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October 9, 2015

Who the Heck IS Jenn Sterger, Anyway?

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 7th 2010 5:05PM
Jenn StergerIf you're a sports fan, you probably know by now that the scamps over at Deadspin have gone through with their promise to publish the odd voice mails and raunchy cell phone photos Brett Favre allegedly sent to former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger when the Vikings' QB played for Gang Green in 2008.

Why Deadspin is doing this is anyone's guess. Could be for page views. Could be that they want to debunk the wholesome Mississippi farmer image Favre has built over the last couple of decades. But this story is sure to have legs (and other body parts) for the next couple of weeks, or at least until the Vikings play the Jets on Monday night.

So, given all that's gone on, many sports fans are wondering who in the heck Jenn Sterger is, and why she's generating so much attention.

I've mentioned Sterger in the past when I've talked about the odd phenomenon of attractive sideline reporters getting undue attention from both fans and the teams they cover. When I explored the "sports reporter spectrum" in the wake of last months dust-up between Ines Sainz and the Jets, I put Sterger in the category of "entertainer," someone who is using his or her assets in order to attract audiences and build a brand.

And Sterger has assets. Like Sainz, she hasn't been shy about promoting herself based on her looks. Unlike Sainz, though, she's never pretended to be anything other than eye candy with some personality. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

In fact, she's been able to build a moderately successful media career out of one fleeting appearance on an ABC broadcast of a game between the University of Miami and Florida State, her alma mater, in 2005. When the camera flashed on Sterger, dressed in the skimpy outfits she and her fellow FSU Cowgirls would wear to games, Brent Musburger said "Fifteen hundred red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State."

Within a few years, and appearances on ABC, Maxim, and elsewhere, Sterger got a job as the sideline reporter for the Jets' in-game entertainment programming. She had that job until early last year, not long after the Favre incident supposedly occurred. She's been the host of the Versus show 'The Daily Line' since April.

There's no denying that Sterger's career has been defined by her efforts to garner publicity for herself. She admitted as much to Cosmopolitan last year, after she got her breast implants removed, that "my implants got my foot in the door, but I truly don't believe that they are the reason I am still around." She felt they served their purpose, and they were becoming more of a career hindrance than an asset.

She was probably right. No one was watching Sterger because she was an ace reporter or could ask the key question on the sideline. They watched her because she was very easy on the eyes.

One of the websites that followed her career closely was Deadspin, which is why she may have approached them about the alleged pictures of Favre's privates. According to the site, Sterger told them about the photos a few months ago, but she was reluctant to speak on the record about them, and a third party provided the site with the voice mails and pictures.

But you have to wonder about her motivation for even mentioning the pictures to Deadspin in the first place. She could have felt wronged by the act, and wanted to expose Favre for the jerk she thought he was. But if that was the case, she could have done that soon after the Jets let her go. Given Deadspin's history of running with information other sites would spend time and resources to check out first, Sterger had to know that the information would get out eventually.

As disgusting as Favre's actions were if they are proven to be true, the timing of Sterger's revelation to Deadspin is curious. Like I said, she's done OK for herself given how she started. But, after leaving the Jets, the internet attention she was getting started to fade. And, yes, she was able to get a show on Versus. But Versus is on the far end of the cable dial; even a lot of sports fans have no idea where to find it or what it shows besides hockey (and we all know how popular hockey is).

So this could be a true grievance by a wronged party, or it could be a last-ditch shot by Sterger to keep her name out there. It's likely a little bit of both. It must have worked, since we're writing about her... right?

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Sounds like another fame whore to me... I wonder if she's related to the kardashians.....lol

October 24 2010 at 12:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Why deadspin is doing this? Its called reporting, not just copying and pasting news from other sites and using them as your own posts like so many "spoilers" and news is on this site. Its a story that ESPN wouldn't touch similar to anything negative even thought about LeBron. And seriously, did you just comment that Favre has a "wholesome farmer image?"

October 08 2010 at 2:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Like most other guys in Florida, the name Jenn Sterger rings very familiar! :)
I recall reading an interview/article about Sterger maybe a couple years ago where she stated that during her FSU years she wasnt much of a football fan. She was probably an avid FSU fan, but when it came to football, the interview came off like she was more a "When in Rome..." spectator. The interview/article was older than a couple years; I only found it and read it a couple years ago. Just to clarify.

October 07 2010 at 5:27 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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