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October 4, 2015

'Sesame Street' Costume: Katy Perry

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 21st 2010 7:00PM
How to dress up like Katy Perry from 'Sesame Street' for Halloween

The Costume
: Katy Perry from her 'Hot N Cold' duet with Elmo. This turned out to be the most controversial 'Sesame Street' moment in recent memory -- making for a perfect sexy/ topical costume.

What You'll Need: Find a lime green dress that shows off your cleavage. It's difficult to find Perry's exact outfit, but plenty of similar ones appear when you Google search "spaghetti straps lime green dress."

The important thing is your cleavage be apparent. We're hate sounding like perverts, yet her low-cut dress is the whole reason parents became upset. Few people will remember the exact dress, but they will remember the cleavage.

Get a white veil from any costume shop or ask your married friends to borrow theirs. If you can't find one that already has fake flowers on it, head to an art store like Michael's to add some yourself. More artistic readers may even be able to make their whole veil from an art store.

Perry's black hair and bangs are key in nailing her look. While stores don't make "Katy Perry" wigs, they do make Betty Page wigs. The contemporary haircut is a knock-off of the famous pinup girl's do.

Accessories: This young singer loves herself some heavy make-up. Get some hot pink lipstick and don't hold back when applying. This is also license to go crazy with your eye makeup. Try to make your eyes look as big as possible -- fake eyelashes will help.

Go to a Toy R' Us or any other toy store and find an Elmo doll. Tickle-Me-Elmos will score you extra points throughout the night, but may get annoying. Once people see that prop, there won't be any question about your costume. True Halloweeners should also take the time to learn the lyrics to 'Sesame Street' version of Perry's 'Hot N Cold.' If you're in a costume contest, that will really put you over the top.

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