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September 1, 2015

What to Watch: TV Picks for October 25-31

by Kim Potts, posted Oct 24th 2010 2:00PM
Gabriel ByrneMONDAY, OCTOBER 25
'In Treatment' (9PM, HBO) series 3 premiere
He's back and he's got a whole couch full of new patients. The Emmy/Peabody/Golden Globe-winning show, featuring Gabriel Byrne as therapist Dr. Paul Weston, returns with Dr. Weston continuing his practice in the living room of his brownstone in Brooklyn. The show will air back-to-back episodes on Monday and Tuesday nights, as we meet Paul's new clients: again actress Frances (Debra Winger), who's having trouble focusing while performing in a new Broadway show; Sunil, a recent widower who's having trouble fitting in with his new surroundings and daughter-in-law when he moves from Calcutta to Brooklyn; and Jesse, a gay teen who was adopted and has recently been contacted by his birth mother. Meanwhile, Paul visits Adele (Amy Ryan), his own therapist, each week.

'90210' – Jen and Ryan find out what happened to Naomi, and Jen vows revenge on her sister's behalf (8PM, The CW)

'Chuck' – Chuck meets his momma! (8PM, NBC)

'American Restoration' – The 'Pawn Stars' spin-off revolves around Rick's Restorations, the shop where the 'Pawn Stars' guys often send antiques for repairs (9PM, History) series premiere

'The Event' – President Martinez and Sterling suspect there's a mole afoot (9PM, NBC)

'Gossip Girl' – Tim Gunn guest stars as the pot-stirring Jenny returns (9PM, The CW)

'The A-List: New York' – Ryan offers to help Austin, but by the end of the episode, the two may be enemies (10PM, Logo)

'Thintervention with Jackie Warner' – Jackie's clients return, after their six-week solo programs, and we see before and after footage of their efforts (10PM, Bravo) season 1 finale

'Weeds' – The family heads to Michigan, where Nancy connects with an old pal (guest star Richard Dreyfuss) and Shane and Silas try to find out about her mysterious past (10PM, Showtime)

'The Big C' – Cathy finally tells Paul the truth about her health (10:30PM, Showtime)

Sons of AnarchyTUESDAY, OCTOBER 26
'Sons of Anarchy' (10PM, FX)
SAMCRO lands in Belfast tonight, and the episode's so action-packed that it's been expanded into a special 90-minute edition. The frantic search for Jax's son Abel has taken Jax and his pals to Ireland, where Abel was taken after being kidnapped by Irish gunrunner Cameron. The Sons are expecting to get help from the SOA charter in Belfast, though, as we know, they've already been double-crossed, as the Irish SOA members have thrown in with True IRA gunrunner Jimmy, instead. As if that weren't enough drama, Gemma has tagged along on the rescue mission, and now that she knows dead hubby John's extramarital affair resulted in a daughter, her meeting with "other woman" Maureen is going to be veeeery interesting ...

'Independent Lens: Art & Copy' – This fun episode of the series takes a look at real-life 'Mad Men' and women, the ad professionals behind classic campaigns like Nike's "Just Do It" slogan, the Apple "1984" ads and the Wendy's "Where's the beef?" spots (Check local listings for time and channel, PBS)

'Glee' – Meat Loaf and Barry Bostwick guest star as the 'Glee' gang pays homage to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (8PM, Fox)

'Melissa & Joey' – In the show's midseason finale, Mel and Joe get involved in a business deal together (8PM, ABC Family)

'Raising Hope' – Jimmy goes to a Halloween party with Sabrina, while Virginia takes Maw Maw trick-or-treating (9PM, Fox)

'16 and Pregnant' – New episodes of the show that begat 'Teen Mom' return with Brooke, a mom-to-be who hasn't even finished her junior year of high school yet (10PM, MTV)

'Dance Cam Slam' – The new dance competition series challenges contestants to create dance videos (10PM, VH1) series premiere

'Nick Swardson's Pretend Time' – Paul F. Tompkins and Nick Kroll guest star in an episode that includes a 'Top Chef' spoof and Nick as a ballet dancer (10PM, Comedy Central)

Kyle Chandler Connie BrittonWEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27
'Friday Night Lights' (9PM, DirecTV) season 5 premiere
It's the fifth and final season premiere, sadly, as the football drama that's really about so much more than football begins its last run. The bad news, of course, is that those of us without DirecTV will have to wait until next spring to watch the final season on NBC. But the good news: The end means the return of most of the show's beloved cast, including, before the series finale, Zach Gilford, Adrianne Palicki, Taylor Kitsch and Jesse Plemons. As for the current Dillon-ites, there's some upheaval in the Taylor fam, as daughter Julie is heading off to college (where she'll have some boy drama), mom Tami has been demoted to a counseling position after the hubbub surrounding the abortion situation last season and Tami and Coach Taylor are going to experience a bit of relationship upheaval as they continue to try to juggle a baby, a teen and two careers.

'The Jerry Springer Show' – Kathy Griffin, Maury Povich, Rachael Ray and the hosts of 'The View' hit Times Square to help Jerry celebrate his show's 20th anniversary (Check local listings for time and channel)

'The Middle' – Rev. TimTom (Paul Hipp) is back! The singing churchmeister, who deserves his own spin-off, is back in town and makes Sue very happy when he hosts a Halloween soiree at the church (8PM, ABC)

'World Series' – The 106th Major League Baseball championship series kicks off (8PM, Fox)

'Criminal Minds' – The team heads off to Detroit to try to catch a killer who strikes every year on Devil's Night, the city's pre-Halloween celebration (9PM, CBS)

'Modern Family' – Everyone's excited about Halloween except Cameron, who apparently had a really bad All Hallows Eve experience years ago (9PM, ABC)

'Cougar Town' – Trick-or-treating is especially heavy on the treats in this episode, in which Ken Jenkins, a.k.a. Dr. Bob Kelso ('Scrubs') visits his daughter, Jules, on his favorite holiday, Halloween (9:30PM, ABC)

'South Park' – Someone or some thing is getting made fun of hard tonight. Just be happy it isn't you (10PM, Comedy Central)

'The Daily Show' – With elections just around the corner, President Obama visits, his fifth time on the show overall, but his first since becoming President (11PM, Comedy Central)

Project Runway MondoTHURSDAY, OCTOBER 28
'Project Runway' (9PM, Lifetime) season 8 finale
We're still a little bummed about Michael C. -- some of his fellow contestants were way too harsh with him this season. But the guy who so obviously should win -- Mondo -- is still in the game, and he, Andy and Gretchen are headed to Fashion Week. All three got some constructive criticism from The Big Gunn, mentor Tim Gunn, last week, so tonight, we'll see how much of that advice they incorporated into their collections. Then, of course, it's the runway and a final review with judges Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest Jessica Simpson, and the revelation of who will be chosen as season eight's top designer.

'Rescued: The Chilean Mine Story' – Impressive: The network pulls the documentary together just a couple of weeks after the Oct. 13 rescue (8PM, Discovery)

'Scared Shrekless' – Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz and Antonio Banderas reprise their roles as the big green ogre and pals celebrate Halloween (8PM, NBC)

'CSI' – Katee Sackhoff guest stars as Det. Frankie Reed, who helps the CSI-ers when they investigate the death of a college student who dies after a 'Walking with Dinosaurs' show (9PM, CBS)

'Halloween: The Inside Story' – This awesome special is about the movie, not the holiday, though, of course, the movie is about the holiday ... (9PM, Bio Channel)

'The Office' – The office holds a Halloween costume contest (like they'll ever beat Jim's three-hole punch paper get-up), while Pam tries to get Danny (guest star Timothy Olyphant) to 'fess up about what really happened with their brief pre-Jim fling (9PM, NBC)

'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' – The gang tries to figure out who got Sweet Dee pregnant, and everyone -- yes, everyone, Charlie, Mac, Frank and Dennis -- is a suspect, which delights to no end the McPoyles (10PM, FX)

'The Jersey Shore' Reunion Special – Snooki and crew recall the best moments of their second season. Yes, we know, longest 15 minutes ever (10PM, MTV)

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' – Camille and Kyle start a Las Vegas catfight that continues when they return to 90210 (10PM, Bravo)

'The Fairy Jobmother' – In this unfortunately timely reality series, career counselor Hayley Taylor helps the unemployed jump start their professional lives, starting with a young couple who need help breaking bad financial habits (11PM, Lifetime) series premiere

'Degrassi: The Next Generation' (9PM, TeenNick)
Poor Clare. She engaged in some bad behavior to try to get her fighting parents to focus on her instead of their crumbling marriage, but they announced they were getting divorced anyway. And now that they've confirmed her worst fears, she's going to continue to make some bad decisions, including a rash proposition to boyfriend Eli. Meanwhile, Eli's family makes an interesting proposition to her, and in other 'Degrassi' happenings, Holly J continues to deal with her decision to sleep with Declan, and Adam is crushin' on Fiona.

'The Rachael Ray Show' – In honor of Halloween, she puts down the EVOO (well, probably not) and goes 3D, including a guest appearance by Pee-wee Herman (Check local listings for time and channel)

'Smallville' – Just as Lois insists she doesn't need or want Clark's constant meddling in her life, she gets stranded in a dangerous situation with a flat tire. Hmm, guess that's why you don't step on Superman's cape or scoff at his protective instincts (8PM, The CW)

'CSI: NY' – Super creepy: the detectives find a dead body, in a car, on a rooftop, which sends them on the trail of a killer who manipulates his crime scenes and uses the victims' parents to do it (9PM, CBS)

'Supernatural' – Sam and Dean meet the Goddess of Truth, whose truth-tellin' ways are pushing people to commit suicide. And her next target: Dean (9PM, The CW)

'What Not to Wear' – No, those rumors about her being Brangelina's BFF and godparent to their kiddies are not true, but 'Facts of Life' star Mindy Cohn -- Natalie! -- does get a makeover from Clinton and Stacy tonight (9PM, TLC) season 8 premiere

'Blue Bloods' – When three teens OD, Danny rushes to find the drug source before it becomes an epidemic (10PM, CBS)

'Teach: Tony Danza' – Who's the boss? That's right, Mr. D, and he's going to have to prove it tonight when he catches two of his students cheating and then chaperones the homecoming dance (10PM, A&E)

'The Walking Dead' (Sun., 10PM, AMC) series premiere
DVRs everywhere will be busy tonight, as AMC premieres its much-anticipated zombie drama while many of the show's would-be fans will be out celebrating Halloween. It's tough to blame them for planning the show's debut on the oh-so-appropriate holiday, though, as 'Dead,' based on the black and white comic book of the same name, follows a small group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they travel across the country and try to find a zombie-free place to live. The group's leader: cop Rick Grimes ('Love Actually' star Andrew Lincoln), who's not only bent on survival, but on trying to find his missing wife and child. PS -- The network has so much confidence in the fantastic new show that it's already greenlit a second season, which will begin filming next February.

'American Occult' – The three-part series, which airs back-to-back-to-back tonight, covers creepy crimes that have been linked to occult practices (Sat., 8PM, Discovery)

'Saturday Night Live' – Jon Hamm has already established himself as one of the great ones among those who've hosted the show multiple times, and there's no doubt he'll do it again with his third time as host tonight, with musical guest Rihanna (Sat., 11:30PM, NBC)

'FearFest' – An all-day marathon of creepy movies includes 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation,' 'The Fly,' 'The Sixth Sense,' 'Candyman,' 'Hellraiser' and 'Christine' (Sun., 12AM, Encore)

'Halloween' Movies Marathon – All five movies, back-to-back, beginning with the 1978 original through 1989's 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers' (Sun., 8AM, AMC)

'Desperate Housewives' – Susan decides to tell Mike about her Va-Va-Broom gig (Sun., 9PM, ABC)

'Dexter' – Dexter's idea of returning to normalcy is finding a new serial killer to track, but he's interrupted by his new, um, friend, Lumen. Meanwhile, Quinn receives an important piece of info on Dexter, and are we the only ones who are starting to think Quinn is probably going to end up like Doakes? (Sun., 9PM, Showtime)

'IRT Deadliest Roads' – Some of the roads the 'Ice Road Truckers' are driving on in this spin-off are far, far scarier than anything in the horror movie genre (Sun., 9PM, History)

'Luther' – When Zoe's boyfriend, mark, is assaulted, everyone suspects Luther (Sun., 10PM, BBCA)

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The premiere of the Walking Dead is pretty good. Deviates somewhat from the comic but in a way which makes sense for TV. Not sure if it holds people's interest for the 2nd episode, but I would urge people to stick with the show because the comic is excellent.

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