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October 6, 2015

'Being Erica' Star Erin Karpluk Talks Season 3, and We Meet Erica's New Love Interest

by Sarah Kelsey, posted Oct 26th 2010 7:00PM
Canadian TV export 'Being Erica,' which follows the misadventures of a woman in therapy, is returning to SOAPnet for its third season. Erica Strange (played by Erin Karpluk) doesn't just "go" to therapy; instead, her therapist makes it possible for her actually travel back in time to relive the events in question. Joining Erica this season is Adam Fitzgerald (played by Adam Fergus), another time-traveling patient -- and more than likely a love interest.

TV Squad took a moment to chat with Karpluk and Fergus about what this upcoming season has in store, why this show seems to have international appeal, and whether or not romance blooms at therapy.

So there's a bit of a change for viewers in the third season -- group therapy?
Erin Karpluk: Having just wrapped, I can say it's the strongest season yet. I know, based on some of my friend's reactions, there's been a bit of resistance to the change of the show and to new characters. They really just want to see Erica fall down and pick herself back up again, but, in reality, relationships change and people evolve. Erica and the show have to, too. Group therapy had been an incredible addition to the show, adding so much depth. It's exciting!

Adam, how's it been for you joining the cast for season 3?
Adam Fergus: It's been an awesome experience. Erin's amazing -- we get on like a house on fire. I was literally whisked away from home [Ireland] and four days later we were in Toronto. Five days after that, we were shooting the series. I hit the ground running with my character. He's already been in therapy for awhile. He's had a bigger journey to go on than Erica. His life has been really rough-and-tumble. Over the course of the season, he starts to realize he can't just coast through life. And by going through group therapy, and learning from Erica, he hopes to build a life for himself and to find someone special.

Nice segue, actually. By mid-season, it's obvious there's something about to happen between your characters. Anything you can divulge to our readers?
EK: I would say Erica and Adam really challenge each other in a way they've never been challenged before. And certainly there are some big things that happen mid-season, especially episode six. It's one of my favorites and there are a lot of questions that will begin to get answered.

Speaking of love, one of the reasons Canadians relate to your show is because it's shot in Toronto, and you don't hide that fact. There's no pretending City Hall is a building in Chicago or New York City. I know the show has been picked up in 160 countries. Next to 'Degrassi,' it's one of the biggest Canadian shows ever to be exported to an international audience. So what's it been like for you to see this Canadian-made production go global?
AF: It's been incredible for me. It's actually advertised in Ireland. My little sister even Facebooked me the other day saying the ads were all over our local television station, E4. The strength of the show and how unique it is has a lot to do with why it's been picked up and why people love it.

EK: It's really cool to know the show has an international theme. Regardless of your age, your sex, your religion, whatever, everyone can relate to regrets and maybe that's why it's been so well-received internationally. That being said, even though it could take place anywhere in the world, we're especially proud because it's made by an all-Canadian cast and crew, featuring lots of Canadian music and showcasing -- as its own character -- a Canadian city, Toronto. We're very proud of the fact we can showcase Toronto in such a positive light.

AF: And Toronto's an international city. When I came over my character wasn't written to be Irish, but there was never a discussion about me losing my accent. Toronto's multicultural; it made sense to show the diversity of the city on the show.

When you started 'Being Erica,' could you possibly have imagined the show would take off in such an incredible way?
EK: Not at all. I was talking to Michael Riley [Dr. Tom] after wrapping up production on the season 3 finale and we genuinely couldn't believe how far we'd come. When I first read the pilot, I had so many questions about where the show would go -- how many regrets could one woman have? I haven't really had the chance to let it all sink in. It's a little bit overwhelming and exciting, especially when you start getting noticed.

And what's that been like, to be noticed?
EK: I totally pull one of those "Who me?" moments. But it's cool. It reminds you to behave yourself in public.

So no aspirational goals to end up on celebrity gossip sites or anything?
EK: [Laughing] Definitely not.

With season 3 wrapped, what are you guys working on in the interim?
AF: Whatever comes my way, really. I really lucked out. There's a new series called 'Thirteen' and that's shooting in Toronto right now. Then I'll probably head to L.A., then to Ireland for Christmas. It's a short break, too -- only three or four months. We hope to get picked up for season 4. We're all dying to do it again.

EK: And I'm going to go back to Vancouver to shoot 'Life Unexpected,' a show on the CW. From there, I'll head to Mexico for two friend's weddings and then to Japan for 'Being Erica.' Then it's back to L.A. for promotion of the show on SOAPnet. I'll try to fit in some downtime, somewhere.

So I guess viewers will have to wait to see if you'll be picked up for season 4?
EK: They sure will! We find out on March 31, 2011, but we're hoping for a sneaky heads-up in January. Fingers crossed!

Being Erica airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on CBC in Canada, and is set to start on SOAPnet in the US in 2011.

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Erin is back on Life Unexpected?! EXCITING! I loved her character on it, and I love Being Erica. Awesome show.

October 26 2010 at 10:48 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Absolutely love this show. Season three has been amazing so far. Adam and Erica's characters really have some amazing chemistry. It's so nice to see this show doing so well internationally. Defo crossing my fingers for a season four.

October 26 2010 at 9:52 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

One of my favorite shows, a nice blend of character drama but with a nice spice of genre story telling in the mix.

October 26 2010 at 9:01 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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