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October 8, 2015

Ousted 'Survivor' Contestant: 'I Made Two Major Mistakes'

by Audrey Fine, posted Oct 28th 2010 6:30PM
Fabio and Brenda, Survivor NicaraguaSometimes circumstances beyond their control can keep a 'Survivor' contestant from rising to their full potential.

Maybe they get injured, or sick, or maybe they just stick their foot in their mouth at an inopportune time -- but whatever the reason, they fail to play the game the way they'd intended. The person who was sent home from Nicaragua last night was one of those players.

Who wishes things had gone differently? Read on and see....


For a multitude of reasons, E.R. doc Jill Behm never really got off the starting block in the game she'd long longed to play. A compendium of mitigating factors prevented her from emerging as one of the leaders and she was relegated to a back-seat role more han she'd have liked.

As a 43-year-old athlete, it was hard for her to be on the "old folks" tribe of Espada and when the swap came, she and her sidekick Marty found themselves out-numbered and not well-liked. And, because she didn't have the immunity idol (which, you'll recall she found), her number came up and it was time to go.

What does the fiercely spirited physician, who describes herself as competitive, trustworthy and smart, have to say about her 18 days spent on the island? We talked to her today from her home in Pennsylvania and here's her take on what went down and what she could have done to extend her stay ...

Jill Behm, Survivor NicaraguaIn the 21 seasons of 'Survivor,' you stand out as one of the enigmas. You were under-utilized and under-appreciated. Do you think it was because of the tribe(s) you were on or did something else happen?
To win at the game of 'Survivor,' you need a perfect game or a lot of luck. I had neither. I really couldn't have had worse luck. Anything that could go wrong did. From being cast on the season where it was old vs. young, to being on a losing tribe, it was bad luck. That was frustrating for me because I performed well.

You seemed so on the ball and so aware of what needed to be done. What made you take a back seat to Marty from the get go?
You didn't really see it [because of how the show was edited] but I didn't take a back seat. Marty and Jill were an equal partnership. I don't know why that is such a foreign concept for people -- equal partnership. We got together and talked about what was best for "Jill and Marty." He may have looked like he was doing a lot more of calling the shots because he's outspoken and more obnoxious in the confessionals, but it was an equal partnership.

Why, then, did you let him snag the Immunity Idol when, clearly, you were the one who'd uncovered it?
Usually, when somebody has a clue, they squirrel it away to themselves in private so they can read it and figure it out. Remember, ours was open on that tree with the knife sticking out of it and everyone saw it. The TV edit didn't capture the panic of the moment, but we were all standing there freaking out that somebody was going to go and find it.

The clue was super-obvious to me and I thought someone would figure it out in a minute. But since we were all there together it was going to be hard to keep finding it a secret. So I thought I'd give it to Marty to put the target on his back. Marty's a team player and would've used it for the betterment of the team.

If you could rewind the tapes and go back to a certain point during your stay, what would you do differently and would that change affect the outcome of you being sent home?
I made two major mistakes. Letting Marty "find" the idol ended up being a million dollar mistake for me. That was the first and far and away the worst one. If I had found it in secret, I could probably have earned myself at least another three days out there. The other was that Marty and I got a little too complacent on Espada; we alienated Jane and Holly and [that wasn't smart].

You're an avid cycler and are generally athletic, were you disappointed that you didn't get more of a chance to showcase your skills?
I was very frustrated, but I did get a chance to showcase my athleticism, you just didn't really get to see it because I was stuck on a team that lost! I always got shoved into a role that usually guys take. I'd take the strength role. It was frustrating, we couldn't win challenges. I would've liked to make it to the merge to [vie for individual immunity], I was going one on one with 24-year-old football players and holding my own.

In your CBS.com bio you cite smoking and crowds as two of your pet peeves. What peeved you most about your tribemates?

Well, at one point, Tyrone was spitting in camp and everyone came to me to talk to him about it; because of tribe dynamics, no one had the balls to approach him about it. So, I did it and he was like "OK, no problem." One thing that did really bug me was people who would not clean their dishes because they attracted flies.

As a longtime fan of the game, you really prepped by training, learning how to make a fire, etc. What one thing is much harder than those of us sitting at home can imagine?
It's different for each person. Some had a big problem with the sleep deprivation. I think that was what made Holly goofy in the beginning until she got a handle on it and I'm sure she'd tell you the same thing. Some, like Naonka, had a problem with the wet and the weather -- especially since she has like 3 percent body fat on her. For me, it was the food. I'm like a high output athlete, so I'm used to being pretty well fed. So, everyone had their thing that made it hard. In summary, I'm a huge fan of the game but I had no idea how hard it was going to be. I lost 20 pounds 18 days!

After the vote last night you said that your kids needed someone to root for so it'd be Marty. Are they, in fact, cheering him on now that mom's out of the picture?
They sure are but I have to tell you that they really like Fabs too and that they're rooting for him to win.

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The minute they traded people, I knew her number was up. If she had the immunity idol, things would have played at least a little differently. She was smart and a good competitor, the season will overall suffer from the loss.

October 30 2010 at 1:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

~ to bad she got voted out before the merge, I liked her.

October 29 2010 at 1:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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