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October 9, 2015

What to Watch: October 4 - 10

by Stephanie Earp, posted Oct 4th 2010 3:01AM
Bones - Thursday October 7, 8 p.m. ET/PT, Global/Fox

Oh awesome -- 'Bones' takes on the 'Jersey Shore' phenomenon with an episode set in that most elegant of beach resorts, and they even investigate the death of an entirely fictional fellow named Richie 'The V' Genaro, described as a "partier."

Five bucks says the guy prided himself on his really awesome arm muscles or something. He's like, famous for his triceps. Anyhow, Brennan stumbles on what she thinks is a documentary about the place, but of course it turns out to be a reality show. Where do writers come up with these crazy ideas for episodes?

Also This Week:

Caprica - Tuesday October 5, 10PM. ET/PT, Space

TV's most intriguing show is back for the annoyingly-numbered season 1.5. So much came to a head in the finale -- Zoe's escape, Amanda's suicide attempt and of course, the mystery of what animates the U-187. So imagine my disappointment to read that the first new episode in forever deals primarily with Sister Clarice's trip to Gemenon to "forever change the future of Caprica." Whatever, just get it done, and get back to the good stuff -- V world, the holobands, and the rise of the Cylons.

Modern Family - Wednesday October 6, 9PM ET/PT, Citytv/ABC

An earthquake strikes while the family is separated. Claire gets stuck in the bathroom with the plumber. Manny has an existential crisis while out with Jay, and Mitchell and Cameron use the earthquake as an excuse not to go to a party thrown by a friend, played by Nathan Lane. Only on TV would people be trying NOT to go to a party thrown by Nathan Lane.

Grey's Anatomy - Thursday October 7, 9PM ET/PT, CTV/ABC

It's a cross-over episode as a character from 'Private Practice' -- namely Derek's sister Amelia -- come back to Seattle to stir the pot and remind all those loyal viewers that hey, didn't this show get a spin-off? Didn't everyone used to say that Addison was their favourite character and the best thing about 'Grey's'? And didn't we, the network, do what the fans asked and give them more Addison? So where the &*%^& are they!? Or something like that -- the actual plot involves some sibling sniping, Alex's fear of elevators and Cristina's fear of surgery.

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