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September 2, 2015

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 11, Episode 7 Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 12th 2010 6:10AM
['Dancing With the Stars' - 'Acoustic Night']

It was Acoustic Week on 'Dancing With the Stars,' a concept that really should return in future seasons. It would make no sense for the show to waste money on a gimmick that showed up only once. I'll even accept the unnecessary circling camera that whizzed around attempting to look like 'America's Best Dance Crew.' To make it more interesting, it was also the return of Double Score Week. The judges rated the couples on technique and performance of the dance.

By splitting the technique and performance, anyone could see that there's a growing division between the contestants. The good (Audrina, Jennifer, Brandy and, to an extent, Kyle) are getting better, while the bad (Florence, The Situation, Bristol) are starting to plateau in what they can do.

Compared to last season's contestants in the Double Score showdown, Jennifer did better than Evan Lysacek (56 to 52) and The Situation was worse than Kate Gosselin (32 to 34). It's painful admitting that Kate Gosselin was a better dancer.

As filler, we were shown two demonstrations of the rumba and the Argentine tango. Both were amazingly done and made me miss Dmitry Chaplin and Anna Demidova. Dmitry would have been an interesting choice for Audrina, and Anna's height would have been perfect for Rick.

Kurt & Anna - Rumba - Kurt didn't have much hip action or sexual chemistry during practice. Brenda (Kurt's wife) and Jonathan (yes, that Jonathan) arrived to watch the couple dance. Brenda was in the right frame of mind and told him it was okay. As the dance began, Kurt's walk into the circle at the beginning was really awkward, but he had more hip movement than in previous weeks; though it felt like the hip movements were forced. He suffered from catcher's mitts as he danced.

Len saw a good hip action, but his posture was wrong at points. Bruno pointed out the non-fluid hands. Carrie Ann loved the performance because of the trust. Technical: 15 (5,5,5) Performance: 19 (7,6,6) Total: 34

Brandy & Maks
- Rumba - Brandy has been alone for six years so the two went on a date to simulate the rumba's passion. Hysterically, Maks lacked any dating skills and told Brandy he had chocolate, roses and wine; Brandy was disappointed at first. I had to distance myself from the song as much as I could because 'This Woman's Work' was used on 'So You Think You Can Dance' for the very moving Breast Cancer dance. As the music played Brandy started off on the floor but got up and danced pretty quickly. I loved the expression on her face during the performance, which accentuated her technique. I was amazed by the silhouette Brandy's dress created. There was a vulnerability to the performance that was touching.

Bruno loved the soft sensuality; he warned of her hands going wild. Carrie Ann thought the real Brandy emerged. Len thought the technique was good, but he thought the performance was too hot and spicy. Technical: 22 (7,8,7) Performance: 26 (9,8,9) Total: 48

Rick & Cheryl
- Argentine Tango - Cheryl wanted to make sure that the dance this week was accurate. The performance was the only dance this week that incorporated a prop. Cheryl's drop split in the beginning was intense and a sign that she meant business. Rick stood there most of the dance and occasionally kicked. The final lift looked odd, and even if it was executed correctly, it looked a bit ugly.

Carrie Ann thought the performance was one dimensional. Len loved the lifts, but his legs needed sharpness. Bruno loved the character, but it didn't last all the way through. Technical: 19 (6,7,6) Performance: 20 (6,7,7) Total: 39

Kyle & Lacey - Rumba - Lacey tried to increase the couples' technical points by trying to get Kyle's toes to point. During the dance, Lacey had the right amount of sex appeal, but I didn't see much past a schoolboy crush. Kyle's footwork was vastly improved. While Lacey did almost all of the work, Kyle did his best to point his feet at every chance that he could.

Len thought the footwork had improved, but the dance was too sharp. Bruno thought he acted well, but his fluidity suffered. Carrie Ann liked the tone of the performance, but his upper body was unbalanced. Technical: 18 (6,6,6) Performance: 22 (8,7,7) Total: 40

The Situation & Karina
- Argentine Tango - Mike actually took the practices to heart, but sadly practice hasn't helped him. Karina went in the right direction when she suggested lots of lifts, and they started off with a successful 360 spin. The Situation continued to lumber around, but you couldn't deny his strength in lifting Karina. It was hysterical looking at Bruno's face in the background. The disappointment was obvious.

Bruno thought it was a terrible mess, there were many mistakes. Carrie Ann liked the Situation's abs, but she saw improvement. Len thought it was consistently bad. Technical: 12 (4,4,4) Performance: 16 (6,5,5) Total: 28

Florence & Corky - Rumba - Corky decided to push Florence to get the technical points this week. In a parallel to Kurt & Anna's strategy, Florence's daughter Barbara and Corky's son Mark arrived, and they judged the couple on their appropriate factor. The fact that the two had this meeting proved that the dance was automatically not appropriate. Florence had a long amount of walking in the beginning and I didn't know if most of it was judged. I disliked Corky's sharp movements he placed in inopportune moments. I thought the grind near the middle was a bit much and Florence's turns were awkward.

Carrie Ann was surprised by how raunchy Florence was, but it went a bit too far. Len thought it was better than he expected. Bruno thought the dance went through every emotion, and her technique was everywhere as well. Technical: 17 (6,6,5) Performance: 18 (6,6,6) Total: 35

Jennifer & Derek
- Argentine Tango - Jennifer was concerned about technique as she has neuroma in her foot, and also some back issues. At the beginning she was very reminscent of Edyta. I liked the piano playing and the way Derek dragged Jennifer to the stage. The intense speed in the beginning of the performance was great to watch. All Jennifer's lifts looked professional. Since they had the most quintessential tango music, they had the easiest time of relaying the message.

Len thought it was one of his favorite tangos. Bruno thought it was primetime delight. Carrie Ann thought it was incredible. Technical: 27 (9,9,9) Performance: 29 (10,9,10) Total: 56

Bristol & Mark - Rumba - The sympathy card -- Bristol's son Trip -- was finally played as Bristol attempted to practice with Mark at an apartment. Bristol started off on the floor, but unlike Brandy wasted a lot of time laying there. I thought the beginning was slow to get going and a lot of the performance was walking. Mark did most of the work after he removed the shirt; it was both distracting but a salve from staring at Bristol's vacant eyes.

Bruno thought she was technically clean, but her performance was vacant. Carrie Ann thought she was there visually, but there was no effort. Len chastised Mark for removing the shirt. He wanted to see more couples' dancing and not just Mark. Technical: 18 (6,6,6) Performance: 14 (4,5,5) Total: 32

Audrina & Tony
- Argentine Tango - During practice Audrina feared falling into the crowd. Tony had to teach her acting skills, which proved moot. Audrina definitely had the technicality down and she had no fears in any of the lifts, my favorite being the turns into the lift. The biggest gripe was that the song did the couple no justice. It was tough translating Jefferson Airplane into an Argentine tango.

Carrie Ann thought she was close; she lacked energy in the ankle. Len thought it was clean and clear, but didn't get the raunch. Bruno agreed, but compared her to an ice queen. She was technically there, with the exception of her feet pointing. Technical: 24 (8,8,8) Performance: 22 (8,7,7) Total: 46

Final Scores:

Jennifer & Derek - 56
Brandy & Maks - 48
Audrina & Tony - 46

Kyle & Lacey - 40
Rick & Cheryl - 39
Florence & Corky - 35

Kurt & Anna - 34
Bristol & Mark - 32
The Situation & Karina - 28

Looking at the scores, if one could merge Brandy's performance skills and Audrina's technical skills, there could be a person that could contend with Jennifer Grey. It would be very interesting if there was an all-female final three.

It's got to be a tough situation knowing that Jennifer & Derek had twice the amount that The Situation & Karina had. At this point I'm just sitting around waiting for The Situation, Bristol and Florence get eliminated in that order. Kurt may become forgotten in the shuffle since he performed first, but I'm sure the six-point disparity between him and Mike will be enough to keep him around.

Who do you think will be eliminated? Leave your comments below.

'Dancing With the Stars' airs Mon., 8PM ET on ABC. Results show airs Tues., 9PM ET on ABC.

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Don't blow this season like some of the others have been blown,eg, the frenchman. Now that Brandy & Audrina Partrige, I know it's Patrige, let the best dancer win. Even though your current policy is letting the viewers vote, some bad final decisions have been made and DWTS has many unhappy campers. You may be losing viewers and consequently "MONEY". You know, "THE OLD BOTTOM LINE".

November 17 2010 at 1:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Please change your viewer voting policy for the final episode. Let the scores of the judges stand. If Bristol wins, then give another Mirror Ball trophy to Jennifer. She is the best.

November 17 2010 at 1:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am very disappointed with DWTS, good dancers go home and others who can not dance remain. Last evening two of the best dancers (Audrina and Jennifer) were in jeopardy and of course one of them went home. Only qualified persons should be judging and voting, no one else period.

October 27 2010 at 8:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What the hell is wrong with these idiots voting for Palin, this is a dance contest and she can not dance. Audrina went home tonight and that is totally riduculous. The public should not be voting, only the judges. The voting system has got to be changed.I am still in shock about Audrina leaving, she was excellent.

October 26 2010 at 10:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

to amanda, get rid of bristol. her nick name should be lead foot. cause she has three left feet; and a big donka donk. she is worse than the hoff. i dont care if she 19 with a baby; florence is 76 and can dance better than her with her eyes closed.LOL. FROM SWEETWATER.

October 24 2010 at 10:58 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Amanda Rae

The show was created around teaching non-dancers like Kyle, Rick, Bristol and "The Situation" to dance. Jennifer is amazing to watch. I even think she is more fun to watch than Nicole last season but too skilled. Btw, Jennifer Grey, you're showing women like me in their late 20's and early 30's that we can be smokin' hot cougars at 50! You go girl!

October 24 2010 at 9:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Like 0ther reality shows (Runway) this is the point where the posers and non-finishers begin to get dropped. Palin or The Situation and who really cares

October 12 2010 at 7:04 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
L. Klier

I think Jennifer is really the front runner and should win the trophy. Derek is a fantastic instructor and a real pro.

October 12 2010 at 6:50 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to L. Klier's comment

kiler i think jenifer is just getting sympathy every time she talks about the pain in her back or her buttocks; thats why i think the votes for her is not for her performance. brandy was in an accident in the past and you dont hear her complain. all you see is that she is a great dancer.

October 24 2010 at 10:44 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hope that fool called The Situation leaves tonight. If I have to watch another pigeon-toed walk around the dance floor I will hit the "off" button on the remote! RElax, all the Bristol haters, she will go next, so don't sweat it. How either of them got on this show is a mystery to me.
Hated the music choices and concept last night. Kept switching channels.

October 12 2010 at 1:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Felton Marans

Bristol is called a "teen adovocate" or something to that effect. Give me a break. She is a teen who got knocked up due to her own stupidity and her parents lack of involment in what she was up to. If she hadn't gotten all this attention re her teen pregnancy, she would probably have three kids by now living in a trailer park somewhere.

October 12 2010 at 9:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to Felton Marans's comment
Shiree Espinoza

I agree with you. She doesn't belong in the show. She needs a job and less popularity then what she has now. GET A LIFE OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT YOU little girl. Not even the religous college is an "advocate" for no sex.... she's just a little girl that ruined it by having a kid

October 12 2010 at 2:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Amanda Rae

Get over Bristol Palin. She is 19 year old kid who had a kid. There is nothing wrong with her using her experiences to help others choose a different path. That's not a bad thing. Also, every one complains the Jennifer is too good and that the show needs to pick people who aren't skilled and teach them. THEN you turn around and complain that Bristol isn't a dancer and should be gone. You cannot have about both ways. This forum is about the DWTS show and who you enjoy watching dance, and who you enjoy no more. It is not to shred character or for political agendas. That goes double for TVSquad employees. Blog on a political forum when you want to opine about politics. People these days have turned into a bunch of whiney, stone-throwing sheep. Sheesh.

October 24 2010 at 9:06 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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