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October 8, 2015
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'Fox & Friends' Allege Barack Obama is Using 'Back of the Car' Analogy to Stoke Racial Tension (VIDEO)

by Jeremy Taylor, posted Oct 27th 2010 5:23PM
At campaign rallies lately, Barack Obama has being saying something to the affect that "Republicans can stay in the car, but they have to ride in the back," as a way of trying to convince audiences they need to vote Democrat in the midterm election and not allow the GOP to take control of Congress.

The folks at 'Fox & Friends' (weekdays, 6PM ET on Fox News) wondered about Obama's use of this analogy.

"Should the president be bringing up imagery of segregation into politics, or do you not see it it his words?" wondered Brain Kilmeade.

Peter Johnson Jr. believes Obama is deliberately stoking racial tension:

"What we are really seeing is a reference to the notion of being in the back of the bus, and that's a matter of sad American history ... Rosa Parks in September in 1955 changed the course of American history when she decided she would not give up her seat for a white person ... Now here we have president referring to this kind of malignant charged era in American history."

But as Johnson later admitted, when Obama talks about Republicans riding in the back, it's part of a much broader analogy that begins with the GOP driving the country into a ditch, and thus losing their driving privileges.

In that context, it's pretty difficult to attach any racial meaning to what Obama has been saying. Apparently, sometimes it's just too much fun to make an accusation about race than to let the facts get in the way of that conclusion.

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