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October 13, 2015

Senate Outlaws Loud Commercials, But There's More to be Done

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 4th 2010 3:30PM
womanCitizens always complain that politicians never get anything done, but it's not true. Last week the Senate settled one of the big issues of our time. Healthcare? Illegal immigration? The war in Afghanistan? No, something even more important -- to TV fans anyway. They made it illegal for commercials to be too loud!

This may seem like a trivial matter, but it's most definitely not -- at least not when you're sitting on your couch watching your favorite sitcom and then the commercials come on and for some reason they are nine times louder than the program you're watching. It's especially bad when local commercials are injected into the show -- they're the loudest. It's almost as if local businesses are screaming PAY ATTENTION TO US, WE'RE IMPORTANT TOO!

But the Senate doesn't have to stop with the volume of commercials. Even though I actually love commercials (yes, I'm one of those people), there are four other things I'd like to see them fix.

Commercials repeated 20 times an hour.

You often see the same commercial repeated several times an hour, especially during a sporting event. I remember watching the U.S. Open and some of the other tennis events during August and seeing the same commercial around 20 times in one hour. It's not as if the sponsor had several different commercials during the hour -- it was the same exact commercial repeated over and over and over again. Every single commercial break. If you didn't hate the product being pushed before, you did after seeing it so many times.

It's almost as if they're pleading with you to change the channel during the commercials. Please companies (and networks pushing their other shows), give us a few different looks at what you're selling, OK? Let's put it this way. I'll embed some commercials below. Imagine if I embedded the same ads 19 more times in this post. You'd hate it.

Sports stars in commercials.

In accordance with the Peyton Manning Endorsement Act that Congress passed in 2004, every sixth commercial that is shown on television must star quarterback Peyton Manning and/or his brother Eli. I honestly don't think there's a product and/or service -- whether it's food, clothing, or electronics -- that at least one of the Manning brothers hasn't pitched.

But I'm not sure I dislike seeing the Mannings in so many commercials as I do Shaquille O'Neal. He has a sore back, he loves Comcast, he watches ESPN, he eats at Burger King, he drinks Vitamin Water. And those are just the ads I've seen since I started typing this sentence. It probably doesn't help that he's now on the Boston Celtics and I'm going to have to spend the fall and winter hearing his name on my local news every night.

And just to taunt me, there's now an ad featuring Shaq, a Manning brother, and a Williams sister together.

Show promos that give away too much.

We're used to this practice for movie trailers, but it happens on TV too -- a lot. You're watching a TV show, and an ad for another series you watch will come on and give away a big moment in the upcoming episode.

Maybe it's an explosion or a death or a plot twist or two unlikely characters hooking up -- why do this? If you don't watch, you're not likely to start just because there's a flash promo. And if you do watch, why would you need to if you already know what's going to happen?

My favorite is the promo where the narrator says something like "this is the episode you can't afford to miss" or "you'll never believe what happens at the end of this episode!" Both are usually untrue statements. The first line is used all the time -- how can every episode be the one I can't miss? -- and the other line is a clue to what the twist will be. If I "can't believe it" then I can probably guess that it's not the obvious thing, it's just the second-most obvious thing.

All political commercials.

They're either nasty, inaccurate, ineffective or just plain lame.

Oh, what do I know. Maybe they are effective. I'm certainly not going to forget that ad.

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December 31 2010 at 3:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

People are losing their homes. They have no Jobs. The Conservative Right has become a huge and hideous monster. Congress cannot get shit passed. It's insulting to me that the Senate acted on this frivilous "commercial noise" bill. People, wake up. Don't vote against yourselves. Don't buy the Corporate agenda that cares nothing for the workers. We are in very ugly and dangerous times. Stand-up for yourselves before it's too late.

October 11 2010 at 6:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Everyone is whining about the evil commercial? Get real! If it wasn't for commercials, you men wouldn't know about male enhancement drugs to feed your insecurities because your women won't be with you if you're not the size of a bazooka. If it wasn't for commercials you people who need to keep up with the Jones' wouldn't buy the latest car model that looks like last years because you want people who really could care less, to know what latest car you're driving complete with all the fancy gadgets that you'll late lose when your car is repossessed.

The Aussie model of Outback restaruants wouldn't have your business if you didn't watch their food commercials. You wouldn't go to Applebee's. You wouldn't buy your five dollar subs. You wouldn't buy the newest cheapest pizza by delivery. You wouldn't go to other fast food restaurants if it wasn't for their commercials that demand you supersize and then you gripe about gaining weight because you just won't eat half because you won't cook. Despite the financial crunches, you don't mind spending money at restaurants if they didn't advertise to you.How many Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets would you buy if it wasn't for commercials? How many times have you changed car insurance because each commercial claims they sell for less.

You people flock to lawyers to sue over every little thing don't you. Why, without commercials you don't bother to use a Yellow Pages to see whose the best lawyer to fill your greedy pockets. You just wait for the commercial especially for those who profit off their kids who have birth issues, and who you can use to sue to get worker's compensation at a job you don't appreciate and make excuses to not show up for until you lose that job.

Political commercials? You people love the mudslinging! You don't say a word about not knowing about the candidates until you see the commercials and you vote as always, for the lesser of two evils, then complain about the person you voted for because you base your decisions on politicians you don't see until just before elections.

Yelling and screaming about commercial volume? Get real! Where's anyone whining about the high cost of everything? Complain about Cable? It wouldn't be around if you people were only satisified with just three or four channels. You choose your cable companies, car insurance, medical insurance, your next stupid phone that has everything but a butler in it, your next laptop or improved Kindle, the so-called cheaper phone/internet bundle, phone company for cheaper rates because of commercials. Turn down the volume or put it on mute? Do you ever switch the channel? Maybe only after you see a commercial about the longer lasting battery to put in your remotes.

Complain about commercials? Without them you wouldn't go from cable company to cable company instead of insisting that you shouldn't have to pay for t.v. like the old days.

Obviously we can't get rid of those stupid animated commercials at the bottom of the screen because t.v. stations aren't in the phone book to complain.

Without infomercials no one would be whining about getting ripped off because they buy everything advertised because they need to be told what to buy so you can compete with your neighbor that got something better that was advertised.

Without commercials women wouldn't know the latest wrinkle cream and hair dye to buy because they're told they can't age like eveyone else and they wouldn't know what the latest make up and pimple cream is because they're told how to look, or what the latest episode of Oprah is who seems to have undue influence. Now you're complaining about commercials? Where was all the griping about them from the time t.v. first began? You watch them and did what they tell you. Only because the sound and frequency are annoying do people suddenly care, but you're none the less influenced by them.

I find the Jerrod's Jewlery commercials hysterically. He got it at Jerrods. Without jewlerly commercials you women wouldn't be cleaning out your men's wallets because you don't want cheap jewelery. and without commecials you wouldn't know where to send your gold to get money for more jewelery you don't need.

Without commercials where would you ladies go to find the latest sales?

The slicker the commercial the more you people buy despite the financial crap going on. You wouldn't know who to be ripped off next if you didn't see commercials by cons who say they'll help fix your credit card debt because you keep forgetting that you actually have to pay the bill at the end of the month from credit cards you don't get until you see it advertised.

Yelling and screaming about commercial volume? Where's your yelling and screaming when greedy utility companies threaten to shut you off who don't care if you pay half for a couple mont

October 05 2010 at 8:55 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Really, this actually went before the Senate? And the scary part is the author of this artical actually gave other ideas about COMMERCIALS that should be outlawed/changed. Have we really gotten that lazy that we can't pick up the remote. So happy my tax dollars are hard at work, so the senate can squabble and discuss my commercials! What in the world is wrong with this country? Sounds like the gene pool needs a little more cholrine.

October 05 2010 at 7:31 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The only two commercials on my tv at night are Verizon and Southwest airlines, both played over and over and over again.

October 05 2010 at 2:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Prescription and over-the-counter medications would be more affordable if pharmaceutical companies didn't waste so much money advertising them on television. People should consult their physicians, not their televisions, if they have a health problem and get whatever treatment is specific to their needs. As for commercial-free programming on cable, if program sponsors pay for the air time they use to advertise their products/services on free television and cable, why should the viewing public have to pay for cable at all? If the cost of air time pays for free television, it can pay for cable, too.

October 05 2010 at 2:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Tracie Smith

Pretty soon the Senate will outlaw ANY tv time except for Obama's ugly mug...'dear leader'.

October 05 2010 at 1:59 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

With respect to political commercials, here is a real simple solution. When a politician runs an ad which is utterly false (like Grayson's ad in Florida) his name should be taken off the ballot.

October 05 2010 at 1:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

How about when the announcer states, "Everything leads to this . . .

October 05 2010 at 1:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Is anyone else tired of seeing Southwest Airline commercials?
I like the show, 'House', but I guess they have to pay Hugh Laurie such a huge salary that the new programs are almost 50% commercials.
I'm glad to hear that the sound will not be increased for commercials.

October 05 2010 at 1:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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