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October 7, 2015

'United States of Tara' Halloween Costumes

by Ryan McKee, posted Oct 24th 2010 3:30PM
How to dress up like Tara's six alters from 'United States of Tara' for Halloween

The Costume:
Tara's (Toni Collette) six alters from 'United States of Tara.' Put these costumes together as a group or choose your favorite one for yourself.

What You'll Need: This show offers a wealth of costume possibilities, but beer-guzzling biker Buck is the most recognizable if you're going solo and has the most potential for fun. When Tara transitions into this profane troublemaker, she always wears a trucker cap, extra large metal-framed glasses, sleeveless flannel shirt, faded tank-top, old acid-washed jeans and big black biker boots. The colors and logos change slightly. While picking items, just ask yourself if a drunken Vietnam War veteran would wear them.

Alice, the "June Clever-esque" alter, is a domineering '50s housewife and wears dresses from that era. Get your friend with the most pristine appearance to play this character. Find a vintage dress, preferably pink, a string of pearls, white lace apron, red lipstick and style her hair with a curling iron and plenty of hairspray.

T is the rebellious teen alter that seems to have come straight out of the '80s. Pick your loud friend to play her. Get some revealing tank tops and short-shorts, plus some neon hair ties for a big poofy ponytail. Do her make-up as if you're a teen just learnng how.

Shoshana Schoenbaum is '70s-era therapist from New York. Even though she's a professional, she wears pinkish hippy glasses and combs her hair down the middle like a flower child. Go to the thrift store and find a sleeveless dress from that era to wear.

Chicken is Tara's 5-year-old self. So far she doesn't have any distinctive outfits except for wearing a paper crown (like you'd find at a birthday partyda). Dress a friend as young as possible, get the crown and give her license to act immature the whole night.

Gimme is Tara's pure animalistic, pure id altar. Convince your most exhibitionist friend she needs to dress up as Gimme. Dress her in rags, rub some dirt on her cheeks and tousle her hair until its ratted. She cannot speak and can only communicate by bellowing through the night.

Optimal Accessories: Buck should have a pack of Marlboro Reds and a beer bottle nearby at all times. T also smokes regularly. Alice is constantly cooking and cleaning, so a pie and feather duster won't hurt to have. Chicken likes to color, so she should have some crayons.

Bonus Points: If you're extra-crafty, try dressing up like one alter on your front and another alter on the back. Sew together the front of an outfit for, say, Buck to the back of an outfit for T.

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Gotta checkout Hairstare.com for some great halloween ideas

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Love it! Thanks for posting this!

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