The cult killing will keep the homicide team busy, but so far the gruesome murder scenes seem like an excuse to show off new cop, Officer "This is my neighborhood" Cira (April Lee Hernandez). It's great to see another Latina on the show, since this is, after all Miami (full disclosure, it's my hometown) where 63 percent of the population is Hispanic. But, it would be more authentic for the producers to hire a Cuban American actor for a change, since all three Latinos on the series are of Puerto Rican descent.

Ethnic authenticity aside, Hernandez's cop is mysterious and broody, so let's hope we see more of her in upcoming episodes. What we should see less of is the Batista (David Zayas) and Laguerta (Lauren Vélez) show. They have zero chemistry, and their marriage looks even shakier than Rita and Dexter's. As much as those two characters are vital to the drama, their relationship is boring, and that barroom brawl over Laguerta's honor (did Angel think she was a virgin before they got together?) was ridiculous.

Speaking of meh relationships, we're not big fans of an ongoing Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and Quinn (Desmond Harrington) thing. Her quip to him about keeping his sausage fingers to himself was the episode's funniest line, but it does look like we'll have to suffer through them doing it again at some point -- while he's investigating his accurate Dexter-as-Kyle Butler lead. Things don't turn out well for those who discover Dexter's secret, so if he does figure everything out, chances are he won't survive the season. That would officially mean Deb rivals Nancy Botwin in picking the wrong (and then dead) guy. Maybe then they'll bring back Anton, the understanding jazz musician.

But that's getting way ahead. First, let's get to know this Boyd the mustachioed serial murderer. Will he be another "killer in kinship" or just a device to show that the old Dexter is back? With all the other guest-stars lined up -- Julia Stiles, Peter Weller, Jonny Lee Miller and Katherine Moennig -- it will be fascinating to see how all the characters interlock (not to mention which ones will be offed in a Saran-wrapped clean room).

What do you think of the season so far? Is Boyd a compelling villain? Are the intra-squad relationships annoying you too? Which guest star are you most looking forward to?

Memorable quotes:

-- "He's definitely peculiar, but I guess the best and brightest don't get into dead-animal pick-up." -- Dexter

-- "I came over here to sleep, not to have your fat little sausage fingers all over me." -- Deb to Quinn.

-- "Oh, f--k me. Why couldn't he have just hanged himself, taken some pills, stuck his head in the oven? People are so rude." -- Masuka, referring to a murder victim

-- "All the s--t we've been through, I never would've made it without you." -- Deb to Dexter

-- "Cody and Astor showed me that I can still care about something; that makes letting them go all that much harder." -- Dexter

'Dexter' airs Sun., 9PM ET on Showtime.

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Anyone who's read the books knows there are still some untapped story-lines involving the kids. When Rita died I was really hoping they were doing that route. I'm still not entirely convinced they aren't...

October 06 2010 at 1:59 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Couchtime With Jill

I don't know why people are hating on this season so much. I thought it was a great episode. It was so sad to see Dexter part with the kids, and I felt so bad for poor little Cody. I like this season so far. Check out my full review at my blog: http://couchtimewithjill.com

October 05 2010 at 9:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Gimmie a break, "the past 49..."perfect 10" episodes"?!? Season 2 and 3 blew. The reviewer is correct, hopefully some of the dud material (Deb/Quinn, Batista/Laguerta) will be kept to a minimum. Dexter is best when it focus on him.

October 05 2010 at 5:46 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

First of all, this reviewer sounds like this was a punishment to watch. As a true Dexter fan, I have eagerly awaited this season. No, I don't keep stats as I watch, wondering why there are more latins working on the show than Cubanos. Please. Give me a break and go review The Next Iron Chef. That ensemble cast should satisfy you!
Loved this episode- It shows a weary and sad Dexter trying to keep his fractured family together.

October 04 2010 at 10:03 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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