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July 7, 2015

'Smallville' Season 10, Episode 5 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Oct 23rd 2010 3:00PM
smallville isis recap['Smallville' – 'Isis']

Hey there, 'Smallville' junkies, how about we discuss those season 11 rumors currently circling the web before jumping into 'Isis?'

As far as I can tell, the the buzz stems from a recent panel interview with show runners Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. When asked if season 10's good ratings and reviews could inspire The CW to greenlight an eleventh season of 'Smallville,' Peterson responded by saying, "I can't say it's the first time the words 'season 11' have creeped up this year."

Interesting. However, Peterson followed up by saying, "As we've been pushing that it's the final season of 'Smallville,' I think it's the final season of 'Smallville.' We don't know [of any] plans, but we never bet against ourselves and the show."

So there it is. 'Smallville' Season 11? Yeah, probably not gonna happen -- it's all just buzz that speaks to how good the show has been this year.

Season 10 is turning out to be one of the show's best ever, and it makes sense that some folks would love to see the winning streak continue for at least another year. But 'Smallville' has been knocking 'em out the park this year because this is the final season, and the show runners want go out on a high note. These final episodes are all about growth, forward movement, and seeing major plot developments pay off and character relationships blossom. Ending the show also means taking it to places it has never gone before, and that's exciting. I wouldn't mind another season, but I'd rather 'Smallville' leave me wanting more than fade out.

So let's talk about 'Isis' ... Clark and Lois took a major step forward in their relationship this week. I'm sure most of you (non-spoiler readers) were shocked when Clark finally shared his secret with Lois at the end of the episode (I know I was). It's great to see the show taking risks and moving the characters forward more than ever before. What a great scene. Erica Durance and Tom Welling did a fine job taking these characters to new heights in the ep's final moments. Clark's confession even made up for all the silliness that came before. Well, most of it, anyway.

The spirit of Isis, a crazy Egyptian goddess set on resurrecting her love Osiris, possessed a scantily clad Lois. Somehow, Clark failed to notice that Lois had gone all Gozer the Gozerian and decided to tell her his secret when she was possessed. Clark can be pretty clueless for a guy with super senses.

The Isis stuff was very comic book-y, with Isis flying around Metropolis shooting energy bursts and giving everybody the crazy eyes. Durance made it work, though, even during the somewhat clumsy final showdown with Clark and Green Arrow. The episode's special effects looked pretty good, in a cheeky 'Smallville' way.

Oliver was still dealing with the repercussions of coming out as a hero. This story is failing to resonate. Oliver's biggest problems last night, aside from missing Chloe and dispatching Isis, were learning to differentiate from "groupie love" and real love and figuring out how to gracefully bow out of a cheesy press event. Green Arrow girls? I don't think so.

Going against reason, the boys rewarded a helpful Tess by welcoming her to the team and giving her the keys to Watchtower. This move is sure to backfire down the line when Tess will eventually have to choose between protecting her creepy little Lex clone and helping her hero friends save the world.

This ep delivered plenty of fun little moments: Green Arrow stuffing Cat into an Egyptian sarcophagus (thank you!), Cat's "I'll never understand liberals" line and her insistence that Lois was taking part in a "Satanic S-E-X ritual," and, of course, Lois practicing her speech in the mirror.

'Isis' wasn't exactly a home run like last week's time-traveling ep, but it was a lot of fun and cleverly managed to move some key storylines forward in satisfying ways.

Other thoughts:

- I'm of two minds when it comes to Cat Grant: She's amusing at times, but she can also be pretty damn annoying. What do you think, folks? The less Cat Grant the better?

- Erica Cerra showed up for a few seconds in a tiny guest role. Guess she's still hanging around Canada while 'Eureka' is on break.

- "Hey, Clark ... you were Blur-iffic!"

'Smallville' airs Fridays at 8PM ET on The CW

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