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October 4, 2015

'Dexter' Season 5, Episode 5 Recap

by Sandie Angulo Chen, posted Oct 25th 2010 11:15AM

['Dexter,' 'First Blood'] Dexter

Poor Dexter. He's trying so hard to get Lumen to move past her need for vengeance and instead almost kills an innocent man (a sexual offender, for certain, but not the one that gang-raped and tortured Lumen) who would have certainly got him caught.

Although the airport scene was touching -- or as touching as a psychopath and an extremely damaged victim can be with each other -- it was pretty obvious she wasn't really going to leave Miami.

Clearly Lumen needs to kill at least one of her rapists to feel better, plus anyone who's read the buzz knows Julia Stiles is on for the entirety of season five. That means more of her vigilantism and their "blossoming" and ridiculously dysfunctional friendship.

Meanwhile, the Santa Muerte killings continue to be sort of a gruesome drag. There's nothing all that compelling about the case at this point other than that it looks like it could be resolved in the next episode or two; the whole voodoo ceremonial angle was more interesting in the first couple of episodes, but now it only serves as a bloody (and maggoty) backdrop to Deb and Cira's "odd couple" relationship.

Speaking of Deb, she was the star of the episode. Not only did she have more memorable one-liners than ever, but she owned every scene she was featured in -- from her interactions with Quinn and Cira to that hilarious sequence in the tattoo parlor. That scene was the highlight of the episode.

The banter between Deb and Masuka is always amusing, but the drop-in with Michelangelo (Kathryn Moennig) was particularly well-written and acted. C.S. Lee deserves an award for having the most overt Napoleon complex on prime-time, and for putting up with all of those small-penis jokes lobbed his way every episode. Since the Santa Muerte symbol wasn't a tattoo after all, it's fuzzy how Moennig's tattoo artist will pop into the plot again, but three cheers to seeing more of her soon.

In the night's "Aha" moment, we all know why Laguerta and the Internal Affairs officer seemed so cozy -- she's helping him crack down on soliciting, crooked cops like Peter Weller in order to clean up Batista's messy assault charge. That Laguerta is a clever woman, but man Angel is one jealous husband. As Laguerta alluded to, they have some major trust issues (first the revelation that she's got six figures saved throws him for a loop, and then the whole "best blowjobs in Miami" fiasco forces her into collaborating with the sleazy IA department), and it's time to take bets about how long their marriage will last.

Weller a.k.a. RoboCop was fantastic as the busted cop who downs tequila shots with Quinn. RoboCop is either going to discover the truth and hide it from Quinn (he's a shifty guy, after all), or he too is destined for Dexter's table. Or, maybe he'll just take Quinn's cash and not do a thing. As far as craggy-faced guest stars go, we expect an award-worthy performance from Weller -- even if he does wind up dead.

Burning questions:
Will Lumen and Dexter fall in love? Are they going to kill together?

What's the motive behind the Santa Muerte murders? ATM cash seems way too shallow for this kind of spree.

Is Quinn going to find out the truth about Dexter, or will he become embroiled in an internal affairs mess of his own?

Memorable lines:

"She's into needles, why don't you show her your d--k," --Deb to Masuka

"You are so judgmental, Morgan. We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. I have my ink, and you have your.. man boots." -- Masuka to Deb

"I have to kill him, so Lumen doesn't have to. I don't want to lead her down that road." -- Dexter to Harry

"We're f--k buddies, that's it." -- Deb/"You need Quinn for that?" -- Dexter

"I just want to feel better. I want all of this to go away." -- Lumen

"You have to put positive energy out into the universe. Right -- blow you." -- Cira to Deb

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It was obvious Julia was staying...she's the guest star for this season.

October 26 2010 at 11:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

You should've put a spoiler warning in your review about Julia Stiles role... I only knew she would be in the show.

October 25 2010 at 7:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Having read the books, there is a storyline in the books that deals with this ritual killing stuff, but I don't know if they are going to tie them together because in the books, the ritual killings were tied to the origins of Dexter's dark passenger and left him realizing that he is tied in with a primordial essence that has existed since the beginning of time and that there are stronger dark passengers than his.
It is a little too much to get into in the series and I don't know if they are trying to head that way in the show.

October 25 2010 at 6:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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