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October 9, 2015

Ousted 'Survivor' Contestants on Getting Singled Out and Hitting the Rewind Button

by Audrey Fine, posted Oct 21st 2010 5:30PM
Survivor Nicaragua BrendaWith the newly shuffled tribes getting a foothold on the competition, the 21st season of 'Survivor' finally seems to have gained some momentum. And, with last night's surprise double elimination, both tribes had to kick it into high gear and figure out who they needed around for the long haul.

Which two were shown the door? And, how do they feel about it? Read on to find out.


Unfortunately for her (and for us viewers who really liked her) Kelly B. (Bruno) never stood a chance at this game. From the minute the 26 year-old med student (she's going to be an anesthesiologist) set her prosthetic foot on the island, people were gunning for her because of the perceived "sympathy vote" they were convinced she'd garner. Never mind that she was an awesome competitor and a smart cookie, as far as her tribemates were concerned she was just too much of a threat -- for all the wrong reasons -- and Kelly was sent home. (Not to mention gypped out of getting to play fare and square.)

Over on Espada, things seemed to spiral out of control for Yve, the homemaker from Kansas City, Mo. One minute she was miss "under the radar," and the next, she was jockeying for position and maneuvering every which way to try and stay in the game. Not a good plan since her seeming desperation rubbed her tribemates the wrong way and they opted to keep nearly-cripppled Dan over her.

How do these two women feel about having been sent home? We talked to them this afternoon and here's what they had to say about their (relatively) short time in Nicaragua.

Survivor Nicaragua Kelly BrunoKelly, when you got voted out, you said, "To be singled out for whatever reason, I just never got a vibe that I did something wrong, so I'm surprised." In watching the episodes, were you also surprised that everyone was so wary of a so-called "sympathy vote?"

Absolutely! I still don't know why they would assume that I would ask for a sympathy vote. I made it clear that I was there playing the game like everyone else. Why did people think that I had more of a right to the money than anyone else? I was surprised.

NaOnka has been saying some downright harsh things about you and, of course, there was the infamous "clue shove" incident that was felt round the world. Were you aware of how vitriolic she was or did it become apparent as you've been watching the show?

It became more and more clear as the days went on and we had more interaction. Before she pushed me down, I knew she didn't like me, but I wasn't sure why. She just made it clear I wasn't her favorite person. But, when she pushed me down, that drew the line in the sand and we were on opposite sides of it. I'm a very stubborn person and she's crazy so we weren't going to surrender and compromise.

And, now, with some of the hateful things she said to her camera, it's frustrating because she said them to her camera and I couldn't even defend myself.

In your CBS bio, you cite people who chew ice or blow bubbles in an otherwise quiet room as your pet peeves. What was the most annoying thing any of your tribe members did?

The control over food became such an issue and Fabio became the food Nazi! He was very concerned that people were eating more than him. It was ridiculous, like the difference between eating 50 or 55 calories. Who had the bigger crab claw type-thing. Crazy.

Yve, at Tribal Council you and Dan got into quite the heated exchange over who deserved to stay. Were you surprised at his refusal to admit that he'd wanted to quit the game just hours earlier?

I was extremely surprised because it wasn't the first time that he'd threatened to quit. He had repeatedly expressed a number of times that he wanted to quit and then for him to deny it was shocking.

Last night you pointed out to Alina that, because of your alliance with Jill and Marty, you'd be a great asset to have after the merge. Did you realize thereafter that maybe that wasn't the best thing to say?

[Laughs] It was like the moment stood still. That's why I tried to do damage control by saying that the relationship with Marty was just one of flirtatious banter. I was trying to distract from what I'd just said. But I knew that Alina, according to Chase anyway, would have been the next to go in La Flor, I should maybe have told her that I knew that and tried that angle instead. Trust me, I've wanted to hit rewind more times than I can count.

You say in your bio that you're most proud of your daughters. What's been their reaction to your time spent on the island?

They were so incredibly excited! They were in my initial audition tape talking about life and courage and bravery, about persevering, so when they found out that I was on 'Survivor,' they were ecstatic.

You seemed impressed that Jimmy Johnson was on 'Survivor.' Are you a football fan?

That's so funny because I really don't know the first thing about football! The reason I recognized him is because I actually read his motivational book called 'Turning the Thing Around' years ago when I was in medical sales. I am probably the least starstruck person in the world! I think we're all stars. I just bonded with him. I liked the man; I think he liked the fact that I wasn't in to football appealed to him. And he was a great designer. He made me a pair of leg warmers by using the machete to cut up my socks and left me his boxer shorts to wear. I was so sick of that dress! He's an inspirational man.

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really Scott? And, I'm sure you've never made a typo or mistake in your life. Oh, wait, look at that! You typed "Hhe" instead of "She" - let's read you the riot act.

People need to relax. This isn't freaking TIME magazine or the New Yorker - it's a blog about a reality TV show. Jeez. (Or, wait, is JEEZ somehow racist???)

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Audrey, I'm not sure you know this, but the term gyp is racist... it's from gypsy. It's like saying someone jewed you... it's not a very nice term.

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1 reply to Mike's comment

Mike, I'm not sure Audrey is the brightest bulb. Hhe also used "fare and square" instead of "fair and square."

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