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October 4, 2015

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 7, Episode 4 Recap

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 15th 2010 6:15AM
Seattle Grace in a rush for survival[Grey's Anatomy - 'Can't Fight Biology']

Last week spiders, this week worms? 'Grey's Anatomy' is making a habit out of having odd creatures in people's bodies. Any hopes of having Meredith give birth to an alien baby just moved closer by a step.

This episode continued along the same plotlines: Cristina was still broken, Callie and Arizona couldn't shake off Mark, Meredith continued to struggle with the loss of her baby, and Teddy was still weakened by a good-looking man.

One scene definitely jarred. Near the end of the episode Meredith lay next to Derek and said, "... then you would have an 80-year-old drooling wife and a 50-year-old drooling kid." How has Meredith been 30 for seven seasons? I understood that time on television isn't the same as in real life, but the show has gone through several holidays and Meredith is definitely older than 30. Let's blame the sentence on her possibly having Alzheimer's and forgetting how old she actually is.

Cristina with the worm guy was an interesting dynamic. She's still the sniveling weak person I hate, but watching her try to save the worms showed some promise. Cristina can basically do everything now except be in the operating room. Her relationship with Owen still seems questionable, but he's been supportive and is trying his best to adjust to her. I'd love to see how the firehouse looks after remodeling.

I was jaded about Jake the dancer because I've watched every season of 'So You Think You Can Dance' and his dancing was sub-par. I loved his over-enthusiastic father though: He was being supportive no matter what his son wanted to do. The case itself was probably something that the Chief would have wanted to emphasize as a top-ranking, experimental hospital procedure, but he never showed up. Apparently the rare surgeries only crop up when he's talking to advertising agencies.

The Callie/Arizona/Mark triangle got the best help ironically from Alex, who admitted that Mark was the one that saved him when he was shot. While I don't like the bitchy side of Arizona, she had a point about how Mark would act. Even as an unknown staff member in Seattle Grace, you probably know that Mark has had sex with most of the women in the hospital.

Watching Jackson in the whole episode was as uncomfortable as watching Cristina picking out worms. While Jackson's eyes and abs are amazing, I was surprised that the writers tried to have him flirt with Teddy. We were given parallels between Jackson and Meredith last season so one would imagine that Jackson was a smart guy that wanted to break away from his family's shadow. He didn't need use his sex appeal to get him anywhere, and out of all the attendings, Teddy was the only one he could flirt with (unless they create some gay storyline with Mark).

I'm still not a fan of April, and in the Lexie/April debates I'm on Lexie's side because we've been with her for four seasons. You can't really have two characters in the show that are really book smart and who were that kid who always raises their hand first in class. Plus, Lexie isn't as one-dimensional as April. How April can become Meredith's BFF just because she witnessed the miscarriage was beyond me. Meredith already has Cristina, and that dynamic is still going strong. Watching Cristina, Meredith and April eat in the hallway together was odd. There's a part of me that hopes that Lexie will grab a car and run over April just so there would be one less Mercy Wester to deal with.

Derek as a billboard cracked was hilarious -- now that would cause car accidents. I liked him being bookended, but wished that we could have seen more of Derek in general. When was the last time that Mark and Derek even had a deep conversation? Maybe Derek could give some advice to a "friend" instead of Mark trailing Callie and Arizona like a puppy.

Finally, I have an issue with Meredith's house. If April is in Izzie's room, Alex has his own room, and Lexie is in the attic, where's Jackson? I don't recall where George fit into the equation, but would you really want the dead guy's room? I get that it creates funny scenes like when Alex, April, Lexie and Jackson were all in the shower, but it logistically makes no sense. Then to top it off, Derek and Meredith are having sex: I'm sure someone (most likely Lexie in the attic) can hear them. Derek was right to suggest that the house has become a frat house.

What did you think of the episode? Leave your comments below.

'Grey's Anatomy' airs Thurs., 9PM ET on ABC.

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Jake's performance was beautiful. "sub-par" psht.!
And even if it was (it wasn't) the music was so perfect that it enhanced the scene more.

October 24 2010 at 12:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I wonder if you even watched the show, Michael. I get this is all about opinion, but hang on here...

Calling someone a sniveling, weak person because of PTSD is rather...well, rude. Before the hospital shootings I wouldn't have called Christina weak, so I think it's safe to say that her hesitancy has come from having a gun pointed at her head, while trying to save her best friend's husband. And the final scene in the fire house showed A LOT. She jumped right in, she doesn't care about their house but she knows Owen does, she took a leap of faith for THEM, that is saying a lot.

And where do you get that April is now Meredith's BFF? Meredith admitted OUT LOUD to Lexie that the only reason she knew about the miscarriage and subsequent doctor's appointment was because she was there when the miscarriage occured in the first place. That hardly makes them BFF's, but rather it shows how easily things can be misconstrued when people don't take the time to simply ask what is going on.

Again, I realize this is only your opinion, but this isn't the first time it seems as if you are simply 'phoning it in' and not paying attention to the actually things that are being said and done on screen.

October 15 2010 at 8:33 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Xina's comment
charles melrose III

He's not phoning it in and he's not failing to pay attention. And therein lies the problem: he's just so monumentally immature and unsophisticated that he doesn't understand anything about this show in particular and about adult drama in general. Compared to his earlier truly unbelievable reviews, this one--though over the top on the bitchy scale--doesn't suck as much. Those of us who appreciate the show on an adult level would appreciate TVSquad assigning a grownup to write the reviews.

October 15 2010 at 10:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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