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September 2, 2015

'Weeds' Season 6, Episode 8 Recap (VIDEO)

by Elizabeth Chan, posted Oct 12th 2010 9:00AM

['Weeds' - 'Gentle Puppies']

Finally, an episode with an appropriate show title! That is, if you can call two adults in heat doing it doggy-style, 'Gentle Puppies.'

Mix one part 'Breaking Bad' with another part 'Skinemax' and you've got yourself the direction for this episode of 'Weeds.'

I wish I could continue to say bad things about this season, but this episode more than made up for it. Across the nation, people were delighted to watch Mark-Paul Gosselaar on 'Weeds,' but even more so to see him naked. I don't even remember his character's name and who really cares. What I do know is that any girl who had Zack Morris fantasies growing up, was a happy woman tonight.

Like the deities of the storyline they are, the writers of 'Weeds' answered some of Nancy's prayers tonight, as she finally got laid.

If it ever crossed your mind whether or not they were also trying to impart their spiritual beliefs, the writing was on the RV walls: "God is Awesome." Yet, everything the "Cheesus" episode of 'Glee' was, this episode certainly was not.

All kidding aside, between Doug's divine intervention and the introduction of the praise-mobile-turned-dildo-factory -- God also had a cameo in this episode. Instead of fighting the reputation of living in the God-mobile, Andy and Doug decided to join their homemade congregation and play the part of travelling pastors in this circus of a storyline we call the current season.

The Botwins decided to plant their family roots in a mobile home. Just like every good home, all it took was the sight of a washing machine for Nancy to buy it.

Introducing all the sex toys in the beginning of the episode was clearly a harbinger of things to come.

Attempting to stay off the grid, Andy moved the family to a trailer camp called Pioneer City, a converted movie set, which was now outlaw central. Nancy's love affair with her new home was suddenly cut short after the RV ran out of water. The carefree loving mom of the previous episode had long but disintegrated as she started to take her emotional and sexual frustrations out on everyone else. She beat them out of the RV to do her bidding, and took advantage of her alone time.

Ever the entrepreneur, the Botwin men began their pastor services, even performing a baptism in a blowup kiddie pool. But as they were quickly becoming the cool kids in town, someone else was hot on their trail.

Off the grid's getting smaller for the Botwins, as the FBI armed with a video camera and a third degree was shaking down Dean for Nancy's whereabouts.

Nancy, unhappy with the townspeople, decided that she'd had her fill of outlaw country and went to check out the local watering holes. She stumbled upon a bar being run by Gosselaar's character as she filled up on beer and other things.

Being that this is a family friendly site, we're not going to describe in great detail what happened next between Nancy and the bartender. Let's just say there was a surprising bite and very little clothing involved. Suffice it sya that interest in re-watching the episode peaked last night and brought Showtime's website down, right after the east coast showing.

Having found a new buddy, Pioneer Town didn't seem so bad for Nancy.

Except as is always the case, all good things come to an end for the Botwins. Nancy's glow was short-lived as he turned out to be a married man. Having to run from his scorned wife and outlaw village who discovered that Andy and Doug are spiritual frauds means that the Botwins are on the run, and on the road again.

Oh by the way, since we were keeping score all season -- there is still NO ESTEBAN.

'Weeds' airs Mon., 10PM ET on Showtime.

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I hate the direction things are going on this show. At one time, they were sympathetic characters...her husband had died, and she was trying to raise her family under really difficult conditions. Now, her son is a murderer with severe psychological problems, her family and friends are posing as religious people in order to rip people off, she's being a homewrecker, and I'm finding it hard to root for these people. Their behaviour is not morally justifiable anymore, and the comedy is suffering because of it. What's coming next week, Doug going out to rape some children while Shane kills their parents?

October 14 2010 at 12:07 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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