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August 30, 2015

'Survivor: Nicaragua' Season 21, Episode 6 Recap

by Audrey Fine, posted Oct 21st 2010 10:20AM

Survivor: Nicaragua Marty['Survivor: Nicaragua' - 'Worst Case Scenario']

Jeff Spicoli is alive and well and chillaxin' in Nicaragua -- in the form of La Flor's resident surfer dude, Jud/Fabio. And, let's all drink to that. Dude is a serious breath of fresh air in this otherwise benign 21st season of 'Survivor.'

Without Fab's smile and dimwitted-yet-endearing "insights," we'd be relegated to nothing but having to endure Dan (are we sure he isn't really Peter Falk?) kvetching about the weather and the rest of them freaking that, God forbid, a "cripple" be allowed to continue in the game for fear that she'd win the "sympathy" vote.

(Note: Did it ever occur to anyone to admit that they were afraid of Kelly B. because she's a damn good athlete and a smart cookie? Of course not.)

Happily, the producers have been steering this ship for a looong time and know that it's time to up the antes and stir the pot.

Enter the Individual Immunity Necklaces that were "up for grabs" in a dig-for-a-ring-and-toss-it-into-a-basket-hanging-on-your-butt challenge that saw former fogies Holly and Jill emerge triumphant for their respective tribes. But, not so fast: each tribe was sending someone home and there was a reward up for grabs. So the swim coach and the ER doc headed back into the fray to battle it out for the Holy Grail of 'Survivor' rewards -- The Feast. And, not just any feast mind you, a feast to be gobbled up at Tribal while the losing (hungry and drooling) schmoes send one of theirs packing.

Bummer for Espada that, despite a great showing by a clearly-winded Holly, they'll be going hungry for yet another coupl'a days as Jill's ring toss secured a La Flor shish kabob chow down.

But, of course, it's 'Survivor,' and even the promise of a bacchanalian banquet didn't take anyone's mind off the big prize (well, maybe Fabio's was meandering a tad off course), and La Flor shifted right into maneuver mode. Brenda's really emerged as not only more cunning than we originally gave her credit for, but also more cutthroat and more cruel. She hates Marty, is threatened by both Jill and Kelly B. and for whatever reason, is taken with Jane, whose good old southern ways have somehow managed to ingratiate her with her new tribe. So, yeah, Brenda orchestrated this big scheme to force a tie between Marty and Kelly B. to flush Marty's idol out and ... yada yada yada.

Meh. I say, let Brenda scheme and plot. I just want to see more of Marty regaling Fabio with his fabricated tales of being a grand master in chess and having defeated the "Argentine grand master of all time, Guillermo Vilas." I mean, sure, Marty's a pompous jerk most of the time, but, you gotta admit that was a pretty inspired untruth. Although, how people come up with this stuff is beyond me.

Espada could sorely use some of La Flor's spunk. The biggest nugget of interest over there is which non-entity to get rid of -- Dan (who, excuuuse us, has a Range Rover and a Ferrari and doesn't need the money) or Yve (who's so desperate to stay it's embarrassing). Luckily, time was running out and they had to decide quickly (and put us all out of this stiflingly boring misery). Even NaOnka's spirit seemed to have been drained by the wishy-washiness of the tribe. They needed caffeine. Or something.

With Tribal looming large, Marty was in the unfamiliar position of not really knowing what was going on with the vote. "It's a very, very calculated decision to play or not play the idol," he wisely postured. "My gut is telling me to hang on to it. But, it could very well be me going home tonight if I make the wrong decision." Yep. That's the way this game works.

Brenda, master manipulator that she is, did manage to force a tie (but, ha!, didn't get Marty to fork over his idol) and, in the end, after a re-vote, Kelly B. was hella-blindsided and sent walking through the graveyard while her tribe went on to gorge themselves on chicken and steak. "To be singled out for whatever reason," she said after the fact, "I just never got a vibe that I did something wrong, so I'm surprised." That's the thing, Kelly, you didn't do anything wrong. People (well, Brenda) are just mean.

So, while La Flor scarfed their reward, they got to listen to Espada debate this and that and, snore, Dan and Yve plead their cases. Though, truth be told, the best part of the entire Tribal was watching Chase and Benry manage to refrain from hopping across the set and grabbing one of those kabobs for themselves.

Ultimately, Yve annoyed her tribemates so much that they elected to send her home instead of the rich guy who can barely walk. Go figure.

'Survivor: Nicaragua' airs Wednesdays at 8PM ET on CBS.

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both tribal council vote offs were ridiculous
dumb episode for sure with dumb moves by both

October 22 2010 at 1:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Danny's Strategy?

My husband thinks Dan is exaggerating the severity of his knee injury. Maybe he's saving all of his strength until as late in the game as possible - then he'll surprise everyone.

When hubby suggested the possibility, I said, "no way" at first. But he thought that would be one heck of a strategy. No one has used an injury to make it to the end before. Since Dan is obviously not a threat, he could make it all the way to the final immunity challenge before actually having to exert any energy.

October 21 2010 at 2:58 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Rhonda's comment
Jan Crump

That's actually a pretty good theory. Kinda hope that's it cause it'd be a pretty good blindside to the group! lol I was sure they were gonna get Marty out at the second vote, and think they'll be sorry they didn't, just like others have said. Love Survivor.

October 21 2010 at 9:37 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Fabio/Jud IS a total hottie and I hope he stays around for a long time. Who knows, maybe he's just pretending to be a "dumb blonde." It's worked for several women in the past!

October 21 2010 at 1:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree, this episode was one of the weirdest and offered up the biggest shocking elimination in recent years. I think La Flor's former power alliance (Brenda/Sash/Purple) will regret not sending Marty packing this episode, especially over Kelly B who they would have had in their pocket for at least a couple of Tribals. I half-understand the fake-limb-sympathy card they offered as an excuse, but really? They had plenty of time to get rid of her, and I'm not even sure she'd get that 'Sympathy' with the amount of haters this season...


October 21 2010 at 12:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Not voting out Marty was plain stupid. They had a perfect opportunity to not flush the idol out... but get rid of the person who has the idol completely. Flushing the idol out would mean Marty is still around because he used it.

He didn't use it and they still didn't vote him out aftrer a re-vote? These people were smart enough to orchestrate a tie to flush out the idol but not smart enough to take advantage of the fact he didn't use the idol? Unbelievable.

October 21 2010 at 12:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree- I would have voted for Marty in a heartbeat, since he did not play his Immunity Idol. Can't belive the lack of tolerance from Brenda and NaOnka as mean girls towards Kelly B. I hope both of those chicas go bye-bye soon. Mean and cruel is ugly, and God does not like ugly.

October 21 2010 at 11:01 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't get it. When they did the re-vote, why didn't they all vote for Marty? He can't play the idol for the re-vote... at least it pretty much seemed like he couldn't. I though the purpose was to flush out the idol, and they didn't even do that! All they did was get rid of Kelly B. You don't get too many clean shots like that to take out someone with the idol still in their pocket. DUMB MOVE!

October 21 2010 at 10:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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